Timer apears on AT gun, when less than 2 crew members.

2 years ago
kwm1kwm1 Posts: 8
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Normaly when AT crew drops to 1 guy he runs away from AT gun, but when it happens weird timer apears on my screen.
This happens to me when I play as soviet (I have not tried with other factions) on any map even on Theater of War.
I have used the Cheat Commands mod in pictures below to spawn panzer grenadiers and Zis 3.



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    2 years ago
    SquishyMuffinSquishyMu… Posts: 434
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    It is not a bug. The Soviet AT gun has had a few bugs since I presume release that is just unfixable at this point; one of which is where it would get stuck in place. So if the game detects this, it will essentially self destruct and respawn in-place instantly.

    "Zis Gun Bug Potential Fix

    There are a couple of bug variants involving de-crewed zis guns in the game. This bug has been very hard to replicate and tackle, as it is related to animation states and would require a programming and animation fix.

    However, a Designer has devised a potential workaround should this bug occur. A requirement/ check has been added to the Zis gun and its crews which works as follows.

    Naturally uncrewed Zis guns count as "entities" and not "squads" and are therefore not affected by this new check. This bug only occurs when Zis guns are in the "squad" state.

    -Zis guns now run a persistent squad count check when they are in the "squad" state. If a Zis gun in the "squad" state is registered to have 1 or fewer crew members, it will self-destruct after a few seconds.
    -If this happens, a new Zis gun entity will spawn in the same location to replace the loss caused by the bug.

    -This check will not result in any performance issues whatsoever. It is a simple and isolated check
    -The check will not affect in-game Zis gun bug performance, and should not cause any unintended side effects."

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    2 years ago
    kwm1kwm1 Posts: 8
    edited December 2018

    This udpate must have broken coh 2 campaign. When using withdraw ability on ZiS 3 AT gun this happens.

    They still count as ZiS-3 crew but they are just infantry and they aren't using at gun

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    2 years ago

    Yeah they generally never test how changes like that affect Single Player content (as it's usually just community testers) Post this in the bug section and it most likely will be fixed in next patch.

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