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    i suggestion Pz IV Infantry support tank from Coh 1
    base on the Pz IV F1 in the ToW mission
    Rapid Fire
    The tank's cannon fires about 3 times faster than normal, but with slightly reduced accuracy.
    The tank is completely immobile while this ability is active.
    Costs nothing
    Permanent until deactivated.
    Cooldown: 10 seconds (activate/deactivate)

    can upgrade with turret MG42 (or 34) and Armor Skirts

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    Faction + Commander Name: Wehrmacht Panzer Assault Doctrine

    Theme: Utilizing strong armored forces, this commander uses devastating, mobile Panzer surges to destroy the enemy.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Panzer IV Ausf. F

    • Available at 0 CP
    • Can be built from the Support Armor Korps for 310 MP, 75 Fuel.
    • Identical in performance to the early TOW Panzer IV in singleplayer, or the Panzer IV Command tank, but without its aura and other bonuses. Same veterancy and abilities as the above mentioned vehicles.
    • This would give the Wehrmacht some more tactical flexibility and counters to Allied light vehicles, without making it too OP. By the time it hits the field, it has a brief window to make a difference, before it will be easily hardcountered by any Allied medium tank (as is obvious in single player when it’s forced to fight a T34 or similar). In some ways it would fill the same niche as the Panzer Elite Pz4 Infantry Support tank in Coh1, or the T34/76 in Coh2.

    Slot 2: Panzer Tactician

    • Available at 2 CP, same ability as all the other Wehrmacht Commanders.

    Slot 3: Opel Blitz Truck

    • Available at 3 CP, identical in performance and cost to the Feuersturm one.
    • Why, you might ask? Because a German Panzer Division in WW2 had most of its men assigned to motorized infantry. As this commander aims to basically be a Panzer Division Commander, it would allow the Wehrmacht player to support their tanks with some aggressive infantry play and also be distinctive enough from the 251 Halftrack. This is the one I had to think most about, so suggestions for something that is more fitting are welcome.

    Slot 4: Panzer Charge

    • Available at 7 CP, 100 munitions, lasts for 120 seconds.
    • Temporarily provides tanks with a movement and accuracy bonus.
    • As the name suggests, the ability acts as a tool to allow a Wehrmacht player to attempt an armored assault, intended to (potentially) land a knockout blow in the match. I am not entirely sure as to the exact stats of the ability, as too much could make the ability OP. However, seeing as how the Panzer Commander passive for Elite Armored gives 10 % accuracy, I believe between 15-20 % accuracy for the duration of the ability should be sufficient. The movement buff is more difficult, and any suggestions are more than welcome.

    Slot 5: King Tiger

    • Available at 13 CP.
    • Call in unit, identical to the OKW one in terms of performance cost, and veterancy (though obviously adjusted to only 3 levels of veterancy).
    • Since there are already plenty of Wehrmacht commanders who have a Tiger I, I figured this one could mix things up a little and use the Tiger II. Call in and unit voice lines can easily be recycled since they never specify which Tiger version is referred to. Furthermore, the addition of Panzer Tactician would make the KT more viable, as its present OKW state is mediocre at best. Besides, a Panzer Commander has to have a big tank as its final ability, doesn’t it?

    Additional Context

    If there is one thing the Wehrmacht was known for, it would be its Panzers. All the more surprising then, that there is not a single dedicated Wehrmacht commander that is dedicated to armor, akin to the Soviet, OKW and USF ones. This one aims to emulate the armored assaults of German Panzer Divisions, and in some way that of the Panzer Elite. Panzer Charge in particular would allow daring armored surges.

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    Doctrine Name: Beutepanzer Doctrine (Captured Tank)

    (0 CP) Beutepanzer T-34/85.
    Unlocks production of T-34/85 tanks at the Support Armored Korps (T3) at standard Soviet price. The Beutepanzer T-34/85 gains the Blitzkrieg ability of the Panzer IV in place of the standard ability of the T-34/85 to capture points, and loses the ability to ram enemy vehicles as well.
    (2 CP) Panzer Tactician.
    Identical to other Wehrmacht commanders. Emphasis is placed on preserving existing armored vehicles as they are in short supply, and allows for flexible tactical operations as well.
    (3 CP) Osttruppen Reserves.
    Identical to the ability of Mobile Defense Doctrine. Works thematically with the idea of a struggling Wehrmacht pulling Osttruppen reserves alongside captured tanks.
    (0) Pioneer Scavenging.
    Gives Pioneer Squads the ability to do advanced salvaging like the ability from Scavenge Doctrine for Oberkommando West. Like the Osttruppen Reserves, this fits thematically with the idea of desperate defensive tactics on the eastern front.
    (12 CP) Sector Artillery.
    Identical to the Wehrmacht Commander ability of the same name. This resembles the idea that support has finally arrived for the beleaguered defenders to finally break attacking forces.

