The Endless Zeroing from the Oberkommando

1 year ago

I was playing with couple of my friend and facing against the Oberkommando Faction,at the first started of the round it was fine and all and we were having a blast doing a defensive line,but at the near end of the round we're getting pounded by 8 times of Zeroing Artillery without having any delay at all,when we surrendered the round we head to the match stats to check out the enemy and we found out every single artillery has been used in 2 minute and without stopping.Relic all I need is to have fun with my friend without having to face against enemy ENDLESS firing on Artillery


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    1 year ago
    SlayerSlayer Posts: 132
    If you play vs expert AI you should know that they cheat on you.

    They have
    - super income economywise, even if they don't control the fuel- and/or ammopoints
    - cloak detection: they immediately move towards your cloaked units as if they were not cloaked

    If you dislike this, I suggest to play vs other players or vs Hard AI, but then 2 vs 4 for the challenge (you and your friend vs 4 AI)
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    1 year ago

    I know about their Super Incoming,it's not the problem about their resources income its about the delay on the Zeroing,they used more than the actual Zeroing being used in any kind of situation,this is actually the first time that AI using Zeroing Artillery with only 1-2 min Delay.It's just the delay is more different than any kind of situation I met b4

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    1 year ago
    SlayerSlayer Posts: 132
    I think that cooldown time is normal, 2 minutes even seems a bit long to me.
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