Spam of chasseurs in the Doctrine of Control is big problem!

5 months ago

After the December’s patch has been realized there is unbalance - spam of chasseurs in Doctrine of Control. The doctrine is overpower and concentrates a lot of abilities under one commander. Also a lot of good players is complaining that there is nothing to counter chasseurs. If you doubt about it, please, take a look at stats or ask players.


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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 337

    Im not sure if your 'chasseurs' means infantry.
    There is problem that Allied lack of close range infantry, they're pushed hard by Panzergren or Sturm in Urban map (yes they are higher in MP but require no Ammo)

    I find its hard to deal with OKW infantry for they have Sturm at the beginning, Volk stg44 at mid game, Obersodaten at late game. Not mention longrange Jaeger & super powerful Fallschrim. It forced me to play USF to pick either Ranger or Para only to get close range infantry.

    And I agree with you about spamming Doctrine infantry. I usually no more build Riflemen when I reach to 3 command point. I believe Doctrine infantry should be buffed abit more, and have a bit higher price. But only limited to 1. Sometime I have a single Paratroops with smg+ destroy a steady defensive (Tactical assault a Gren, Grenade an ATgun, Demo a bunker). Same with 2 Fallschrim drop behind your line can kill your defensive without getting closer for they're excel at all range (they have low men in squad, though they have cheaper MP than Allied Doctrine close range infantries, and require no Ammo make them easy to be spammed)

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