New OKW Commander Idea : Volkssturm

1 year ago

The New commander Discussion has yet to start, but I thought i'd post my commander Idea for OKW. Feedback is always welcome.

[0cp] Infantry support vehicles

SdKfz 251 Half-track can be deployed from Command HQ requires one deployed half track (Battlegroup HQ or Mechanized Reg.

Vet 4: smoke

Vet 5: crew will repair critical damage out of combat (Damaged engine and et cetera)

Panzer 4 infantry support tank can be deployed from Command HQ requires two deployed half track (Battlegroup HQ and Mechanized Reg. HQ,Battlegroup HQ and Schwerer Panzer HQ, or Mechanized Reg HQ and Schwerer Panzer HQ)

Panzer 4 infantry support tank (use the Command panzer model) is anti infantry tank which fire sherman style HE shells. This unit is very effective against infantry, but is incapable of dealing damage to armoured vehicles.

[2cp] Volkssturm

Volkssturm (200 Manpower) 4 model squad that can be deployed from ambient buildings

armament: mp-40s

upgrade: panzerschreck X1 (50 munitions)

satchel charge
ambush camouflage
Riegel 43 AT mines

Role: ambush, harassment, Mine laying

Aesthetic note: use Partisan bodies with Volk heads.

[2cp] For the Fatherland

Same as the Overwatch version

[2cp] Advanced Infantry Tactics

Veteran Pioneer Leader (60 munitions): Sturmpioneers gain an additional model and 10% increased experience gain disallows "combat package" and minesweeper

Ambush Camouflage (30 munitions) becomes available for Volksgrenadiers, HMG-34, and Obersoldaten

[13cp] Tiger PzKpfw VI

A ostheer Tiger 1 but with 5 star vet potential (disallows King Tiger while Deployed)

Vet 4: Smoke

Vet 5: crew will repair critical damage out of combat (Damaged engine and et cetera)

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