Jaeger Light Infantry vs Pathfinder

6 months ago

Currently the Jaeger is really strong right now vs the pathfinder which is also have the same role cheaper to.
I hope they give some nerf to Jaeger or buff Path fire power.


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    5 months ago
    jamesjames Posts: 24


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    5 months ago
    I think a bit of a JLI nerf and a bit of a path buff. Small changes
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    5 months ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 235

    Yep. Pathfinders is quite expensive, less lethal and don't have any abilities. While JLI is really cheap, very lethal you could make it as your main infantry all game and got a lot of abilities.

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 359

    Pathfinder at vet 2 with lmg42 or m1919 are mass murderers, though its very hard for Pathfinder to pickup on of those. Beside, honestly I use that 8 popular just to spot behind the enemy line doing nothing. Since they're the only USF camo unit

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    5 months ago
    QuesocitoQuesocito Posts: 128

    JLI FTW! haha these things are stupid OP.. i think its mainly their rifles that insta kill low health? squad wiping shock for days even while retreating is nuts..

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    5 months ago
    Balanced_GamerBalanced_… Posts: 183
    edited January 23

    JLI does not need a nerf (it is only good with upgrade). It is just Pathfinders needing a buff. JLIs are good in its current state but Unfortunately Pathfinders does not perform the way it should. No need for nerf for JLI, just buff Pathfinders. So many Axis units have been nerfed like Stormtroopers (turned to melee combat), Panzergrenadiers, Ostwind, Stug and so forth.

    Vice Versa, Shock Troops shred squads into pieces like anything, counter even like anything. Smoke HMG, costs only 15, Best DPS in game and Health and Armour being the Highest. Grenade is so efficient that it can just shred the rest. If anything that needs adjustments, it is Shock Troops and Guard Rifles. Guard Rifles shred INFANTRY & VEHICLES. What other infantry unit can do that. Overall better than JLI and Pathfinder at range. Better against Infantry especially Vehicles, again. Mark Target ability not only slows down the vehicle, but as also their DPS and rate of fire. Has even upgrade to two DP28, two PTRD for free does 27 damage against infantry. JUST WOW! That needs nerfing instead!

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 359

    PathF & JeagarL have slightly similar in sight range.

    PF beat JL at long range, but lost at close range.

    JL with ability to Sprint, they can quickly change position, scout around behind enemy frontline. PF has struggle doing this. PF comes from the offmap, they need to walk for along distance to reach to behind line to scout, JL jump from building and stay camo rightaway. Make JL better than PF in scouting.

    JL with booby trap/scavenge. Make them valuable to stay behind the line, disrupting, PF only skill is to let Paratrooper drop safer (which is Fallschrim doesnt require it). Then after that a single PF squad has no purpose than give fire support behind enemy while main force is pushing. (Yes JL can support better behind the line because they have number and pop out more from the building)

    Because getting a scout cover is hard for PF, I never let them get to fight, only keep them stay silent for sight. JL doesnt care about blowing their cover.

    Losing too much health cause PF must retreat a long back away to HQ. JL can self heal with medit kit. Makes them able to stay longer behind enemyline,

    The cost make players able to spam JL. We never see more than 2 PF.

    =>Make a unit too strong cause spammable. Im already satisfy with Pathfinder role because they're the only squad can camo. The only thing I wish is lower their Popcap, use 9pop for sight is too much. I dont wish to buff PF.

    ...Shock can whip Panzergren, Sturm or even Fallschrim. Lets see about their utility.
    Short has frag and smoke.
    Panzergren has powerful Model24 nade, change to ATsquad to 2shreck, heal themselve on field. Shock only heal option is HQ.
    Sturm is a starting unit. Have mass utility.
    Fallschrim can camo, also have Model24 nade, can faust, has smoke that also damage infantry, drop behind enemyline without dying like Paratrooper

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    5 months ago

    You are right about how the JLI has many utilities and how it is spammable for its cost. I agree that it more versatile than PF for its price. Maybe they should increase Price to around 280, 300 or something. I do NOT believe nerfing JLI is the right choice. I played USF, and used PF, the difference really is what you stated. PF can not be as aggressive as JLI since they cant heal and they are more or less used best as fire support. JLI only becomes efficient when you purchase the weapon upgrade which costs about 60 munitions I believe, it is quite an investment if you ask me because often I prefer to upgrade Volksgrenadiers. Costs a lot of munitions to use abilities except sprinting. I usually consider just buying upgrade only and use abilities when necessary. I am not a huge fan of JLI because Volksgrenadiers are more versatile and necessary in certain situations.

    Concerning SOV ELITE
    In my opinion playing as OH and OKW, I usually retreat my units to heal and REINFORCE since it costs unnecessary ammunition, unless if I have every model in the squad, that is only when I consider using med-kit. The Utility grenades to counter Shock is immensely difficult, reasons.
    1) Animation to throw grenade can sometimes take longer than expected.
    2) Enemy can counter easily if they are aware
    3) If countered you lose 25% of DPS if guy misses

    Fallshirmjager vs Shock Troop head on. Shock Troops wins unless you use utility, might stand a chance then.

    Shock Troops is available to many Soviet Generals. Others also with Guard Rifles (Bigger threat than Shock in my opinion since it snipes surprisingly accurately, 2 PTRDs doing 27 damage individually against infantry plus 2 DP28s finishing the weak guys and it is even better against vehicles). Shock Troops has best received accuracy with armour in game with 6 guys. Counter MGs often cuz smoke costs only 15. It should be 25 like Panzer Tactician otherwise they should change that price too. If your Shocks gets behind retreating squads, your are mostly likely to squad wipe with them since PPSH is the best assault rifle in game, bigger mag, quicker reload, plus 6 guys all having it. OH does not have good anti infantry units and vehicles (against Shocks and Guard Rifles) except brummbar in my opinion. That is the best counter as OH in my opinion since others such as Ostwind sucks terribly in performance and durability.

    Great Points stated by the way. :D . If anything that needs nerf. It is Guard Rifles Infantry

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    5 months ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 235
    edited January 25

    While comparing Shocks and Falls is not right coz their role is really different.
    Shocks only win with smoke and rush falls only if they see fall.

    Shock troop is an short range assault unit are meant to destroy defensive position. They are not good used defensively coz of the range they got. Defensive lines usually are wide spaces which shocks troops bleed a lot.

    Falls is ambush unit that massacre at all range. Disrupt enemy lines and support weapons like mortar, MG and AT guns.
    Can stay in open area as long as it got light cover.

    They both got their strength and weaknesses. Shock can be harassed and killed by light vehicle/tank, Falls cannot coz it got Faust.

    Lets get back to topic.
    JLI is really cheap right now both Recruitment and Reinforcement why having a lot of utility and fire power. Which really mess up Pathfinders which have the same role suppose to be.

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 359


    Falls is ambush unit that massacre at all range.

    Fall behind green cover at close range can destroy 50cal in building.

    JL can camo, good sight like PF. They have their scouting role there.
    The point is using JL is too easy right now for they pop out from the building. While it takes skill and luck to get PF behind enemyline. It doesnt punish JL for retreating because they can get another JL from a building to scout again. PF retreating is like throwing ur eye out of window

    I have some suggest change:
    PF have recon purpose / JL have behind line disrupt purpose
    Because PF are hard to get behind the line. We need them either stay longer, or move faster to avoid from enemy. Either add Medic kit or add Sprint.
    With Booby trap, Sprint and gun upgrade give JL utility in combat. Smaller their sight range than PF
    I dont know about the cost.

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