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    i suggestion Pz IV Infantry support tank from Coh 1
    base on the Pz IV F1 in the ToW mission
    Rapid Fire

    The tank's cannon fires about 3 times faster than normal, but with slightly reduced accuracy.
    The tank is completely immobile while this ability is active.
    Costs nothing
    Permanent until deactivated.
    Cooldown: 10 seconds (activate/deactivate)

    Can upgrade with MG42 (or 34) and Armor Skirts

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    Faction + Commander Name: OKW Tank Destroyer Doctrine

    Theme: Bringing the late war German's army doctrine which utilize everything they have to stop the massive allies war machine

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Tank Destroyer Package
    Available from 0CP.
    Sturmpioneer upgrade add one more panzershreck to Sturmpioner
    Sturmpioneer now can plant Riegel Anti Tank Mine
    Now can camouflage if upgraded (Like the Cons with PTRS)
    Cost the same munition

    Slot 2:Pak 40
    available from 0CP
    Costs 320 MP
    Same base stats as the Ostheer Pak 40 but with added veterancy Vet 4 increase peneteration and accuracy, Vet 5 can camouflage like Raketen (but move like camouflaged Zis)
    Orders in from Command Headquartes but require Mechanized or Battlegroup to be deployed

    Slot 3: Heat Shells
    Identical to Elite Armour Heat Shells

    Slot 4: Throughout Scavange
    Identical to Scavange Doctrine

    Slot 5: Anti Tank Precision Barrage
    Available at 7 CP
    Identical with British Advanced Emplacement Precision Barrage
    Cost 150 Munition
    Damaged the engine of the tank and stuns the vehicle but last longer than the British counterpart, and do only small amount of damage to Infantry and Emplacements

    Strategies and Rational

    Although OKW have armor superiority in late game, it struggles with Allied Tank Destroyer and require their teamate to pick Elefant Commander or Breakthrough one. This commander allows OKW to be more resilient and hard counter the Allied Tank Destroyer spam in the late game while maintaining mobile army that allow them to counter any attemps of breakthrough in any sector which the Elefant and Jadgtiger cannot do. I don't add PAK43 because it's limiting the mobility of this doctrine

    The Sturmpioneer although can camouflaged it's lost their ability to damage Infantry so I think it's balanced, and looking how squishy they are as tank hunter, adding camouflage is the right choice. This doctrine promotes extensive use of Sturmpioneer as tank hunter with many utility. They can plant riegel mine, ambush the enemy then salvage the wreck of enemy tanks, which will be this doctrine speciality. And can stop the allied to spam tank destroyer since they need anti infantry tank to handle Infantry with anti tank weapon.

    PAK 40 will add more option for OKW since, microing Sturm and Raketen will be a nightmare, PAK 40 will provide safe long range shot. Combining with Raketen and Sturm camouflage it will take an allied tank in seconds. Making this doctrine suited for infantry centric player.

    For who wants Tanks, HEAT shells can help to ease the pain of taking down Churchill or massive allied tank destoyer and Throughout Salvage will provide muniton for upgrade and ability cost.

    The precision barrage was added to help the player to destroyed immobilized tanks or softening the high profile target (like KV2, ISU-152, Churchill) and made it easier to handle late game armor.

    Although provide many options to destroy tanks, this doctrine lacks anti infantry and really relied on Volks,MG or Orbesoldaten to keep the Infantry at bay and this is the flaws of this doctrine to balance out its abilites.

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    Theme: Combining potent Infantry support vehicles, ambush tactics, strong infantry upgrades, and abilities. This commander seeks take and hold critical resources until the mighty Tiger deals the final blow.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Infantry support vehicles

    SdKfz 251 Half-track

    • Available at 0CP
    • deployed from Command HQ requires one deployed half track (Battlegroup HQ or Mechanized Reg. HQ)
    • 200 MP 30FL
    • can be upgraded with Flame projector

    Panzer 4 infantry support tank

    • Available at 0CP
    • deployed from Command HQ requires two deployed half track (Battlegroup HQ and Mechanized Reg. HQ,Battlegroup HQ and Schwerer Panzer HQ, or Mechanized Reg HQ and Schwerer Panzer HQ)
    • 300MP 100FL
    • Panzer 4 infantry support tank (use the Command panzer model) is anti infantry tank which fire sherman style HE shells. This unit is very effective against infantry, but is incapable of dealing damage to armoured vehicles.

    Slot 2: Volkssturm

    • Available at 1CP
    • (200 Manpower)
    • deployed from ambient buildings
    • 5 model squad armed with mp-40s
    • upgrade: panzerschreck X1 (50 munitions)
    • Abilities satchel charge, ambush camouflage, and Riegel 43 AT mines
    • Role: ambush, harassment, Mine laying
    • Aesthetic note: use Partisan bodies with Volk heads.

    Slot 3: Veteran Pioneer Leader

    • Available at 2CP
    • unit upgrade
    • Sturmpioneers gain an additional model and panzerfaust disallows combat package and minesweeper

    Slot 4: Ensieg!

    • Available at 6CP
    • Global ability
    • 50 munitions
    • all infantry units gain -20% received accuracy and -20% weapon cool down
    • duration 60 seconds

    Slot 5: Tiger PzKpfw VI
    * Available at 13CP
    * call in unit
    * 640 MP 230FL

    Strategies and Rational
    OKW is heavily reliant on Infantry so tactics such MG spam is the bane of this faction, and giving them access to ISVs like SdKfz 251 Half-track to provide transportation or flame disruption can get them back into the fight. Another ISV the Panzer 4 infantry support tank fills at a gap in the OKW arsenal a dedicated Anti-infantry tank.

    Volkssturm are cheap ambush troops armed with the powerful Riegel 43 AT mines, they allow OKW with set up devastating ambushes

    Veteran Pioneer Leader will improve Sturmpioneer's Firepower,Durability, Repair, and build time. However at the cost of Minesweeper and panzerschreck this will encourage build diversity, by allowing OKW players to forgo building Volksgrenadiers.

