Brit abilities don't perform as description and problems about new valentine

8 months ago
MkVCruiserMkVCruiser Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Bug Reporting

1st bug about common ability
British infantry secton's upgrade and marksman's ability "coordinated fire" should have fired totally 12 rounds with two 25lb howitzers,just like the description says “ ALL HQ HOWITZERS WILL FIRE 6 SHELLS".But the platoon company command post actually fires only 4 rounds and the command post fires only 5 rounds.Wish you guys will fix this next update.
2nd bug about new valentine after commander revamp
After the commander revamp,valentine’s pop was fixed from 12 to 7,but the commander ablility still says it's pop is 12.It actually takes 7 pop thought,I was tried to get a valentine when my pop was 90 and it said "POPULATION CAP REACHED”.Fix this plz.

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