[2v2] Having trouble deafeat the; OKW + Wehrmacht

5 months ago

Me and my brother have some serious trouble defeating the mentioned combo. First we tried to 2x BTF but currently i am playing the soviets and my brother btf. They seem to be op because in min. 7 we have build up our little bases, we got 2 points but they are spamming with mortars now. and the infinatires from the OKW are protecting them really hard. When i try to kill them with my light tank the tank gets instantly shutten down by grenardeers and sturmpioneers with shreks and other things. so they are bombing us and it seems we can nothing do about it. Flanking sites are always best protected too and a sniper always gets rushed down after recently our mg gets killed by a mortar. Rushing in the beginning is not a option too because their stormpioneers are deafiting everything in combination with grenardeers. and in the beginning the Wehrmacht guys seems to always purchase the mortar to kill my infanteries even in the early. if my brother tries to rush them with the UC the grenardeers always have enough ammuntion to use the fausting ability.

BTF = british forces

So what is a counter against that Combination ?

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