    Flavor Text:
    The German Army relied on a number of captured vehicles to fuel their tank operations at all stages of the war. Captured T-34/85 tanks add extra firepower to the Wehrmacht's medium tank corps while the commander deploys emergency defensive tactics with captured equipment.

    Author's Reasoning:
    A number of heavy tank doctrines exist for Wehrmacht, but none exist that give them access to a medium tank available for production at a crucial stage in the game: the unlocking of the Support Armored Korps (T3). The T-34/85 would exist as a powerful, but a bit more expensive option compared to the Panzer IV. This would allow for the Wehrmacht to utilize the 34/85 at a point when normally they are the ones having to face powerful medium tanks such as the 34/85 itself, as well as the SU-85, M4 Sherman, M4C Sherman, and the Easy Eight. Pioneer Scavenging allows Wehrmacht tank production to match the Allies, allowing for a truly different Wehrmacht playstyle. Price of the T-34/85 might need to be adjusted for when it comes out--especially with the fuel cost given that Pioneers can scavenge fuel using this doctrine.

    Programming concerns:
    Reassigning the voice set to the T-34/85 might take some time as well as its abilities, and I am not sure how difficult it would be to give Pioneers the ability to scavenge like Sturmpioneers. Otherwise 3 of the abilities already exist and do not require modification whatsoever. If it would be too difficult to give the 34/85 the ability to Blitzkrieg like the Panzer IV at Vet 1, the Beutepanzer T-34/85 can remain unchanged from its Soviet counterpart except for its voice set.

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    Wehrmacht Urban Assault Doctrine

    In-game Description

    Turn enemy cities into a ghost town with specialised Urban Assault units capable of using close combat and infiltration tactics to rapidly clear out hostile positions. Call in mechanised support to safely deliver your troops to the front, while using smoke dischargers to appear where your enemy least expects it. Fear propaganda can be dropped to lower enemy morale in the face of your onslaught and a Tiger tank can be called to crush anything still standing.

    1. Urban Assault Package

    Grenadiers can be upgraded with MP40 submachine guns and exchange Rifle Grenades for close-range infiltration grenades. Panzergrenadiers can be upgraded with Flammenwerfer 35 flamethrowers and Model 24 smoke grenades

    • Passive ability available from 0 CP
    • Grenadiers can be upgraded with the Grenadier Urban Assault Package for 15 munitions.
    • Grenadier Assault Package gives access to MP40 submachine guns and replaces the Rifle Grenade with Infiltration Grenade Assault.
    • Grenadier Urban Assault Package locks out the LMG 42 upgrade
    • Panzergrenadiers can be upgraded with the Panzergrenadier Urban Assault Package for 100 munitions.
    • Panzergrenadier Assault Package gives access to 2x Flammenwerfer 35 and the Model 24 Smoke Grenade
    • The Urban Assault Package locks out the Panzerschreck upgrade

    2. Panzer Tactician

    All armoured vehicles use their equipped smoke discharges to prevent themselves from being seen.

    • Standard Wehrmacht Ability

    3. Mechanized Urban Assault Group:

    Deploys an urban assault Panzergrenadier squad in a 250 halftrack to the battlefield

    • Active ability available from 3 CP
    • Costs 550 Manpower and 30 Fuel
    • A Panzergrenadier upgraded with the Panzergrenadier Urban Assault Package in a 250 halftrack can be deployed to the Battlefield

    4. Fear Propaganda Artillery

    Luftwaffe pilots drop propaganda leaflets, showing the futility of resisting the Wehrmacht

    • Standard Soviet Ability

    5. Tiger Tank

    Allows the requisition of the Tiger Heavy Tank to the Battlefield.

    • Standard Wehrmacht Ability


    This doctrine would mainly be useful on certain maps that promote close quarter combat and places that use line of sight blockers for infiltration tactics, such as Poltawa, Lierneux or even maps with some city buildings in them, such as the eastern section of Alliance of Defiance.

