4v4 strategy?

1 year ago

in this game I am playing as USF.
what would you do differently?



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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 876

    Around 12h ago I played 3 games of 4v4, all 3 games Axis side were all 4 Ost, this replay is the same. I feel like 'did no one play Okw last night?'

    I mostly played 2v2 as USF with my friend as Soviet, nearly 700games that we have very tight coordinated. That we cant even play without each other anymore. So my way to play as USF is never work in 1v1.

    Early game: 2nd Read / 1st Riflemen / 2nd Riflemen
    -Starting Rear cap important building (I hate to counter MG42 in buildings)
    -2nd Rear cap nearest fuel / ammo
    -1st Riflemen cap cut off
    -2nd Riflemen cap & support starting Rear, let starting Rear retreat
    -Starting Rear cap nearest fuel / ammo
    -2nd Rear cap cut off and near base territories
    -1st Riflemen go with Starting Rear
    -2nd Riflemen go spread but not too far from fighting force (Starting Rear, 1sr Riflemen), use this one to flank

    Sometime I dont lost too many model (if I fight Ost), there is enough resource to build a Mortar before I hit 50fuel to tech Lieu. But Okw cause manpower bleed alot, my priority in early game is: Manpower keep > Resource > Victory. If I see Sturm, I abandone capturing and stay in cover.

    Early mid game:
    vs Okw: Lieu / MG / MG
    -Cant fight against Okw infantry when they have Sturm & StgVolk, Lieu was powerful before Volk has Stg in Early mid game. 2 MG is the answer for them.
    -If they have mass infantry (5-7 squad), I dont think they will have Light vechile, I get Bars to Riflemen
    -If they dont have mass infantry (under 5 squad), I bet they're saving for Light, I get AAhalftrack. Bars to Riflemen if they go Battlegroup / Bazooka to Rear if they go Mechanize
    -USF doesnt have advantage time against Okw except you destroy a Light vehicle.

    vs Ost: Cap / cache / Stuart
    -I barely use AT for Ost doesnt have Light tank, but only Halftrack. I prefer to use Stuart to chase and make sure their Halftrack doesnt comeback. And I never find Support gun attractive either, with current update (closer range), its like an expensive Mortar.
    -cache is needed to get Stuart early.
    -Give a Rear mine detect tools, and go with Stuart, a single 60 ammo Tellermine can destroy any Light tank (SU76, T70, Stuart, AEC)
    -Must harass as much as you can, USF only have 5min advantage at 5 to 10min against Ost. Even if you dont build Stuart, the 1st Panzer comes earlier than the 1st Sherman because USF has side tech (weaponrack, grenade, ambulance) up to 50fuel.

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    1 year ago
    Ya I play pretty much the same most of the time. Although I've also done 2 fuel catch at start skipping riflemen to get leiutanent and captain since I feel some times I'm forces Into to many infantry and not enough support especially vs ost, normally getting captain first to rush out leuitanant while building 75mm howitzer followed by an mg.

    Then of course I get discouraged and do wiered things like running around with just my rear echelon for 3+ minutes caping points to keep fuel flowing while gaining manpower until I get captain then pump out 4 75mm howitzers and 2 at guns to deal with the typical mg and mortar spam I see since I know my 3 allies are typically getting infantry and machine guns. Plus already have at guns for the flame half tracks or 222 and so on that typically show up followed by someone els going straight to panzer 4 then massive Panthers if your so unlucky.
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    1 year ago
    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 934 mod

    Well, I watched this. It is a brave person to put up their work for judgement.

    You are obviously with randoms. There is no teamwork in this game except by you.

    Your first two units were mortars and you attacked the island by yourself. You were fighting two players as no one else on your team went to the island (until they dropped) but even if you were against just one it would not have been successful. By the time your first squad got there they had overrun your RE and mortars and took one.

    The mortars didn't use smoke, you don't have an MG and without any infantry your mortars can't hold ground. It took you 7 minutes of bleeding out waves of troops against two before you went somewhere else. Going north was a good move, but again, no teamwork from your mates whatsoever. When the first team mate dropped (at around 10 min) your game was over.

    If you have lost the mortar fight because they have 3 mortars to your one (since you gave them one) building fighting positions may not be the answer. As soon as they are exposed they are destroyed.

    Your play was better than anyone on your team, but you had no team. No recon plan, no combined effort so your forces moved around until you found someone. You used less than 20% of your commander. When you shifted up north it is different fighting for the US. You have to have mines. Your commander has 3 mines, M20 - which you did not build, Combat engineers from the HT you did not call in, and RE mines you did not lay. Why the WC if it is not upgraded, not used to recon, to repair or capture or call for fire?

    After the 2nd guy on your team dropped, you teammates were just feeding the enemy vet. You were tripled by 3 enemy on the north and your M4A3 build tactic could not hold up. You had no mines, no AT guns (except the one you stole but couldn't get away with) no jacksons only M4's. At 3 to one you had really no chance anyway.

    I stopped watching half way through. You play well but a team will beat the sum of 4 if all else is equal. Each time you were crushed it was because you were against 2 or 3 micro'ing players with more forces than you. This is not a replay you can really get anything from as far as unit balance.

    Get a team with voice comms, have a combined strategy, perhaps even rehearsals and I think you'll have a better time. You absolutely have to if you are going with unconventional strats like all mortars. You need the Vickers/maxims or infantry to make that work. You saw teammates in trouble and moved to help, they were on their own sheet of music.

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    1 year ago

    Early in the game you never want to make a cache. A cache should be another combat unit almost every time until you get to mid game.

    What Rommel said about getting in with an organized team is 100% true. Using voice chat you can coordinate with a team far beyond what you could do with typing. Your game play will improve as you start to see how a good team should operate.

    For general 4v4 USF strats, you always want to be moving in conjunction with a teammate. USF has a lot of early game infantry firepower, and if you can throw two rifle squads into a fight with your teammate against one enemy, you are going to be doing well. Try and make sure that you are dealing more damage than receiving in early fights (and thus gaining more experience than giving) and the mid-game will be much cleaner for you. Against Wehrmacht players you will almost always want a mortar in conjunction with your rifles. For a basic build I would recommend three rifles into an officer or rifle, mortar, rifle, officer. Everything after that is completely conditional to your and your enemies team composition as well as the map.

    It seems like you have a good grasp on the game, so now you just have to find a good team.

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