    Ensieg! is a powerful ability for offence or defense

    Tiger PzKpfw VI while not as powerful as the KT it is more Versatile and easy to deploy

    Additional Context
    Tiger PzKpfw VI and SdKfz 251 Half-track were used in all theatres so thier is no reason OKW not to use them

    people Loved the coh1 Panzer 4 infantry support tank, and have been asking for a coh2 version since the game came out

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    Fatherland Defense Doctrine

    The goal of this commander is to represent how desperate the Germans became in the final days of the war. Capturing tanks, salvaging whatever they could, and just doing whatever was necessary to keep themselves in the fight.

    Slot 1: (0 CP) Beutepanzer East: Adds the T34/76 to the Schwerer Panzer Headquarters. Same prices it loses its ability to ram. Literally just like a captured one, but bought.

    Slot 2: (0 CP) Beutepanzer West: Adds the M4A3 Sherman to the Schwerer Panzer Headquarters. Same price it loses its ability to decrew. Literally just like a captured one, but bought.

    Slot 3: (0 CP) Thorough Salvage

    Slot 4: (2 CP) For the Fatherland

    Slot 5:(3 CP) Field Defenses

    Historical Relevancy and Strategic Uses. The point of this commander is the represent the dying days of the third Reich. They are out of steel, out of people, and out of options. The Wehrmacht are in shambles at this point and the fanatical side of the OKW are drawing every possible asset to their final defense. This doctrine allows for a cheaper fuel option than the Germans are normally used to through the use of Beutepanzers which were surprisingly more common than I realized due to better reliability and lack of options. This will allow the German player to have more tanks than normal but are of course much more fragile than they are probably used to as well. Salvage options are available for upgrades, mines, weapons, and motivational defense through For the Fatherland. It all accessed pretty early too which allows for the player to get full use of the doctrine throughout the majority of their games. This one is very different but I think it would be a ton of unique fun too. Also please fix the JLI in this patch. They are so broken right now, way too cheap and far too efficient.

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    OKW Infantry Assault Support Doctrine

    Support your infantry pushes with assault weapons, halftracks, and command abilities.

    Slot 1 - Assult Pack (or Volkssturm call in infantry?):

    Upgrade, Volks can be equipped with MP40s & Pioneers flame throwers. Or ability, calls in a cheap Volkssturm 6 man squad. Only okay when fighting in cover. Can upgrade to MP40s for a cost.

    Slot 2 - 251 Support Halftrack:

    Ability, Calls in a 251 Halftrack which can reinforce, carry infantry, and drop medical crates.

    Slot 3 - Officer Command Squad:

    Ability, Similar to the Soviet one. Calls in a squad that can boost infantries offense and defense capabilities.

    Slot 4 - Recoup Loses:

    Ability, old ability from Firestorm, but buffed in someway.

    Slot 5 - To Victory or Death (or For The Fatherland?):

    Ability, All infantry move faster and do more damage but can't retreat while the ability is active. Flares appear around capture points. Infantry will tire after the ability. All vehicles move faster.

    Strategies and Rational:

    The doctrine will support a hyper aggressive infantry play style. You will support your pushes with halftracks and a commander. The halftrack and recoup loses ability will keep you on the field reinforcing. Medical crates and the commanders defensive bonus will keep your infantry alive. To Victory or Death ability will be
    the final nail in the coffin for the enemy... Or your last stand before defeat.

    Additional Context

    During the Battle of the Bulge German infantry had to ruthlessly push forward before the skies cleared and planes appeared. This doctrine highlights the urgency, and the all in approach the Germans had to take during their offense in the Ardennes. They had to push forward at all costs, or risk losing the war.

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    OKW Anti-tank doctrine :
    Could be added an antitank commander with the Jagdpanzer 38 (t) "Hetzer" using the same cannon as the panzer IV, except that this tank would be cheaper than any tank of the OKW.

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    Panzer-Schützen Doctrine

    Summary: Panzer Divisions on the Western Front come heavily supported by Light Mechanized and Infantry elements, increasing versatility and cohesion. Capitalizing on increased mobility, Panzerfusiliers armed with Mechanized assets are able to target critical cut-offs and perform encirclement maneuvers while Urban Assault-Battalions can be tasked to clear obstacles and tight corridors. In the apex of the battle, A Panther Command Tank can be deployed to rally armoured elements.

    Breakthrough Tactics
    Infantry squads can now decapture territory at increased speeds.

    Mechanized Reserves
    Motorized Cargo Trucks and Mechanized 250 Halftracks are now available for deployment at the Battlegroup Headquarters.

    Panzerfusiliers can now be deployed.

    Urban Assault Package
    Infantry squads can now be trained with urban assault tactics. Sturmpioneers can now use flammenwerfer 35s and lay timed demolition charges for obstacle clearance. Volksgrenadiers can now be equipped with MP40s and M24 Grenades.

    Panther Pzkpfw V Command Tank
    Panther Command Tanks can now be deployed.

    Changes to Opel Blitz
    Opel Blitz Transport [200MP/30F]

    • Pure Transport
    • 2 Transport Slots
    • Closed-top
    • Carries Infantry, Heavy MGs, Mortars, Raketenwerfers, LefG 18. - New
    • No reinforcement capability until first Headquarters has been built. - New
    • Built in Battlegroup Headquarters at T0

    Changes to Urban Assault Package

    • Sturmpioneers can now be upgraded with Flammenwerfer 35s. [60 munitions]
    • Sturmpioneers can now lay timed demolition charges with 5 second fuses. [45 munitions] - New
    • Volksgrenadiers can now be upgraded with MP40s and M24 Smoke/Fragmentation Grenades [45 munitions]

    Panther Command Tank

    • No change
    • Synergises well with Mechanized units due to increased movement speed and acceleration, improving survivability of transports and armour. [And Infantry at Vet 5 - if the game lasts that long.]
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    Siege Doctrine

    By adding a doctrine that is specialized in destroying defensive structures and fortifications to OKW, psychological warfare will happen during commander pick.
    Pick this commander when you foresee your enemy is going to build fortifications and play defensively.

    Incendiary Munitions
    LeFH 18 Artillery
    Reconnaissance Overflight
    Stuka Bombing Strike
    (This is from Osteer’s Jaeger Armor Doctrine and can be 105mm Howitzer Barrage if borrowing this from Ostheer is not working)

    Strategies and Rational
    This commander is a hard-counter to fortifications such as British emplacements, American fighting positions, and Soviet Howitzers.
    OKW currently doesn’t have any commanders that can both recon and bomb to destroy fortifications, which makes OKW commander pick less strategic and versatile. Once you put this “absolute counter to fortifications” commander in your commander list, you can open a psychological warfare against your opponent, which prevents immediate commander picks or commander reveal.