    The aim is to create a bit of a blend between some already existing doctrines such as Feuersturm and Mechanised Assault while adding in some elements from doctrines like Spearhead and Blitzkrieg that promote vehicle play such as Panzer Tactician and the Tiger.

    The doctrine is meant to be relatively strong on some maps, but not fall of completely in late-game settings, where the Urban Assault Packages lose some strength and a lack of a more reliable artillery or air support, such as the Blitzkrieg’s Close Air Support can hamper effectiveness.

    Usage of this doctrine should be meant as a way to fight back against the various close-combat troops that Allied Commanders can field such as Shock Troops, Assault Engineers, Rangers, Paratroopers and (Infiltration) Commandos that will otherwise chew up Wehrmacht Infantry units in close quarters.

    The inclusion of smokes and flamethrowers will encourage the usage of infiltration tactics to get close and throw grenades, similar to how Shock Troops operate. Of course, one should be careful not to step on any enemy explosives hidden in the fog either! The usage of attack ground options, especially with flame weapons will also be helpful to the player, while any opponents will similarly need to use attack ground options to target the user’s units in the smoke.

    Technical and Balancing Concerns and final Notes

    The upgraded Grenadier unit can make use of the white MP40 indicator that the new Stormtroopers also make use of, to indicate the Urban Assault upgrade on the Grenadier. The idea is to make this unit function somewhat similarly to the OKW variant of the Assault Package, or the Assault Grenadier unit already in the game. If MP40 squads prove lacklustre in practice, a possibility to add in a STG44 upgrade at (say) Battle Phase 3 could be interesting as well.

    The idea behind the Panzergrenadier upgrade is to give them a meaningful option outside of the Panzerschreck upgrade and make them strong from positions where they can use their flame weapons effectively while they are in cover, as the flame upgrade will make them especially strong fighting against units in heavy cover, but provide only a small damage boost in open combat compared to the standard Sturmgewehr 44.

    The Mechanised Urban Assault Group should be considered as an alternative to the standard 251 Halftrack with Flame Projectors. The high Munitions cost of the 251 can be offset by employing a Mechanised Urban Assault Group, which is relatively expensive on Manpower and Fuel, requiring the Wehrmacht player to float resources before employing it.

    The Panzer Tactician and Tiger tanks are probably the more mundane elements of this doctrine. Panzer Tactician is an ability that is always useful to a Wehrmacht player, while the Tiger is a relatively safe addition to the doctrine, since it’s available in many different ones and not a particularly oppressive tank to play against.

    That being said, there are a few options to replace these abilities for balancing or to add to the theme if needed. Some options are:

    Stuka Bombing Strike, especially fitting due to its blaring siren
    Tactical Movement to improve infantry play,
    Booby Trap Territory to make the enemy’s life even more tricky
    IL-2 PTAB Anti-Tank Bombing Run (appropriately renamed to something like JU-87G Anti Tank Bombing Run)

    I hope that any balancing concerns should be relatively easy addressed by mildly changing numbers, mainly munitions costs, as the Wehrmacht generally needs munitions anyway to upgrade their Grenadiers, upgrade the medics on their bunker and upgrade the flamer 251 halftrack, aside from the usual munitions hogs such as grenades, vehicle snares and mines.

    The weapon upgrades themselves can also be changed to only apply to part of the squad, similar to how the Volksgrenadiers only (or ‘only’) get 2 STG’s for their 5 man squad and for grenades. Regarding grenades, there’s a few different balancing options to choose from such as the various OKW grenades as well as the Model 24 Bundle or even the infamous satchel charge...

    Thanks for reading!

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    Wehrmacht Motorized Infantry Doctrine

    This doctrine gives the Wehrmacht a new role in the fact that its goal is to stay defensive, true to the nature of the Germans in the mid-late war but also allow them to rapidly transition from defensive line to defensive line. I'm also in agreement that it would be great to see an anti-infantry PZIV such as the AUSF E seen in both the TOW and the campaign.

    Slot 1: (0 CP) Panzer IV Ausf E: Cost the same as the Panzer IV with a 20 fuel discount. It has the same armor and same movement speed with the exception of its main gun being the shortened to the KwK 37 75mm HE gun as seen in the Tides of War operations. It has a similar explosive round to the HE Sherman rounds but with a slower reload time. This would be available in the Support Armor Korps building.

