Commander Revamp Live - Bug reporting



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    1 week ago
    HatbaronHatbaron Posts: 6
    edited February 8

    New bug from February 7th Hotfix
    Recon support paratroopers are coming at 2CP when the patchnotes say they are supposed to be 3

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    1 week ago
    khoatrankhoatran Posts: 12

    Cavalry riflemen come with 1 CP but in inventory description says Cavalry riflemen come with 3 CP. Pls fix this. Tks u all

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    6 days ago
    NEMEsizNEMEsiz Posts: 13
    edited February 13

    Same skill hotkeys. And... sorry, but still Panzershreck's cost was not changed (75→60, dec 2018 revamp patch)

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    3 days ago
    KaPaullKaPaull Posts: 6

    Engineers from this doctrine. If they are given 2 piats, improved repair, then they should have 2 piats and a bren machine gun. However, if the unit loses the fighters, then replenishment will only be with sten guns. Piats and bren machine gun will not be saved. Sorry for my English.

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