    In addition to destroying howitzers by bombing, leIG incendiary munitions enables players to effectively attack forward structure and garrisons. Panzerfusilier, one of the most underused unit currently, can support leIG and LeFH barrages with flare ability. This commander not only gives strategic choices to players but also gives the underused unit a chance to shine.

    Additional Context
    Oberkommando West famously sieged and captured many cities in the Continental Europe and the Battle of Dunkirk, one of the most prominent battles in the Western Front, is one of them.
    OKW sieged Dunkirk mainly with airstrikes, aerial bombings and artilleries, not with tanks and armored forces, to strategically save exhausted armored forces, which is represented in this commander by including no vehicle.

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    OKW Tank Destroyer Doctrine

    Destroying enemy vechicles. The doctrine increases the AT capability of both infantry and tanks

    Unit and Ability Roster
    Slot 1: Tank traps

    • All infantry gain the ability to build tank traps
    • Sturmpioneers gain the ability to lay Riegel AT mines

    Slot 2: Signal Relay

    • Same as the old Elite Armor Doctrine ability

    Slot 3: HEAT rounds

    • Same as the Elite Armor Doctrine ability

    Slot 4: Infantry AT packages

    • Sturmpioneer panzerschreck upgrade provides 2 panzerschrecks
    • Volksgrenadiers and Obersoldatens gain AT grenade ability. This would do relatively high damage (160-200) but won't cause engine damage critical and won't follow the target (so mainly effective against stopped targets)

    Slot 5: Jagdtiger

    • Same as Breakthrough Doctrine unit


    • If the effect of HEAT rounds with the Jagdtiger proves to be too powerful, than its effect could be lowered to 15-20% on Jagdtiger
    • Riegel mines and double panzerschreks would share 1 slot, AT grenades would be removed, and the doctrine would gain some kind of called in AT support, like Stuka Close Air Support or Zeroing AT Artillery like the new NKVD ability
    • If by any luck, You change your minds, and willing to create new units, than Jagdpanther would be more suitable than Jagdtiger. It should have lower range (65-70), lower damage (240) and lower armor, but would be much more mobile (similar to Panther) and could have a special shot which would cause a critical effect. It would bring new strategies to the game, since its role would be to bring a moderate AT firepower fast to anywhere on the map instead of defending one path with great AT firepower, like the Jagdtiger now

    Strategies and Rational
    Destroying enemy armor, thats all it about :) The Doctrine abilities provide a great combination possibility which brings new strategies to the game. For maximum efficienty Signal Relay, Riegel mines, Tank traps and AT grenades needs to be used together. Also, Tank Destroyer Doctrine would bring back one of the most special doctrines (and my one of my favorite :)) from COH1.

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    OKW Heavy Tank Destroyer Doctrine

    Theme: To counter allied cheap tanks there should be a elite commander that would counter enemy armor

    Unit and Ability Roster

    1CP Anti-tank sturmpioneers
    Sturmpioneers get second panzerschreck available
    Available of laying Riegel 43 Anti-tank mines

    2CP Heavy fortifications
    Sturmpioneers are able to build Tank traps, flak fortifications and trenches

    5CP Emergency repairs
    When out of combat tanks could self repair

    8CP Pak 43 Emplacements
    Sturmpioneers are able to build Pak 43

    10-12CP Panther command tank
    Can deploy Command Panther

    if Riegels would proove to be too OP at 1CP it could be moved to 2CP with heavy fortifications

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    OKW: Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine
    Theme: capture and hold area with elite luftwaffe forces and elite new weapons.

    Unit and Ability Roster:
    Slot 1. Storch long duration recon circle
    * Fieseler Storch revolves around the designated area for 3 minutes.
    * Revolves in a wider circle than any other recon plane in any faction.
    * comes with 0 command points and takes 50 munitions to call and takes 90 seconds to recharge

       Slot 2. **Luftwaffe Ground Troops**
                  * luftwaffe ground troops can be deplyed with 1 command point. takes 260 manpower to call.
                  * 6 member squad armed with k98 rifles. fights same as volksgrenadier but can not throw grenade or 
                  * Can build  **Flak Vierling quad 20mm AA** in place of single 20mm flak gun. vierling takes 50% 
                    more resources than previous OKW single 20mm flak. Kills 50% more.
                  * Can build **88mm Flak 88** which takes 30% more resouce to build 88mm PAK 43.
                          * gun traverses same speed at which traversed in COH1 .
                          * Penetrates same as Pak 43, also same range but reloads 10% faster.
                          * can switch roles between **AT and artillery**
      Slot 3. **Luftlande Grenadiers** 
                *  6 man grenadier squad armed with 6 k98 rifles and can be **upgraded to 3 Mp4o and 3 k98**
                * fights same like panzerfusiliers and deployment cost is also the same. opens at 3 command points. 
                *  Can throw **grenades and panzerfaust**
                *    should be looking like

      Slot 4: **Fallschrimager**
                *  Same as OKW fallschrimjager
                *  Does not fire panzerfaust, rather can be **upgraded with panzerschrek**
     Slot 5: **Arado Ar 234 jet bomber with Fritz X radio guided bombing**
                *  Arado approaches to battlefield 50% faster than stuka
                *  any enemy target can be locked by any own forces who has sight on it in the same way locked down 
                   for panzerfaust attack. Call Arado Ar 234 and it drops Fritz X bomb which **will track the target 
                  within a fixed radius and destroy it completely** reagrdless of any kind of tank and infantry or 
               *  Takes 300 munitions to call and takes 240 seconds to recharge.
        Strategies and Rational:
           The goal is to raid and hold fast aslong as possible and secure key choke points with flak vierling and flak88. though 
           these are powerful weapons,their high resouce demand make them less in no in a battlefield and both of them 
          come mid or late game . where as luftlande grenadiers are handy in early game. When elite armor is sighted wiping 
          our forces fast in late game, Arado comes handy if target is wisely chosen. 
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    OKW: Assault Forces Doctrine (can change the doctrine if not suitable)

    Theme: Focus on OKW aggression early-mid gameplay with elite infantry and elite heavy tank to hold until favor axis late gameplay.

