Game speed reduction

1 year ago

Hello all,

I have been looking to reduce travel and attack speed for all units by 25% in an effort to slow the game down a little. I know this game is all about the fast clicks but I wanted to make a quick mod for myself and others who just want to try new things and see how they play out without rushing.

It's also difficult to play hard while on my laptop on deployments so I just wanted to chill and remove the mod when playing at home.

I found the movement attribute but is the speed tied to the max 10000 value or on the table where it says movement speed in ms is 3?
I know i'll have to go through every single unit to pull this off but it is worth it to me. I cannot play that hard at airports and planes when traveling.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as it would help with how to mod attack speed for all units, too.


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    1 year ago

    I achieve a little of this with Luftwaffe Angriff mod, although not physically slowing down the units, I put command point requirements between the HQ builds, & sorted the spawner to give light units, then medium units, & the heavy units late in the game.

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