    Slot 2: (2 CP) Defensive Fortifications

    Slot 3: (2 CP) Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade

    Slot 4: (3 CP) Motorized Operations: Makes the Opel Blitz Truck (As seen on the OKW) and the Cargo Truck available from the Leichte Mechanized Kompanie building. (Probably would have to fix this one on the Assault Support Commander too)

    Slot 5: (8 CP) Light Artillery Barrage

    Historical relevancy and importance. This biggest thing I had a problem with is making a German doctrine that can't roll over everyone and their mother with too many options. I feel this one fulfills that role. It fills the late war historical German ideology as they ran out of steel and personnel, they were forced to rely on motorized trucks and outdated tanks to fight off the closing Allies. The Opel Blitz trucks allow for mobile transportation en mass and additional supply income without the burden of a ridiculous amount of pop cap you would spend on a bunch of halftracks. The rest allows you to keep Infantry at bay and settle into an objective and defend it from the ever pressing Allies. The old Panzer IV helps with allied blobs tremendously once obtained, but we are still forced to rely on traditional non doctrinal abilities to effectively deal with Allied armor.

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    does the mod team can give sdkfz 250 a MG shield like coh1 ?

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    Wehrmacht Urban Assault Doctrine

    Lay waste to enemy strongholds and fortified urban positions with a variety of abilities and units.

    Slot 1 - Goliath:

    Unit, Goliaths can now be constructed from the HQ

    Slot 2 - Urban Assault Panzer Grenadiers:

    Ability, Calls in a Panzer Grenadier squad with one flame thrower. They can throw satchel charges, lay demo charges, and throw smoke grenades.

    Slot 3 - High Explosive Rounds & Incendiary Mortar Shells :

    Ability, Pak 40s and Stug G's can now use a HE barrage ability. Mortars can now use an incendiary barrage.

    Slot 4 - Howitzer (or Stug E):

    Unit, standard German howitzer from other doctrines.

    Slot 5 - Incendiary Bombing Run (or railway artillery):

    Ability, same ability from other doctrines.

    Strategies and Rational:

    This doctrine will focus on destroying enemies who are heavily dug in (will help especially with Wher vs British). Munitions heavy, and anti infantry and emplacement focused. It does not provide much in the way of anti tank.

    Additional Context

    Highlights the various ways Germans dealt with dug in allied positions.

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    Wehrmacht - Italian Expeditionary Company

    Theme: It combines the ability of the Italian infantry using their fast movement to break trought the enemy line. It also use the Arditi Shock troops to operate behind the enemy lines, supported by the friendly artillery and tanks.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Italian Riflemen

    • Call in unit, available from 0CP.
    • Costs 250MP, 30 Mp reinforce cost
    • 5 rifleman squad
    • Move faster then usual infantry but it’s also weaker
    • Can be upgraded with sticky granades for 50 munitions
    • 1 healing pack 10% speed 5% fire rate
    • Vet 2 20% survivability 5% speed
    • Vet 3 5%damage and 5% fire rete

    Slot 2: Arditi Shock Troops

    • Call in unit, available from 2CP
    • Costs 350 MP
    • Can be upgraded with Beretta MAB 38 submachinegun..
    • Vetrancy 3 unlock “O la vittoria o tutti accoppati” so the unit don’t retreat and fight till the end.
    • Can camoflauge when it reach Veterancy 2.

    Slot 3: CV33 Flametrowher Tank

    • Buildable, unlockable in phase 2/3 building
    • Very fast tank
    • Light tank very weak (armor)
    • Anti – Infantry

    Slot 4: Combined arms

    • Identical to the German ability.

    Slot 5: Off-Map 105 mm artillery

    • Available at 8 CP
    • After the barrage it drops smokes in the area.

    Strategies and Rational

    It’s a very hearly game doctrine that able the axis player to play aggressive in the first fase of the game. The Italians Rifleman will provide a good counter to the Brits counter-part using their fast movement. It provides a very aggressive play putting a lot of pressure on the frontline, making difficult to dig in and defense.

    The Arditi will operate behind the enemy lines, working similar to the commandos. They will be used mostly as sabotage or assault infantry.
    The artillery and the combined arms will help them on their frontal assault.

    The CV33 will used as an anti-infantry to counter the soviet player or the USF.

    Additional Context

    I’m an hearly player and I tried to make my best, this doctrine might not be very efficient.
    I hope you can fix properly for the game.

