Matchmaking ELO Teams vs Random - Why not combine them (Idea)

1 year ago
dmsdms UKPosts: 531
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I suggested this a year ago. Why not have a combined elo rank for each faction and mode no matter if you play as a team or random. This stops bad match making where teams change players all the time and repeat the 10 placement matches each time for every mode and faction there-by stomping in automatch. I regularly see top rank teams vs random mid and low rank players due to this. The situation gets worse the larger the mode.

I really cannot see any negatives to this idea. If you play teams then it has zero negative effect and would give the team a better equal matchup. If you play random it stops lob side match ups so also benefits those players that have no friends :)

So each player would have 5 x 4 elo ranks, for the 5 armies and 4 possible game modes. The separate team ranks normally listed at the bottom of the table would just disappear.

I also think this would help in terms of stats and data and discussions on balance as matching would be more accurate.


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    1 year ago

    Relic doesn't care. They never changed it even in their "newer" game - DoW3.

    CoH2's playerbase degraded this far, so people openly suggest pre-mades as the only way to play in teams. And all of that is Relic's fault.

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    10 months ago
    dmsdms UKPosts: 531

    Bumping this. I hope Relic can look into this one day. I only play team games as Random and still repeatedly I see individual elo ranks of <500 facing players >3000 due to 1 player change in the team layout. Simply no need for this poor matchmaking to exist as player numbers have been good lately. It is not fun for either side. The best games are those that come close but this seems ever more rare these days.

    We really do not need a new separate elo rank making for every damn team re-shuffle and change with 10 placement matches.

    One elo per faction and mode to cover all matchup's be it random or team would work and this cannot not upset the 1v1 matching at all but fixes bad team matchup. Also if the player numbers drop the auto search expands its allowed match range anyhow. Please add to the Wishlist.

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    7 months ago

    Agreed. Relic doesn't care.

    Just let them answer this question.

    When was the last time there was any change to the MM algo? ...probably years ago when there were lots of players but with no player base

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