i think this game needs boats, little woodenboats what can trasfer troops an found from river sides.

1 year ago

i think you could have engineers who can make planks from tree and make camoflage army wooden bunkker's and make small woodenboats where u can attach mg, or mortar. plus! you would make Anti-tank Riffle Woodenbunker, to forest with specialiation.
wooden boats can roll on rivers, you can mount mortar on it or mg.
, you fould cut the tree to roadblock, or make it defensive structure like wooden bunker/armo camoflage leaf cotton on it.
you should can build, armo penetration sniper covers, little metal coverage on ground where is hole where you can shoot, it would increase armopenetration on destroying german tank main gun weapons.
i would love to
love this idea
that you could build a tunnel to closest munition/flag from base. you could build tunnel to point
enemy cant go to tunnel, u will get the tank, your troops will automatically hijack the tank if he goes to tunnel. your tunnel.

multiplayer should have little be more more... more secure.. from those who just vine from start of game to end of game
or they spam markers on you, and blame you being noob when youre building sandbax
i have found too peapole dont like teamate's build defense's they just run it over by tank, bad cases they get at gun and make attack ground to your base ahaha noobs.
there's a 200sandbax bunker with at gun mortars and mg and vickrs lmg units, own teamate just ingnore and report you and dont come your base and lost hes troops to mid all game,
they click their base, recharge spam troops to enemy base and take other troops and blame you and ruin your game by salt and emo.
dont play coh2 if youre so so so cancer. pls emo kids. blackhair gurlboys go elsewhere. gurljeans bois, gurl makeup bois. bi-sex emoboys, pls, go vine to your emo gurl boy, your love emo boy gurl, you cancer. emokid.

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