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    Faction + Commander Name: Soviet Union – Leningrad Front Doctrine

    Theme: Adding some missing defensive structures for the Soviet Army, this Commander seeks
    to stabilize the russian frontline with various defensive measures and units, until enough
    resources are gathered to reliefe the blockade and attempt the final breakthrough.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Commissar Unit

    • Call in unit, available from 2CP
    • Same Stats as the regular Commissar
      Slot 2: Improvised defensive measures

    • Engineers, Conscripts and Partisans can build Trenches, tank traps, bunkers (as in their
      base) and PMD-6-Anti-Personal-Mines

    • Available from 1CP
      Slot 3: M-42 45mm Gun

    • Call in unit

    • Same stats as regular M-42
      Slot 4: Siege Militia

    • Call in unit, available from 1CP

    • Costs: 240 MP, 23 MP reinforcement costs
    • A five man Anti-Infantry Partisan Squad
    • Same stats as regular Partisan Troops
      Slot 5: B4 203mm Howitzer M1931

    • Siege Artillery

    • Same stats as regular B4

    Strategies and Rational

    The weakness of the SU static defensive is well known in this game, being the only faction with
    no regular bunkers to build nor any AP-mines by default. This commander will add static
    defensive elements as well as some offensive elements to break out from a stalemate.

    After a standard T0- or T1-Start, the soviet player is able from CP1 onwards to build static
    defenses like tank traps, trenches or base bunkers. Since they are similar to the ostheer
    bunkers, they should be priced the same, with a little more munitions-cost for the mg-upgrade,
    since it is a heavy machine gun.

    This is supported by the new 5-man-partisan-squad. While they can be used offensively, they
    represent the militia of Leningrad, willing but badly trained soldiers for the soviet cause. They
    attack from unexpected angles, but are very vulnerable to enemy fire, once unconcealed.

    The commissary as a representative of the socialist party keeps moral and casualties high and
    supports the otherwise weak soviet standard-infantry for holding the line, as long as Stalin

    The M-42 is a light and versatile AT-gun, which is needed to fight back early light-vehicle
    encounters by the fascists, trying to conquer territory from the soviet people.

    For the case of stronger axis vehicles, as well as for counter artillery and blob-decimation, the
    B4 strikes at the heart of every Hitler-Following-Scum and lines out the defensive as well as
    slightly offensive character of this commander.

    Additional Context
    The siege of Leningrad was one of the longest enduring sieges of modern warfare. The task of
    the Leningrad Front was to hold the city, until relief-armies would come for the rescue. The
    soldiers and people of Leningrad used all their resources and improvised fortifications as well as
    weapons, to hold the line against a overwhelming enemy. The remember them and to point out
    the missing element in this game - strong soviet defenses (which can also be seen at the battle
    of Kursk) - I think this commander reassembles a different concept of defensive then the one
    represented by the “Defensive Doctrine” by the community.

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    Soviet Doctrine name: Subversive activities tactics
    Theme: In a war of attrition, sometimes espionage, ambushing or sabotaging the enemy's supply lines or forces can be the key to victory Using these tactics can throw the enemy into disarray or cause a diversion for allies to mount a successful counter-attack.

    Unit and abilities roster:
    Slot 1:
    0 CP: Radio intercept

    Slot 2:
    1 CP: Ambush camouflage: similar to the Wehrmacht one but applicable to all standard Soviet infantries except partisans. Resource cost same to the Wehrmacht one.

    Slot 3:
    2 CP: Partisan Tank Hunters (same deployment cost as other doctrines and can deploy from ambient buildings.)

    Slot 4:
    3 CP: Booby trap territory or Scorched Earth policy (similar to the ones used in Soviet doctrines)

    Slot 5:
    4 CP: Spy Network (Similar to the ability used in partisan tactics)

    Strategies and rationales and some historical context.
    The doctrine's strategy is to cause chaos behind enemy lines or make the enemy think twice before capturing allied occupied territories plagued with traps. Causing constant chaos behind enemy lines can cause the enemy lines to collapse allowing an easy breakthrough. Soviet is currently the only faction that has the abilities to track enemy movements and subversive activities behind enemy lines, using this doctrine can make sabotaging operations more dominant in Soviet and Coh2.

    Since Soviet has supremacy during mid-game rather than at late or early game, causing sufficient sabotage in enemy lines can affect the enemy's resource economy when the game reaches mid or going to late. Weaknesses with this doctrine can be going up against armor as this doctrine lacks abilities to counter armor, using infantry's AT abilities, standard AT weapons or allies AT support may be the only hope for a successful operation behind enemy lines.

    All Soviet abilities used in this doctrine seems logical to be used in a low profile or causing terror in enemy lines or battlefield intelligence with spy network and radio intercept.

    Historical context
    During the invasion of the Soviet Union, Subversive activities were present in Nazi-Occupied territories of the Soviet Union. These activities involve sabotaging German logistics, supply routes or ambushing patrols. Some of these attacks caused chaos and throwing them into disarray and in the process making their armies disorganized and incapable of fighting against the Soviet army.

    Additional context and conclusion:
    In conclusion, this doctrine is similar to partisan tactics but more focused on sabotaging territories and ambush. All abilities in this doctrine are kept at a low profile (e.g. no planes flying around the map, no artillery smokes, etc.)

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    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 299 admin

    Submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post their ideas.

    The Balance Team will now be assessing the best proposals for the next stage of this update.

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