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1 year ago

wondering what I could have done in this game. I seemed to lose a lot of points and lost out on fuel because of it. early on I failed to take out halftrack with stuart then I just seemed to bleed a lot of mp with no map control from there on out.



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    1 year ago
    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 934 mod

    Usually when I watch these I see the same mistakes. This one is a good replay to talk strategy.

    You played well, very well in fact. Your micro is good, only a few mistakes tactically. Strategically and operationally some critical errors. In a 1v1 it does not take much to put you in a hurt box.

    He was complaining in the first minute about your blobbing. You did not blob, neither did he for the most part. In a 1v1 for the first few minutes most players have a schtick for each map. He did. He got the most out of his kubel in capturing the map, then locked down both fuels.

    He chose where to fight and you fought him where he wanted. You went to his forces and fought over not as important points half the time. He locked down one fuel with the flak truck. You didn't have any meaningful AT until almost 18 minutes when you got an AT gun and zooked up. It was too late. He had locked down the other fuel with his Schwere HQ and was building a second PIV by then.

    You stopped laying mines. You fought some battles from the middle of the road and took unnecessary casualties. You did not bring up your ambulance until after 16 minutes to reinforce from the front. Each time you would retreat you would have to find again his MG's and forces. He had a better idea where your forces were than you did his.

    When his PIV's came out they rolled where ever they wanted as there were no mines. The Stuart was a misplay but you could have recovered. Your micro was better than his as you won most engagements. You lost a couple of squads by inattention. You took unnecessary casualties by running new squads into the Schwere. If you have to take that point use smoke from your Mortar.

    What you could have done different.

    1) Move your ambulance up early. Your micro was better so use that to your advantage and don't lose all the time to go back and reinforce. You made great gains only to give them up by retreating.

    2) Focus on one fuel instead of all points. That kubal won him the early map dominance as your forces were with his forces, but you did not challenge any economy of force moves he made.

    3) Mine farther back. Don't be surprised by a 16 minute PIV. Use one MG to protect the flank and the other to help win against the 4 volks and sturms. Take points with minesweeper so he does not see all your units with the flares. He won because he could dumpster dive with PIV's with no consequence.

    4) If you build a bunker, you know what he will do after his first retreat. Put it in a place you can protect it and get the most out of it.

    He clearly had a strategy for locking down both fuels and waiting for armor. You either didn't read the signals or got lost in the timing because when his armor came out you had no AT and no mines that were still down. You clearly have the skills to have easily beat him if you had a strategic plan, a recon plan, and a counter recon plan. Many with a schtick lose as soon as they get thrown off their winning strategy, their pre-planned schedule. It is easier in 1v1 as you can anticipate the variables.

    When you play the map and anticipate and counter his strategy as well as you play the game you will throw off guys with a schtick. The good players will adjust fire, the others will learn or quit the match.

    Actually pretty well played, just played to his advantage.

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    1 year ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited December 2018
    Ya I did realize once the tanks started rolling ah crap I neglected mines.
    Moving up ambulance for soft retreats defenately would have helped.

    I also didn't realize just how far behinde I got In Fuel trying to be situationally aware and my attention is away from the mini map or in some cases like the units I lost track of cued for other tasks like recapturing points and running into Hq's doh.

    I think tanks caught me off gaurd because at first I did have so much map control but I started getting a bit fatigued and harder to watch everything as the game progressed.

    Though learning timings is still something I need to build my knowledge of.

    I find it hard to lock anything down as usf or defend in general so I've worked a lot on just constantly moving being aggressive.

    Bunkers are one of those things I look at as well this will get destroyed soon enough or where the heck do I put you in the first place.

    The flare's were a bit overly anoying to me
    And um ya I didn't even think of minesweeper being something that would negate thos so thank you for mentioning that I'll add that to memory.

    Also this is one of my first few 1v1 games I've tried building up to my first 10 games being added into the ladder list I don't know these maps at all which makes me nervous enough.

    I typically play 3v3 and 4v4 where there is a lot going on.
    sometimes it seems i run into alot of negativity as I'm sure your well aware player toxicity can be.

    Anyway I thought I would test myself to see how far I've come via 1 on 1 gameplay and what kind of short comings I might have to tighten up on.

    I've been called noob many a time though I know that to be a stretch after all it is constant learning trying to gain an edge and try new things.

    I've lost doing this but I've won a few times too. Where I typically will be playing and have the same battles over and over mgs and hq's locking down the map in 4v4 my teammates either don't have enough or no artillery at all. So lol I decided ok I'll save my manpower and just run around capturing with my rearechelon till around the 5 minute mark since it feels to me there are plenty enough units for capturing even without me typically In A 4v4 before it becomes stalemate at half map with decent players.
    by then I have enough fuel for captain who then boost my production and pumps out 75mm howitzers so around 6-7 minutes in I have about 7 howitzers unless I pump 2-3 Rifleman then only 4. I usually tell my teammates what I'm planning on doing and I've had guys be ok with it setting up defence lines and such going on to win the game pretty quickly. Other times I'll have 1 or 2 guys call me a noob so meh.
    But I know there is a short timeline untill stuka comes out and makes howitzers obsolete essentially so that's why I had the idea of getting them out asap and usf don't have anything else past howitzer really other then the scotts which have shorter range not really a counter to a stuka if your trying to catch it mid firing from range though they are actually survivable if hit in that regard.

    4v4 I do a lot of hey let's try this!

    After all someone had to think hey let's try putting barbed wire in front of a door or a partially built tank trap behinde a tank to keep it from running. Not that I've done either.

    other times I do a typical 3 rifleman 1 mortar and whatever from there on most likely captain only or both with captain first to pump out buildings and get lieutenant faster mabe skip mortar and pump out a howitzer because mgs in buildings can get crazy once in a while and mortar fire or smoke just won't do the job fast enough to get them Off the resources so just bring the house down lol.
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    1 year ago
    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 934 mod

    You will do well enough at 1v1's. They can be very stressful.

    With your playstyle I think you would greatly enjoy 2v2's with a dedicated friend on voice comms. Not only is it more fun than playing with guys that call you a noob for their own character flaws, the world of tactics better expands to operations and strategy. Every game you play will build on the next.

    2v2's are this games strength. Look me up on steam. I play with 40 or 50 friends who are all over the place in skill. We just have fun. The only criteria is that you have to carry me ;-)

    Remember one of the first rules of combat.... bring big guns, bring friends with big guns.

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