Steppes Veto not working

5 months ago

Hi Guys,

I believe this has been an issue for a long time and I will assume it has been bought up before, but just in case I will bring it up again.

There is a bug with the map Steppes.

I have this map vetoed but I still end up having to play this map more than any other 4v4 map.

This essentially asks a 2 part question. Why does the veto not work on Steppes? Why does Steppes come up at such a high rate?


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    5 months ago

    Generally speaking Steppes is a very popular map, which is to say not a lot of other players veto it as far as I can tell. Your vetoes are not a guarantee you won't see a map, but it is pretty close to it so I would say if you play on it consistently with it vetoed then there probably is a bug. Can you test it on 3v3's for a little bit and see if this still occurs?

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