    Slot 1 Breakthrought tactics
    Same ability as Breakthrough tactitcs

    Slot 2 Knight Cross Holder
    Elite officer 4 man squad equip 4x STGs good for assaulting. Can use bundle grenade only. High manpower maybe 400 because elite unit same role like USF Ranger. (suggestion can use Strumofficer model to create the elite unit for assaulting).

    Slot 3 Valiant Assault
    same ability as Luftwaffe Ground Forces

    Slot 4 Elite Assault Brummbar
    Assault brummbar can call in better than normal wehrmacth brummbar have upgrade with armor skirts same as Panzer IV OKW already with armor skirts High prices than normal brummbar because elite unit only can call 1 unit.

    **Slot 5 Assault Artilerry **
    Same ability as breakthrough tactics.

    Stratgies and Rational

    We already know Allies was good in early-mid gameplay use high superior number to overwhelm OKW until lose. Totally at this point OKW hard to retain and low resources to comeback. Breakthrough tactics give OKW aggressive playstyle to denied cap point and hunker down support with elite Officer to harassing more to infantry engagement probably wiping potential or man power bleed until late gameplay favour on axis. If allies hunkering or defensive playstyle, OKW can use Assault artillery to smash enemy defensive target enemy sector with high explosive shells followed by a smokescreen to cover the advance. In the mean time active the valiant assault to fast flanking the enemy support with Elite Assault Brummbar to destroy remain fortification, infantry and do some decent enemy armor probably enemy catch off guard during assault by OKW.

    sorry english not good from korea

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    British: French Resistance Doctrine
    Theme: As our push against the Reich continues the people of the French Resistance have been of great service to use. With there keen knowledge and subterfuge abilities, we will have that much greater a chance to beat back the Huns and free Europe!

    Unit and Ability Roster
    Slot 1: French Resistance Fighters: a Partisan squad armed with Lee enfields. They will enable us to disrupt the enemy long enough in order for us to make a spear head!
    Similar price and performance as Russian Partisans 2CP spawns in buildings or call in.
    Has immediate access to Molotov cocktails and mines and are in essence glass cannons.

    Slot 2: Whats yours is mine!: French resistance efforts have enabled us to field captured German equipment. but becomes a game of chance of what they managed to acquire. Which can be a mortar squad, a MG squad, a Partisan squad with 1 Light MG, a Partisan squad with 1 panzershrek or a light 45mm AT gun.
    Call in units, available from 1 CP (up for debate but the stuff provided is not a make or break factor)
    Costs 300 MP (prob should be slightly more but due to uncertainty of what you get seems reasonable).

    Slot 3: Eyes and ears of the Resistance!: Thanks to French Intelligence networks we can get a rough estimation of troop movements and positions. But we must act quickly because the enemy may not be there for long!
    100 Munitions cost 2 CP
    Similar to the Russian Partisan doctrine ability. This will give you a snippet of what are the enemies current whereabouts are.

    Slot 4: Valentine tank: The resistance may be a hit and run group, but they need armor support if they hope to inflict more damage!
    same abilities but at 3-4cp
    replaces the armored car. Upgrade to field and call in the valentine should be adjusted to compensate.

    Slot 5: Vive la Europe!: a general buff that increases aim of all units. Lasts for a short time and is meant more for the pinnacle moment in game.
    200 Munitions 5 CP

    Strategies and Rational
    British Unit diversity and potential is pretty scant and limiting as it currently stands. Simply put there aren't numerically enough diversified doctrines or themes to put them a their best and capture them within the 2nd world war. This doctrine in essence is meant to give the British that early to mid game spice in a different light. Which involves several different concepts that are currently in different armies. At the same time I hope to see some underutilized units get some more universal use like the valentine.

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    OKW Elite Panzer Jaeger Doctrine

    Brings back the awesome Tank Destroyer Tactics
    **Theme: Decimate enemy armor with the might of JagPanther and firepower of Marder 3. Infantry and kubelwagen can detect enemy vehicle and prepare for ambush. Teller mine, Panzerwurfmine AT grenade, and additional Panzerschreck Ambush any unprepared armor. **
    Theme: Decimate enemy armor with the might of Jagdtiger and penetrate enemy heavy armor with HEAT shells. Infantry and kubelwagen can detect enemy vehicle and prepare for ambush. Teller mine, Panzerfaust, and additional Panzerschreck Ambush any unprepared armor.
    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Armoured Vehicle Detection

    Identical to Soviet's but different CP cost
    infantry and Kubelwagon Ability
    Cost 1 CP

    Slot 2: Tank Hunter Package

    Sturmpioneer now has access to 2nd Panzershreck, Panzerwurfmine AT Grenade, and teller mine

    Panzer Jaeger Upgrade Package gives additional Panzershreck, At grenade Panzerfaust, and AT mines ability
    Costs 60 Munitions 3 CP
    Teller mine identical to Pioneer's
    Cost 20 munitions
    can be thrown to any object like the panzerfaust

    Panzerfaust replace Stun Grenade, Teller Mines replace the default one

    Slot 3: Marder III Tank Hunter

    Buildable Marder III Tank Hunter, Available from Mechanize HQ
    Cost: 280 MP, 80 Fuel, 7 CP
    Basically Pak-40 on Tracks
    Siege Mode give Marder III narrower but farther sight, farther gun range, more accuracy, and more potency.
    Cant move while in siege mode
    10 seconds when switching the mode
    Warning: this tank is as squishy as Puma, (2 hit from AT gun and Tank Destroyer will decimate it)

    Slot 3: HEAT shells

    Identical to Elite Armor

    Slot 4: Anti Tank Overwatch

    Identical to the newest AT Overwatch

    Slot 5: Jagdpanther Jagdtiger

    Call in Jagdpanther SdKfz 173 combined the 8.8 cm Pak 43 cannon and the armor and suspension of the Panther chassis.
    Cost 640 MP, 200 Fuel 14 CP
    upgradeable with MG42
    Range is the same as Elefant (due to having the same gun)

    Identical to Breakthrough Doctrine

    Strategies and Rational

    This Command Tree starts by improving your Panzerschreck Squad (Currently Sturmpioneer, Previously Volksgrenadier) . It grants them the ability to plant powerful anti-tank Teller Mines that cannot be triggered by infantry but by tanks, and will most likely destroy or incapacitate any vehicle unlucky enough to trigger them. It also allows your AT Squad to detect enemy tanks well beyond their regular sight-range, there by enabling them to patrol in defense against enemy vehicles or prepare better for assaults on heavily-guarded enemy positions.

