30k supply confusion

5 months ago

Not sure how this works, I have a registered account for relic that's how I'm posting this, and it uses the same email as my steam account but I haven't received the 30k supply. I don't see a register button anywhere ingame either.


  • #2
    5 months ago

    AFAIK, you're supposed to link through https://sso.relic.com/ but the portal is broken. Maybe it's the holidays, but support seems to be quite content to ignore everyone so far.

  • #3
    5 months ago

    there is a sticky post at the top of the page which explains why we dont have 30k supply.

  • #4
    5 months ago

    It explains nothing. It merely suggests that people are either lying, got the reward, or got the commanders. I bought the game very recently. I can't have gotten the commanders. And I sure as heck don't have the supply.

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