[OKW] [Goliath can get stuck at HQ]

5 months ago

Depending on the position of your HQ building, Goliaths can get stuck when built at HQ and ordered to go into a certain direction.

This occurred to me in a 4v4 automatch on City 17, and I just tried to reproduce it in a game against AI (same map) and it happened again. If ordered into a different direction, the Goliath doesn't get stuck. If HQ is not in the northern first position but in the south instead, it doesn't happen at all.

Blowing up the Goliath clears the road for following Goliaths, but this is absurd because:

  • your HQ gets damaged
  • you just lost 100 muni for nothing

This screenshot shows the case in question, I ordered the Gioliath to go to the street just east of the eastern VP. In the screenshot you can see the Goliath pointing in that direction, but unable to move away.

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