"$ No key"

7 months ago

I found that the new units from the last patch (for example, russian commisar squad) has a "$no key...." int he description field.
This only happens when I play the game in my country language (spanish). If I switch to the english version, it appears a text in english.

I guess this happens because Relic only released the description in english. Why don't they translate to another languages? It's only a simple text.


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    6 months ago
    K1TR1KK1TR1K Posts: 1

    I am experiencing the same issue in Germany.
    All my Friends are experiencing the same issue.

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    5 months ago
    JasiurrrJasiurrr Posts: 4

    i still don't know what OKW sdkfz 221 do becouse of no polish translation

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    5 months ago

    I've actually noticed a lot of $no key for a variety of American units in English, so it seems to be an error in the game and not the language specifically.

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    3 months ago
    az244az244 Cracow, PolandPosts: 16

    There is missing in match name and desctription of the "Assault and Hold" (german infantry doctrine) ability in polish localization.

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