    Next up, the Panzer Jaeger Tactics tree focuses on increasing the overall anti-tank prowess of the OKW armored force. Fielding the Marder III tank Hunter gives the OKW a more Potent and efficient anti-tank component to add to their armored assaults. With the HEAT Rounds Command Upgrade, all tank in the OKW fleet receive a large bonus to their Penetration, making them much more capable at piercing the front armor of enemy vehicles.

    (Basically the description of Panzer Elite Tank Destroyer Tactics in the wiki)

    Additional Context

    only limited to 1 panzershreck and cheaper but weaker AT Rocket seriously limit AT capability of OKW before they manage to get their armor forces

    Too much out-resourcing

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    OKW Scorching Earth Doctrine

    Brings back the awesome Scorching Earth Tactics
    **Deny enemy movement with Roadblock that will lead them to ambush. Booby traps all possibly usable resource and buliding. Seeks to annoy enemy further by Schorching earth policy. **

    Slot 1: Early Warning System 1 CP


    Slot 2: Booby Trap 3 CP

    Occupied Building and Strategic point can be placed with booby trap by sturmpioneers
    Identical to Obersoldaten Booby Trap
    But, can also be placed on Building for 100 munitions

    does not trigger unit that deployed from ambient building
    trigger happen after 5 seconds enemy unit stay in the building
    Booby trapped building cant be occupied by any ally unit unless with minesweeper
    enemy minesweeper unit will disable the trap after 5 seconds in the building
    after deploying the trap, any unit inside will be force to get out

    Slot 3: Heavy Roadblock 3 CP

    Sturmpioneer gain access to Roadblock that hard to destroy and demolition charge to destroy bridges

    Slot 4 Scorch the earth 4 CP

    Infantry gain ability to Disable the Strategic point completely
    20 munitions
    does not apply to victory point

    Mobile HQ now can also be detonated to deny it from the enemy
    after 5 seconds player will be only refunded by half
    cant be stopped unless destroyed first

    Slot 5: Sector Overwatch 8 CP

    Identical to British Perimeter Overwatch, but because it is focused on 1 sector, it is far more intense

    enemy that enter the sector will be flared and smashed to bits by artillery
    can only be applied on own teritory

    Strategies and Rational

    This Doctrine is basically a meme and harrassment doctrine
    best used on map with tons of ambient building and limited movement

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    OKW Schutzstaffel Doctrine

    Theme: Heavily infantry focused doctrine.

    Slot 1: Assault Package - 1 CP

    Sturmpioneers can be upgraded to Flammenwerfer-35 Flamethrower while Volkgrenadiers can be can be equipped with MP-40s and a variety of grenades.

    Slot 2: Sturm Offizier - 1 CP

    Deploy a Sturm Offizier and his Obersoldater Bodyguard. The officer improves nearby infantry and has a number of abilities to weaken the enemy.

    Slot 3: Infrared STG44 Package - 3 CP

    Obersoldaten squads can be upgraded with STG44s that are equipped with infrared scopes. These weapons are powerful at long range.

    Slot 4: Valient Assault - 6 CP

    Inspire mobile infantry troops to move more quickly and attack more effectively.

    Slot 5: Airborne Assault - 12

    Two JU-87 Stukas will strafe and suppress infantry and then patrol the area while targeting enemy vehicles with heavy 37mm cannons. Fallshrimjager squads may be reinforced anywhere on the battlefield.

    Strategies and Rational:

    Infantry units can be upgraded and inserted for a better chance at infantry vs infantry dominance on the battlefield.

    Additional Context:

    Schutzstaffel is the actual name of the German SS.

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    4 days ago

    Panzer hunting doctrine

    Theme : The concept of this doctrine is "Anti-tank defense&Capture the enemy vehicle" and "ostheer units"

    0cp) Anti tank support

    SP can upgrade "panzer hunting training" - 60muni, equip 1 panzershrek(SP can equip 2 panzershrek max, 60+90) and can use "vehicle detection"

    Kubelwagen can build schu-mine and can use "vehicle detection"

    2cp) Pak 40

    3cp) shoot the weak point!

    volks and obersoldaten can use panzerfaust to vehicle's weak point(40 muni) - not replace panzerfaust, add 1 more skill("shoot the weak point!")

    dmg increase 100->140 and paralyze vehicle 1.5 second, cant make engine damage

    cooltime share panzerfaust

    If vehicle died from this skill, vehicle will abandon

    7cp) HEAT shell

    13cp) Tiger tank - okw tiger tank is unlike ostheer ones

    vet 1 : unlock Combat Blitz
    vet 2 : range +5, accuracy +20%, scatter -20%, sight +15
    vet 3 : reload time -30%, rotation speed +20%, max speed +20%, accel speed +20%
    vet 4 : command tank buff to aliies unit(decrease received damage -20%, except tiger tank)
    vet 5 : tiger tank can call artilery barrage(elite armor skill) and smoke

    Top mounted gunner model change to officer model in vet3

    Strategies and Rational

    Kubelwagen can build schu-mine everywhere easily and fast

    SP with 2 shrek and Pak 40 defense enemy vehicle and HEAT shell also good for panzer-hunting

    Enhanced Panzerfaust is for capturing enemy vehicle and additional snare support for infantry

    CP 13 Tiger tank have scarcity itself and okw can experience Tiger tank during OKW playing

    ~vet 3 is same as ostheer but vet 4 and vet 5 is adding new abillty for high value

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    4 days ago
    Wittmann39Wittmann39 Posts: 1
    edited January 14

    Panzer Assault Doctorine
    Theme: This doctorine is intended to support panzer assaults with fortified armor and supporting infantry

    Slot 1 - 2 CP: Panzer Tactician
    Same ability and cost as Wehrmacht variant. OKW tanks are costly compared to the other factions, so they need extra protection to save and fight anotherday. It will be good to see this ability for the same tanks in the other german faction too.

