Destroying Axis Armor as USA (Airborne)?

1 year ago

Despite being a veteran player since 2015, this is still quite an issue for me. As an airborne player, no matter how good my early game is, I often find it to be a struggle to tackle the first Panzer IV or OKW tank that the Germans are bound to pump out. Shermans are pretty trash against enemy armor, so I only really use high explosive rounds for infantry. Tank hunters are decent, but they're generally weak and usually end up having to chase armor once the first 1-2 shots connect, which is risky and often leads to me losing them due to needing to go into enemy lines. That normally just leaves me stuck with anti-tank guns. I personally think AT guns are great, but of course the major downside is that they're slow, and almost always need to travel in groups of 2 in order to actually have any chance at destroying any armor trying to flank. Of course there is anti-tank grenades and bazookas, but as we know these abilities are generally weaker, munitions costly, and don't do significant damage. So at this point, I'm basically left with armor piercing rounds as my main go-to if I want to destroy enemy armor, and need to have at least two AT guns.

If you have any tips or advice, please let me know.

**Here's by general build order
(early game)
Fighting position
(If fighting OKW) 2nd Mortar

-Weapon Rack

MG Drop
MG Drop
Fighting Position
Rear Echelon
Drop AT Gun
Drop AT Gun

LMG Upgrade
Sherman ???
Tank hunter???


Secure one half of the map. Quick dig-in. Sweep to middle. Hold ground on both sides. Focus bulk of army on main front, and leave skeleton support crew on the other side. Once enough casualties are inflicted, move to last victory point. Eliminate enemy forces and lock down territory.



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    1 year ago

    I honestly don't know myself. I mostly steer clear of either airborn commanders. the one you use is very good anti infantry but p47's mediocre at best compared to some of the other abilities I feel and late game support guns are hard to use and often die when dealing with the stuka or panzerwerfer. best option is perhaps a m36 Jackson with some spotters and if dealing with machine guns use majors artillery strike and have a single howitzer to hit AT guns. also keep a single at gun back to support your Jackson incase they push into you as panthers can easily out damage your Jackson up close. m20 can be a good spotter and lay a few mines in the rear incase you have to retreat and perhaps engine damage panther that is trying to chase down your retreating Jackson.

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