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5 months ago

How does everyone feel about the pace of the game in 1v1? I feel like the resources are too slow and I always find myself in a frustrating situation because the money is so slow and I can't get an AT squad out or whatever. Here's a thread that echos my opinion:

It's annoying when you're unable to get units out because there's just not enough resources. Infantry units are so specialized that there's nothing you can do but run away. And big maps , good players wont lose their light vehicle and it makes them very hard to chase with piats or zookas. Piats are pitifully weak btw. Like that thread above said this game is like platoon of heros instead of company of heros.

Manpower cannot be controlled other than actually killing the units. I believe territory should also give manpower or make a new economy system entirely. Coming from Starcraft, you have the choice of going full economy or early aggresion. Or you can just sit back and build 5 bases and crush the other guy with economy. It's a very dynamic and smooth game but I feel it takes a little too much APM( actions per minute) that my mouse hand is always tired after a game. So if SC could be toned down a little it would be perfect. I enjoy this game much more than SC. Just alot of things bother me. Also the gameplay bugs like pathing, vehicle phasing and others. What I want is the pace of the game to be a little faster and a revamped economy, and bugs fixed. Balance, commanders, new stuff later.


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    5 months ago
    mrgame2mrgame2 Posts: 496
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    Game speed is fine. This is not like SC or CnC.
    We going to have some down time, some back and forth, some regrouping, some resource cutoffs, some area denial, some comebacks. Not a one way ticket.

    It is this dynamics that make this game fun. You have a bit more time to play your plans, there is unpredictable strategies you can use or counter. If you watched the anniversary 2v2, a team of captainprice initially blobbed their way through qualifiers but got found out in the finals

    If anything, i feel armour battles are a bit too quick to conclude now. In older version, there is armor values which determine some rng. Today your TD penetrate every tanks, and thing are over in 3-4 hits, often times allies can sit back and snipe.
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    5 months ago
    WhatTheGardenWhatTheGa… Posts: 27
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    nope. just played another game and I'm yawning at the late game cause there's never enough units. And the speed of the game looks so choppy it makes me dizzy. Not enough units to cover the whole map so there's always a flank on the extremities. Constant headache. It's like I'm bending over and taking it and nothing I can do.

    I'll never get over how choppy the gameplay is, it's always gets noticeable around mid game. And it's not my computer specs. I'm getting over 100 fps with a gtx 970 and i7 6700k.

    Oh and I said 1v1 not 2v2. My feelings are based on 1v1 only. I used to play team only until I got tired of crashes on loading, bad teammates, etc. So I said if I go 1v1, there's no one that can let me down but myself.

    And this game, most of the time you're playing with infantry. COH1 I played a little bit and there were alot more tanks. Here its like 1 or 2 vehicles at a time.

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 337

    CoH2 is designed to give players always have various way to flank/infiltrate behind the frontline (except OKW fortification in team game). The game forces players to keep being busy move your troops around.

    The time line of a game usually goes like this:
    0 - 7mins: early game, only infantry
    7 - 12mins: Light tank gameplay
    from 15mins: Medium tank gameplay
    from 25mins: Heavy tank, Medium tanks big battle (USF doesnt have this gameplay)
    I actually prefer the game play of infantry with Light tank, more than Heavy,Medium tank battles

    I only feel the problem is the cost of a Light tank is almost equal to Teching Medium tank tier, while its build time is as long as a Medium tank, which mean if you build a Light tank, your opponent is teching Medium tank tier, and if you cant dominate the game under 3min and hold value resource for another 5min, its your fate that your Light tank will fight a Medium tank. So most of the time if a player dominate their enemy from the early game (mainly OKW), they usually _skip _Light tank and fast techup to Medium tank tier at the mark 12mins.
    I would like to see Medium teching cost higher (~160fuel to tech up to Med tank tier instead of 120fuel), this will force every player to build Light tanks more often, but that also make the game time line even slower.
    Another idea is lower the cost of Light tank but add-in ammo cost. To make Light tank more affordable in fuel (which make fuel always important to the game).

    These are just ideas, if you dont like just ignore it.

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    5 months ago
    mrgame2mrgame2 Posts: 496
    How do mean choppy? Server problems? I got 1080ti at uwqhd and is smooth even in epic 4v4 late games.
    Thats the point of coh2. You scout and flank and retreat if needed. You are not supposed to lay down 360 defence. Though in current 2v2 meta, allies are very close to able to lockdown and sit out the vp. Relic needs to look into wehr armour against sniping TD.

    As for light tanks, t70 and luch are only viable units, maybe an aec. But the timings are find, though t70 is overperforming a bit. Making it even earlier means axis have impossible counter..
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    5 months ago

    mrgame2 and c3tooth what are your ranks?

    I still feel the movement speed is not fluid. Here are two videos that show what I mean.

    A man running at normal speed:
    How I per·ceive coh2 speed of units running:
    its not my computer I'm getting over 100 fps.

    I find myself having to warm up after every break from gameplay because I forget about the mechanics about this fantasy game. All the bugs, bug exploits, frontal hit faust that damages rear engines every time, point blank machine guns blazing away that miss everything. It's always an adjustment and if I'm fully warmed up I've beaten rank 100 players.

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    5 months ago

    I'm not here to talk about every intricate balance. Just basic things like how easily British can get overrun by armor early game. Many brits get caught with their pants down. I've done it so many times. Their piats are terrible. Infantry have no snare. They have to wait for a 6 pounder to come out while they sit helplessly at base getting wiped. Rush a panzer 2 and force all their infantry back and chase them to the base and sit there.

    I also abuse this vs OKW by going mechanized as USF and using dodge truck with riflemen vs volks that cannot faust until they get a truck. USF has no sniper, they get shat on by a good wehr sniper. And no late game. Why is it rifles need to vet 1 to get a anti tank nade? Grens always have faust which always denies light vehicle play. You can't catch them off guard. Regular sherman is also so easily killed. If they lower the fuel cost to t34 76, I think that might work. I'd still rather have axis late game than USF. It's much easier to micro generalist tanks like p4, tiger, than glass cannon tank destroyers and munition switching sherman.

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