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Hey everyone,

This is the preview log for a USF tech redesign. You can obtain the mod here (Mod image has failed, will be addressed at a later time):

Official feedback thread:

Mod Rationale

Due to in-house data, tournament data, and player sentiment, it has become clear that USF is in need of a little bit of help within its tech structure.

The current USF tech choices of Lieutenant or Captain, and the units within these tiers is seen as an overly punishing and restrictive choice.

This mod is an attempt to address this issue with some simple and easy to implement changes.

We would like players to test this mod, and give their feedback. Once we feel the mod is in a strong position, it will be considered for integration either in the December update or in a future update.


These changes center around a new tier 1, tier 1.5, tier 2, and tier 2.5 system. Additionally, the AAHT and Stuart have been swapped to Captain and Lieutenant tiers respectively.

Tech and Unit Changes

Platoon Command Post

-Lieutenant can be requisitioned for 150 manpower and 30 fuel (it costs 200 manpower and 50 fuel in the live game). The LT unlocks the M2HB .50cal HMG Team.
-After the Lieutenant is dispatched, the structure can be upgraded for 50 manpower and 20 fuel to unlock M20 and Stuart


-BAR removed; can be purchased for 60 munitions. BAR on an earlier LT was seen as too powerful.

Company Command Post

-Captain can be requsitioned for 150 manpower and 30 fuel (it costs 200 manpower and 60 fuel in the live game) The captain unlocks the 57mm ATG.
-After the Captain is dispatched, the structure can be upgraded for an additional 50 manpower and 20 fuel in order to unlock the Pack Howitzer and M15 AA HT.

Battalion Command Post

-Major available after one building is fully unlocked, or after two officers are deployed.



The m20 has received some adjustments, as it would have arrived even later, and been even less effective within this new tech structure.

  • Manpower cost from 340 to 240
  • M20 accuracy from 0.75/0.475/0.2 to 0.55/0.45/0.25
  • Weapon accuracy increases with veterancy: +10%/+15%/+15%
  • Veterancy requirements lowered from 880/1760/3520 to 500/1000/2000
  • Veterancy 3 reduces time to plant mines by 5 seconds.
  • Veterancy 3 increases stealth detection by 10; 35 stealth detection radius from 25

Grenade Unlock

Currently not an attractive choice for current cost.

-Fuel Cost from 25 to 15


We would be particularly keen to get feedback on the following.

-Tier composition
-Overall attractiveness of this new system


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    V1.1 &1.2 Changes

    USF Starting Resources

    -Starting fuel value increased from 15 to 20

    Lieutenant and Captain Dispatch

    -Cost from 150/30 to 200/35.
    -Research time from 60 to 70.
    -Now grants 1/4 of a CP upon completion.

    Platoon and Company Command Post Upgrade

    -Cost remains 50/20 to preserve light vehicle timing (as of 1.2)
    -Research time from 30 to 20.
    -Now grants 1/4 of a CP upon completion.

    Major Dispatch

    -Cost from 240/120 to 190/120
    -Now grant 1/3 of a CP upon completion.


    After feedback, we felt that LT + CPT would become the dominant choice giving USF numerous infantry squads and all necessary support weapons to stall into a quick Major. Teching LT + CPT into Major will now cost 20 fuel more than completing either tier to unlock the Major. This should provide a meaningful choice for players.

    The cheaper cost of officers was allowing USF to apply a lot of early field presence and pressure. We felt this was an issue for Ostheer in particular. We have increased the manpower cost of the LT and CPT by reallocating some of the Major's Mp cost to them. This change, in conjunction with the extra build time, should alleviate some of USF's newfound early pressure, while preserving improved USF build diversity. Note that the first Officer will still be available at the same time as in 1.0 due to +5 USF staring fuel.

    The CP grant upon tech completion should help USF players fit certain units into a build more organically.

    Airborne Doctrine

    The following changes have been made to Airborne as the doctrine faced borderline irrelevance in this new tech structure. Both weapon drops should represent an attractive choice for players using a full LT or CPT build. The munition cost should prohibit weapon drop spam in team games.

    -50 cal HMG now costs 125 manpower - 60 munitions
    -57mm ATG now costs 125 manpower - 75 munitions. Now comes at 3cp
    -Pathfinders available from 0cp

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