Allies tanks need a rear armour nerf or...



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    1 year ago

    @TheLeveler83 said:
    Probably my reaction was to strong. I took it as an attempt to insult. I am to tired atm. So yeah i took that the wrong way.

    I didnt take into account speed turning etc between the tiger b and is2. That changes my position somewhat. But being non doctrinal remains a big factor.

    It's okay dude, we are all human fresh, not robots that could work forever. :smiley:

    Undoubtedly I have faults as well because I didn't make that very clear and just typed some half-baked thoughts there, without any supports. Well, it comes to me another thought from our conversation actually. What do you think of the New Commander Patch 3.0 of OKW Commander Tiger? To be honest, the theory of a strong and powerful unit from doctrine could be balanced beyond normal ones is also what I believe as well. Therefore, when it comes to the new Commander Tiger, which has to be unlocked by all the bases, isn't that a little bit too harsh for the requirement? Let along the "Commander" has to dedicate its reload and accuracy, for a timely ammo-cost skill, in vet 4? I have complicated feelings about this unit now. What's your idea mate?

    Wish you have a good day and nice sleep back home. :smile:

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    1 year ago
    I think requiering al tech is to harsh. But i havent played the okw commander. So i cant comment on that to much.
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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 879
    Total tech cost for all faction (include side tech, minus the starting fuel)
    .Soviet 225
    .USF 230
    .Brit 225
    .Ost 205
    .Okw 230

    Except Ost and Brit have to tech all.
    Other 3 factions can skip a tech for medium tank rush.
    -Soviet back tech is super cheap, but to me those unit in Tier1 is not worth to do so.
    -USF thanks to the rework, now theyre able to pay 35fuel to back tech for a single missing weapon team.
    -Okw back tech, either give them Stuka or InfrareHT which useful in lategame, the ability to access King is the reward for them to back tech.

    Im sure if Soviet backtech reward them an IS2, USF backtech reward them a Pershing. Players are willing to back tech. At the sametime Axis will complain too.
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    1 year ago
    mrgame2mrgame2 Posts: 496

    I think the mod stug buff is ok. I cant believe it used to have a larger target size than SU85 or the rotation is much slower than churchills. Still the low low pen against late game Allies armor wont work.

    Ostwind buff looks ok, no need further nerf because Allies infantry blob should be deterred.

    PG im not sure it helps against Allies infantry late game.

    At least Relic is looking at the weakest Wehr faction in late games.

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