What to do when this happens?

1 year ago

In the replay I link, there isn't really much I can do owing to the player on my team. How am I supposed to react in this scenario?


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    1 year ago

    I can't open the video right now, but I am imagining your teammate was just too heavy for you to carry? If that is the case then there is literally nothing you can do besides queue up again or find a teammate to play with. An organized 2v2 team is liberating compared to playing with randoms. If a teammate is not responding to instruction and is performing poorly while not communicating, then they are just a corpse strapped to your back as far as usefulness is concerned.

    In randoms I begin every game by greeting my teammate. I ignore my opponents, as their inability to communicate will have no negative impact on my game. If my teammate responds, I try and keep the communication going and actually play WITH my teammate. If they don't greet me back, I will often keep pestering them until they scream at me or I find out they don't know English, and in either scenario you're probably screwed. In the case of you and your teammate not sharing a language, don't despair completely! Tell him to use pings and drop a ping when you say it. Ping every time you make a move to support him and soon he will reciprocate.

    With the guy who shouted, fuck him he was an asshole who didn't even say "hi" to you.

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