Company of Heroes 2 Workshop/Custom maps problems

10 months ago

Hello there everyone :)
I have run into a quite frustrating problem after i upgraded some of my computer's parts and did a full re-installation of the system.

Now when i want to play one of my favorite custom maps acquired from the workshop simply wont show up in the Maps selector!
I can see the mod in the mod manager, but if i try and launch it through there it simply says "Preparing to play: Subscribed".

After hours of forum searching and using google it may be a problem with the unpacking of the mods from the workshop? Some maps do work although, even all my mods and skins are working, just not some of the maps. But it would appear that roughly 80% of my maps wont work after the reinstall. And i have validated, reinstalled the game, and removing various folders with mods for re-download multiple times, and no luck.

My upgrade of my PC included harddrives. so i now have my steam spread out on more than just 1 harddrive.. With the steam Base program on my C: drive and the game on another. I also tried "moving" it to the same drive but no luck either. I see some mods showing up in Steam/Userdata and not in the documents/mygame as they should(?)

Tried contacting Saga aswell, no help there.
Any suggestions?

I Hope to hear back from you all soon i am slowly losing my sanity. :'(


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    9 months ago

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one having this problem... Just upgraded my pc with fresh windows install and new boot drive (Samsung Evo 970). my game is on the c drive with all the document files as well. can't find the problem myself, and I have read the internet dry...
    I'm following this thread and hope relic replies.

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