cheating, accusations, and abuse

1 year ago

been playing the game for years, love it, even when getting beaten.
ive started up again, after having moved to rural scotland.
my internet is a bit crap and i get tiny lags kick in, nothing too awkward.
ive also been getting accused of cheating, and i do not know why, is it because of small lags?
people get really angry, abusive, and worst of all refuse to compete.
for me this game is like chess, you start off on an equal footing, and live with your mistakes, i wouldnt screw with it, and do not know how to cheat, i think its fairly obvious from my stats i do not.

why is this happening?
what can i do?
how can i prove im not cheating?
how can i recognise cheating in others?

all the best


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