Are the Human Wave and Blood Toll achievements broken?

5 months ago

I've managed to get the over 3:1 ratio with Soviets, and won... that should have given all achievements, no?


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    5 months ago
    BanicBanic Posts: 11

    You need to do it like 15 times its very hard to do Ive only done it 5 times in Multiplayer and have 1800hrs play time but I think you can do vs an AI if you l wanted too

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    5 months ago
    BanicBanic Posts: 11

    The only times I've done it in Multiplayer is on 4v4 where you get stomped or play trash and lose all you cons all the time but your team carries you to a win. The best way to do it is to if actually tying to do it is play a commander that has fuel drop cargo plan like the soviet industry rush t34s get some vet 1 so you can cap still then find a OKW player running obers with mg34 and run engneers and cons out to fight them they will always lose just keep retreating and sending them back at them while t34s cap points and don't kill any infantry with the t34 to keep the ratio low.

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