    Slot 2 - 3 CP: Tank Hunter Package
    Adds a Panzershreck and increses sight radius by 20% for Sturmpioneers and Volksgrenadiers (Not locking out current combat packgae of Sturms). Costs 70 mun. This will give OKW an squad with 2 tank hunting weapons, which was an option for all of the other factions. Furthermore, Volks will gain anti vehicle capabilities using 1 Panzershreck, obtaining the chance to engage light vehicle and tanks, while some players can prefer to use Sturmpioneers as assault or engineer units rather than tank hunters (To best of my knowledge, most players utilize Sturmpioneers solely as anti vehicle units, sacrificing their close range assault abilities as the only short range non-doctorinal combat troops of this faction. This option will grants the choice to get a better anti tank Sturmpioneer, or to leave fighting with early vehicles to Volks).

    Slot 3 - 4 CP: Emergency Repair
    Same as Elite Armored Doctorine

    Slot 4 - 9 CP: 105 mm Artillery Barrage
    Same as Scavenge Doctorine

    Slot 5 - 12 CP: Panther Command Tank
    Same as Special Operations Doctorine (I would like to see King Tiger in action alongside Command Panther, if possible)

    Strategies and Rational
    OKW is well known for its powerfull and expensive tanks. This doctorine allows OKW players to attack enemy using panzers much efficiently. Panzer Tactician helps to keep panzers alive against numerous allied tanks, while emergency repairs helps them to return to action much sooner than before. Sturm Pioneers given the chance to better engage enemy armor on the frontline, while Volks gain the ability to support the panzers. German tanks during the WW2 was equiped with radio networks and benefited from coordinating with each other. Panther command tank will grant the panzers extra speed and sight to engage enemy armor much more efficiently and breakthrough enemy lines in numbers. Meanwhile, 105 mm artiller barrage can help the advancing panzers to clear massed infantry resistances, as OKW lacks a decent anti-infantry tank.

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    3 days ago
    JoppyJoppy Posts: 6
    edited January 15

    Urban Defence (or Hold) Doctrine
    +Powerful squad wipes
    +Great ambushes and traps

    -No elit infantry or (affordable) vehicles

    Doctrinal Ability #1
    0CP – Assault Package

    Doctrinal Ability #2
    1CP – Early Warning System

    Doctrinal Ability #3
    2CP – Heavy Fortifications

    Doctrinal Ability #4
    Ambush Camo

    Doctrinal Ability #5
    12CP – Sector Clearance

    11CP – Sturmtiger

    For full commander discussion visit: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PcW1m4AxER6e8-NvSUXn-zmksPAdT8F5mTmuB0wd1tg

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    3 days ago
    LurKatWurKLurKatWurK Posts: 6
    edited January 15

    Hello, I would like to weigh in on this commander suggestions thread for the OKW.

    Infiltration and Subtrefuge Doctrine

    Mobilize the remaining airborne forces available for the OKW and utilize them to infiltrate enemy lines, disrupt communications, provide forward observation/recon support, and strike/sabotage critical infrastructure behind enemy lines. Turn the enemy's weapons against him by utilizing captured equipment. Confuse the enemy with captured armor.

    Doctrine Ability 1
    0CP - Fallschirmjager infiltration

    • Call-in unit, deployable from any ambient building or from off-map
    • Costs 380 mp, 30 mp reinforce cost
    • four-man squad equipped with FG42s and panzerfausts
    • can lay down barbed wire, tripwire flares, and mines, and booby-trap CPs after a doctrine upgrade
    • can camouflage when in cover; veterancy grants sight range and first shot bonuses when in cover

    Doctrine Ability 2
    0CP - Veteran NCOs

    • boost the capabilities of all infantry squads by adding an experienced NCO. Increases firepower and improves survivability for upgraded squads.

    Doctrine Ability 3
    3CP - Sabotage Operations

    • Allows Fallschirmjager and Volksgrenadiers to lay down barbed wire, tripwire flares, and mines; allows CPs to be sabotaged by Sturmpioniers, Volksgrenadiers and Fallschirmjager

    Doctrine Ability 4
    8CP - Einheit Stielau Infiltration

    • Call-in unit composed of volksgrenadiers armed with both OKW standard-issue and captured allied weapons (ie, M9 bazookas, M1918 BARs, and M2 flamethrowers; standard allied guns like M1 garands, M1 thompsons or M3 greaseguns if possible)
    • Costs 380 mp, 30 mp reinforce cost
    • veterancy grants camouflage ability when in cover

    Doctrine Ability 5
    12CP - Beutepanzer Support

    • Call-in unit, randomized as either M4A3, M4 76, or Easy Eight in OKW markings
    • 450 MP, plus 45 munitions for turret MG upgrade
    • Only one beutepanzer can be deployed at a time

    Strategies and Rationale

    This is based on both Operation Stosser (one of the last airborne operations of the war for the Fallschirmjager) and Operation Greif (Otto Skorzeny's false flag operation during Wacht am Rhein). The sabotage work however was condensed for gameplay purposes.

    Fallschirmjager emerging from ambient buildings/edge-of-map instead of dropping out of the sky makes for some tactical challenges, as well as increasing the chance of survival for the squad from a certain point of view, since there is no transport plane to shoot down.

    Veteran NCOs provide bonuses for the squad, at the cost of not having a weapons package upgrade (like with the Ostheer ability). Good for close support even in the late game if they are managed properly.

    Einheit Stielau units provide a decent alternative to fallschirmjager because of the wider variety of weapons. They can be useful as a force multiplier in mid and late games because of their weapons suite, but apart from the veterancy-based camo ability they still suffer the same penalties as regular volksgrenadiers.

    Beutepanzers add a varied dynamic to the late-game armor for the OKW. they are relatively lighter, but their special abilities can provide more tactical options.

    Additional Context

    Fallschirmjager infiltration was a great option in CoH1, and it remains a decent tactic in CoH2. The FJ don't drop from the sky because the context is that they are the few jumpers who survived the misdrops of Stosser and are scattered and hiding.

    Einheit Stielau units are limited to regular OKW units carrying captured guns because it might be difficult to add a 'disguise' option to allow them to masquerade as Allied troops.

    Veteran NCOs follows the same mechanic as the one for the Ostheer infantry doctrine.

