Jaeger Light Infantry vs Pathfinder

3 weeks ago

Currently the Jaeger is really strong right now vs the pathfinder which is also have the same role cheaper to.
I hope they give some nerf to Jaeger or buff Path fire power.


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    2 weeks ago
    jamesjames Posts: 19


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    2 weeks ago
    I think a bit of a JLI nerf and a bit of a path buff. Small changes
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    1 week ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 215

    Yep. Pathfinders is quite expensive, less lethal and don't have any abilities. While JLI is really cheap, very lethal you could make it as your main infantry all game and got a lot of abilities.

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    1 week ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 130

    Pathfinder at vet 2 with lmg42 or m1919 are mass murderers, though its very hard for Pathfinder to pickup on of those. Beside, honestly I use that 8 popular just to spot behind the enemy line doing nothing. Since they're the only USF camo unit

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    6 days ago
    QuesocitoQuesocito Posts: 120

    JLI FTW! haha these things are stupid OP.. i think its mainly their rifles that insta kill low health? squad wiping shock for days even while retreating is nuts..

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