Flame grenades need to be changed

1 year ago

OKW Volks have access to flame grenade way early and its make setting up mgs pointless the way OKW is played they very often start with 3 Volks playing as a Soviet by the time you get you first mg out you can have 1 cons squad and 1 eng squad out they will have access to grenades by the time you mg reach any key point and Volks and Strum beat cons so easily you cannot stop them flanking unless they fight you out of cover and don't move. They can have one squad suppressed while the others move around use grande and force the mg to move meaning you have to retreat the mg or lose it. Why do they not have to buy grenades separately like all other factions? Also why do they get a grenade the has explosion and flame damage? They have the support guns in T1 so they can deal with mgs early on anyway and out range mortar counter fire and they skip that and rush a stukka which they probably wipe multiple mgs and mortars and they have a commander which can give them flamethrowers on stums. So why do they have flame grenades? They don't need fire it makes occupying builds suicide for mgs because maxims have bad suppression I have witnesses multiple times where Volks crawl up and flame the build with an mg in it even thou the mg is attacking them the whole time they are visible this wouldn't be an issues if it wasn't for the fire because grenade rarely do a full wipe on the mgs in a building but because now you have move the mg so all their other squads can move in it as soon as you move it. I have tried to use penals but by the time you get your first penal out they can have 2 Volks and a strum so they do not perform but then mgs which help lock down areas and in 4v4 so'll often see up to 5 volks per OKW player all with flame grenades all with stgs they always outperform soviet infantry easily ending games on 30+ kill while cons that live all game can maybe get 15-20 and because the BM13 will rarely wipe unless you get lucky on the first 4 rockets of the barrage volks can easly live all game where as cons will probably be wiped by a stuka barrage at some point.


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    1 year ago
    jamesjames Posts: 25
    edited January 2019

    +1 for nerf this amazing grenade.

    and if we arrived to keep advance with penal, we lost it when we pay for PTRS,
    penal ptrs are very bad vs inf axis equiped with stg44 or mg34.

    maxim need a buff for supress,
    ennemy can place grenade easily.
    actual maxim is ridiculous.

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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 880

    This is a list of problems

    • Axis MG does slightly better suppress than Allied MG
    • Axis infantries can endure slightly better in MGs than Allied infantries (except elite infantry like Commandos/Ranger)
      => With both of "slightly" makes it a huge different. Just like Pz4 have better armor than T34, Schreck have better pen than Bazooka. Combine those, 3 Schreck squad can destroy a T34 in a single burst, but 3 Zook squad can not destroy a Pz4 after 2 burst.

    • Volk throws flame nade immediatly when in range, Conscript takes 1.5sec that can be suppressed when they're about to throw

    • Gren throw rifle-nade x1.5 further than Riflemen, ISection's hand grenade
    • MG42 when armed by Pioneer, they can shoot further can it's cone, range can reach to 50 in stead of 45 (same range as Sniper) makes Sniper cant even counter MG42.
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    1 year ago
    mrpeedmrpeed Posts: 46

    It's annoying that you can't even use cover or garrisons against Volks. Takes away a lot of tactical option. Conscripts are less of a problem because you need an upgrade and it takes longer to throw a molotov.

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    1 year ago
    QuesocitoQuesocito Posts: 128

    man those molotovs are far more useless than volks nades, and always have been. i cant remember a time when i ever thought "hey i like the molotov". they just simply always needed a buff, its never made sense that a home made weapon needs tech to use..

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    1 year ago
    BanicBanic Posts: 11

    The way it is right now volks have a free answer to everything (they only need one build and the have to buy it )early game there's no reason to ever build a kubel or more stums early you have panzerfaust and flame grenades way too early I've played games where the Germans are using panzfaust and grenades at 2;30 and becuse they get to just start spamming volks without any building time they send their stums to ambush any cons and engineer that try to contest key points and have 3 units ready to hold points before the first maxim is even setting up. Volk always outperform basic troops. if they don't get addressed soon I simply going leave and play something else. I'm tried of play 4v4s where you see players run 3-5 squads and volks a spamming grenade and panzerfaust every chance they get with no reason to save ammo because off map strikes rarely perform better. A 200 ammo strike is the same a 6.6 grenades there is no way the strike will ever be better than 6.6 flame grenade and panzerfausts with the german LeF arty being spammed every 4v4 by at least 2 players because like everything German it performs better than the allied equivalent there is little reason to save up for of map strikes.
    Also having light vehicles in the t1 such as the scout car and the USF W50 truck and kubel crippled by a single panzerfust or at grenade is one the silliest designs I've ever seen considering it takes 2 to kill them they cant wipe squads and the panzerfaust recharges quick enough for the volks to soak up damage and kill the vehicle without another squad needed to fire the second shot but not only that even without panzerfaust and at nades they lose most fights to infantry any way! is the scoot car meant to be a support car that sits behind mgs or never fights only caps points with a squad in which is a waste of mp?

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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 880

    @Banic , I tried to point it out Too many times. Volk gets all free access.

    Their cost was slightly higher than Cons for they could only upgrade to 1 Shreck. Since 2016 they had ability to build sandbag so they can at least hold the line from enemy infantries.
    Then in 2017, giving them Stg44 with faust for Zero fee side tech, while not even removing sandbag.

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