    The Beutepanzer call-in is a closer alternative to getting the Panzer-Brigade 150 involved for this doctrine because the 'M10 Panther' is not in the game.

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    3 days ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 27

    You want FJs to cost 0 CP?
    This unit is completley broken and you want it easier to spam from the very start?

  • #24
    2 days ago

    OKW-intelligence doctrine
    Just some ideas. still needs one more ability
    Basic use field awarness to plan your attack
    Infrared tactics:
    Infrared half tracks include a larger search range with ability allowing the light to rotatable faster or slower and allowing the light to be locked in place. It can also fire a flare for 25muinitions

    enigma code:
    Radio silence but also hides unit tags (the icon above the units) for the time period

    Units can now see further

    A v2 can be launched for 300mun with a long recharge. It can be fired into the fog of war

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    2 days ago
    LurKatWurKLurKatWurK Posts: 6
    edited January 16

    @Yappir said:
    You want FJs to cost 0 CP?
    This unit is completley broken and you want it easier to spam from the very start?

    Sorry about that. I was basing it on a Stosser-esque scenario where the FJs are already in the area, just badly scattered and hiding out in ambient buildings. I guess the call-ins should have an increased cost, like probably 410 MP and 40 MP reinforcement cost?

    An alternative would probably be something akin to the airborne commander upgrades that they have in the CoH Blitzkrieg mod, where paras and FJs were limited to two or three squads on the map at any one time. That would probably fit the 'last remaining FJ units' situation that von der Haydte had to deal with.

    Also, since they're patterned after the CoH1 FJs, I suggest that they can't reinforce in the field unless they have a reinforcement point set up, and they can build only one reinforcement point at a time. I hope that clears things up for you. :)

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    2 days ago

    Here my OKW commander suggestion
    Terror Doctrine
    Mixed previous commander abilities. This commander useful for destroy enemy placements even entire defensive line if used properly :

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    2 days ago
    Texas_RedTexas_Red Posts: 1
    edited January 16

    OKW Defensive Ambush Doctrine

    Theme: Use advance ambush tactics, captured equipment, and light vehicles to hold out until an armor breakthrough.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    1 CP: Ambush Training

    • Identical to the Ostheer Version
    • Infantry are able to sprint for a short amount of time
    • Camoflauge upgrade available for Sturmpioneers, Volksgrenadiers, Obersoldaten, and HMGs

    4 CP: SdKfz 251 Resupply Halftrack

    • Call in unit, same as Ostheer Version
    • Cost could be the same of 200 manpower 30 fuel (or more expensive as they would be rarer?)
    • No Flamethrower upgrade
    • Can carry and reinforce nearby units and deploy captured allied weapons for munitions (similar to the British Resupply Halftrack)
    • 50 Munitions for either a Bren, BAR, or DP and 60 for Bazooka or PTRS rifle (50/50 chance)
    • Same 1-3 Veterancy as Ostheer
    • If Relic wants to add OKW Vet- Vet 4: Halftrack comes with medics that passively heal nearby units, Vet 5: Can Place Riegel 43 Mines for 50 muni
    • Optional Idea for Relic Command Upgrade for 120 Manpower and 10 Fuel: HT becomes a Command halftrack that can't carry units anymore but gives a passive accuracy buff to nearby infantry units and reload speed buff for support weapons (same as Sturm Officer buff)

    5 CP: Hull Down/Camouflage Netting

    • Identical to Ostheer
    • Sturmpioneers and Volksgrenadiers can Hull Down light/medium/heavy armor to be stationary for buffs
    • Hull Down is available for Luchs/Puma/FlakTrak/Resupply HT/PZ4/Jagpanzer 4/Panther/KingTiger (maybe Infared HT/Stuke HT/ and Kubelwagen just for fun)
    • Hull Down damage received buff for light vehicles should be just enough that they shouldn't be receiving much, if at all, damage from small arms
    • ALTERNATIVE Instead of a hull down, how about a Camouflage Netting upgrade/ability for vehicles that allows them go invisible when stationary (similar to Vet JagPanzer) until they fire a weapon or the enemy gets close enough

    6 CP: Valiant Assault/For the Fatherland

    • Either VA or FtF works as an infantry boost for this doctrine
    • OR if Relic wants to make this slot unique have a Valiant Assault style infantry boost as flares go up in frontline territories (similar to Brits Royal Arty "Early Warning") BUT honestly either VA/FtF would work just fine for this slot and there isn't much of a point to overcomplicate things

    8-10? CP: Beutepanzer Support

    • Call-in unit, random tank either being a M4A3, T34-76, or Cromwell with OKW markings
    • 1/3 Chance for either tank
    • Sherman can't decrew
    • Native upgrades and abilities are available (pin .50 for Sherman and Tank Commander for Cromwell)
    • Price should be around 320 Manpower 110 Fuel (Reason: this call in would be a gamble of either overpaying 20 manpower and 20 fuel for a T34, saving 20 manpower for a Sherman, or saving 20 manpower and 10 fuel for a Cromwell)
    • For balance reasons give it a penalty to repair speed (it takes longer to repair this unit countrary to its allied counterpart) and is deployed damaged with 75% of its health
    • CP cost is unclear because I want the Beutepanzer to be a stop gap call in and want it available around the time armor would be rolling out for either side in a contested game.
    • Vet 1-3: Same as Allied Counterpart
    • If Relic wants to add OKW Vet- Vet 4: Repair speed penalty removed. Vet 5: Passive Radio silence (unit is not detected on the mini map until it fires its weapons)

    Strategies and Rational
    This doctrine was fashioned to be somewhere between a comeback doctrine (like Mobile Defense, Reserve Army, Luftwaffe GF {to an extent}) and a doctrine that changes the playstyle of the faction and a thematic doctrine of "Captured Equipment" that many players want to see.
    -Ambush tactics would give OKW more say on when they want to engage. You could set ambushes with your infantry and mgs or have one of your camoflauge infantry as a foward scout/flanker.
    -The halftrak would server as a utility vehicle to keep an offensive infantry push or as an alternative to the battlegroup HQ if it gets destroyed/the player decides to go Mechanized HQ and if the player vets up the HT enough it would effectively be a replacement for the Battlegroup but that HQ still has its reason to be built (foward rally, more health, KT access) and if the player decides to get the command upgrade they would need to be careful of not letting it die for it would be an investment that pays out over time. The weapon supply would be an interesting decision for the OKW player because 1 allied weapon is cheaper than the Volks 2x Sturm upgrade but 2 allied weapons would be about 50% more expensive and you cant have both. This weapon supply would work as a fill in the gaps ability as well as a team support ability. If the player has 3 Volks and give all of them 1 captured weapon they would save 30 munitions enough for a mine, grenade, or another ability.
    -Hull Down is a good ability that is underused, and in the hands of the OKW it would allow light vehicles transition into late game and still have a use, Luchs could be used to hull down on flanks and act as a makeshift canon emplacement, Pumas would be able to hold out longer, medium and heavy armor would be harder to dislodge when set up in good positions which something that the OKW suffer from is that its great at taking positions but struggle at holding and thats where hull down would help. Note the hull down for light vehicles should be just enough that infantry weapons would do very little to at all damage to it and would require armor or dedicated AT to dislodge it
    -Both Valiant Assault/For the Fatherland functionally and thematically fit into this doctrine only difference is that VA is useful for attacking and defending while FtF only works in friendly territory. Either one works for this doc with VA having the edge for versitility but FtF fits the “desperate defense” theme
    -Beutepanzer Support: this is what people want, captured tanks for the germans. The CP cost should around time medium armor starts rolling out. The idea behind it is as a comeback if your fuel position isnt as good as your opponent who already has armor rolling out or in horrible situation that your Schwere Panzer HQ gets destroyed. Its more to cushion the blow than being a straight alternative. To counterbalance its cost and randomness in what tank you get there should be a repair nerf that makes it take it longer to get repaired (resonably german engineers wouldnt be familiar with Allied equipment) and when it deployed it wouldn’t be at full health to discourage people from spamming them and rushing into battle. The reason why I chose this tanks specifically because they are base units that the Allied factions use because I feel it would be unfair for them if the OKW can produce their special call in tanks.

    The utility that this doctrine provides would be useful as a comback from bad situations but you would be punished by the fact that taking this doctrine you are losing access to Call In Super Heavy tanks, off map arty/air support and coventional recon. This doctrine thematically would resemble late war German tactics of waiting in ambushes to surprise enemies as well as hunkering down armor and AT guns. I also wanted it to be Relic friendly because nothing in this doctrine “requires” new models. Everything is in the base game and shares the mechanics of other units.

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    2 days ago

    I would suggest that the Fau V1 or Fau V2 rocket be added to the OKW faction.

  • #29
    2 days ago
    Voice444Voice444 Posts: 2

    Gewitter doctrine.
    Your enemies will never see it coming when you strike like lightning with this new doctrine.

    CP 0: Assault package for Volksgrenadiers (Same upgrade as the feuersturm doctrine has)
    CP 2: Heavy fortifications (Allows Sturmpioneers to construct 2 cm flak emplacements and bunkers)
    CP 7: High explosive anti tank shells (HEAT shells)
    CP 8: Pak 43 (Allows sturmpioneers to construct the Pak 43 anti tank gun)
    CP 11: Sturmtiger

    This doctrine allows the OKW player to choose between taking the wanted territory and defending it very well or to go on the offense with Volksgrenadiers while using sturmpioneers to cover the flanks and already captured territory.

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    1 day ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 27
    edited January 17

    Why would I want to have BOTH FJs and panzerfusilers? This is a waste of slot for an ability. they are both additional infantry type. Point of new unit is to give you new strategical option to invest in. Here i have 2 options that give me some bonus infantry that are slighty difrent. However i still have limited resources to invest so i will just buy the better version that are FJs not mentioning that we already have pio and volks to choose. This is an oversaturation of choices.
    Lets say that you have only 3 types of units from OKW wich one gives you better strategical choices?

    You can see where the problem is.

    What is this doctrine supose to do? How does it merges with OKW unit palete? It is just mix of random abilities.
    It seems like fortification doctrine and elite armour doctrine were runing very fast and clashed into each other froming this thing.
    Am i supose to go infantry? or tanks? or defence? Well at least it provides options but it is not focused about anything. Each penny spend on tank is a penny NOT SPEND on fortifications, infantry or other of my chocies. I will note that all OKW doctrines focuses on one aspect of thier play and work around it making it strong enough to win the game.... If your call was good enough

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    1 day ago
    zn0207zn0207 Posts: 1
    edited January 17

    Armored Fortifications Doctrine

    Theme: Hold back the enemy at all cost with heavy defensive structures and Rocket Barrage. Infantry can construct advanced defensive buildings. Heavy weapons such as Tiger Tank with Panzer Commander can hold critical resources until the victory coming.

    0cp) Incendiary Munitions
    Le.IG 18s are given incendiary rounds to saturate target zones with fire.
    3cp) Field Defenses
    Volksgrenadiers can build minefields and bunkers.
    5cp) Panzer Commander
    The Panzer IV, Panther & Tiger Tank can be upgraded with a Panzer Commander that can survey the battlefield and call in coordinated artillery strikes.
    9cp) Rocket Barrage
    Call in an Off-map Barrage of devastating 280mm Rockets to target area.
    13cp) Tiger tank
    Allows the requisition of the Tiger Heavy tank to the battlefield.
    vet 1 : unlock Combat Blitz
    vet 2 : range +5, accuracy +10%, scatter -10%, sight +15
    vet 3 : reload time -10%, rotation speed +10%, max speed +10%, accel speed +10%
    vet 4 : command tank buff to allies unit(decrease received damage -10%, except Tiger Tank)
    vet 5 : command tank buff to allies unit(decrease received damage -10%, including TigerTank)

    Strategies and Rational
    Player can focus on Defense.
    Kubelwagen can build minefields and bunkers everywhere easily and fast. Incendiary Munitions can help the city battle. Rocket Barrage means the player can incore the Mechanized Regiment Headquarters and even Schwerer Panzer Headquarters. Player can use the resourse on Battlegroup Headquarters. In order to make the cp growthing fast to the 13cp, the battle will be fierce. Tiger Tank is the core in the final phase battle. Tiger Tank with Panzer Commander can hold critical resources until the victory coming. Tiger Tank ~ vet 4 and vet 5 is adding new abillty for high value.

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