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    Wehrmacht Terror Doctrine

    Combining aggresive and shocking units and strategies in order to break enemy lines and their will to fight

    Unit and Ability Roster:
    Slot 1: Assault Grenadiers

    • Same as Mechanized Assault Doctrine unit

    Slot 2: Stun Grenades

    • Same as Elite Troops Doctrine ability

    Slot 3: Terror Officer

    • Similar to other officers
    • Escorted by 4 Stormtroopers with STG44s (so a strong unit in alone)
    • Abilities:
      • Focus fire: Similar to OKW Sturm Officer's ability
      • Fear propaganda: Similar to the new NKVD Commissar ability
      • Incendiary barrage: Light 75mm incendiary artillery barrage is called to the target location. Shells are similar to OKW Feuersturm Doctrine's le.IG 18 incendiary shells. Requires wet1.
      • (Optional) Inspired assault: nearby friendly infantry gain accuracy and damage bonus, but also increased received accuracy.

    Slot 4: Rocket Barrage

    • Similar to OKW Feuersturm Doctrine Rocket Barrage ability

    Slot 5: King Tiger

    • Same as OKW King Tinger


    • Stormtroopers instead of Assault Grenadiers
    • Incendiary Rocket Barrage instead of Rocket Barrage. It would be similar to OKW Walking Stuka's wet4 incendiary barrage. In that case, Terror Officer would have 120mm mortar barrage instead of Light 75mm incendiary artillery barrage.

    Strategies and Rational
    Wehrmacht faction is currently lacking of aggresive and shocking doctrine. Most of its doctrines have mainly defensive and/or support role. The Terror Doctrine would bring new aggressive strategies to the faction. Assault Grenadiers with stun grenades provide early game aggression, Terror Officer and King Tiger provide a shocking force and the rocket barrage provides firepower to break throught enemy defenses. Also, the most popular Wehrmarcht doctrine would be brought back from COH1.

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    Counter-Defense Doctrine
    Theme Adds the use of defensive capability against strong foes or counter offensives

    Slot 1 Radio Intercept
    * Intercepts enemy radio transmissions providing valuable intel on enemy actions.

    Slot 2 Defensive Foritifications
    * Infantry squads can now build sandbag for cover, lay barbed wire, and dig trenches while pioneers can now also construct tank traps or concrete bunkers

    Slot 3 Ambush Training
    * Infantry are now capable of sprinting for a short time. Grenadiers, PanzerGrenadiers, or HMG's can now be upgraded with better camouflage, conceling them in cover and deep snow.

    Slot 4 Anti-Tank Gun Ambush Tactics
    * All mobile anti-tank crews can hide their weapon and camouflage themselves

    Slot 5 Fragmentation Bomb
    * High-Explosive fragmentation bombs are dropped on the target location

    Note This is what i think Wehrmact commander would do/be like after the 1942 counter-offensive happened in Stalingrad where the Russian General Vasily Zhukov used his battered army to fight General Friedrich von Paulus of 6th army for control and employed ambush tactics and defensive tactics delaying 6th Army advance to take the city and allowed Joseph Stalin to mass reinforcements.

    A General would possibly use this same tactic, Whether or not they did i do not know but i would think this doctrine would be employed, as in the Art of Warfare a General would look for guidance in past history.

    EX: Germany knew they couldn't capiulate USSR by taking their capital of Moscow, and certainly not win WW2 without the Caucaus fields

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    **Wehrmacht Commander

    Name: Volkssturm Doctrin or Desperate Resistance Doctrin

    Theme: This Commander Focuses on the late war military tactics deployed by the German Wehrmacht, especially in city siege combat during battles like Berlin, Budapest, Königsberg. It lays heavy focus on infantry combat and Infantry anti-tank capability. Tanks play a lesser role in this doctrine because of it's late war theme. The biggest focus would lay on a new unit: The Volkssturm Squad. The Volkssturm was a paramilitary militia defending German cities with fanatical resistence often until the last man. This fanatism is aimed to be displayed by unique abilities.

    **Unit and Ability Roster
    Slot 1: Panzerfaust Training
    Ability from 0 CP
    Unlocks with Tech 1
    Pioneers and Heavy MG42 Squads have undergone intensive training and are now able to use the Panzerfaust Snare.
    Cost Same as for Grenadiers.

    Slot 2: 5-cm-PaK 38
    Call in unit, available from 2CP
    Costs 230 MP
    The Pak38 was the German PaK that filled the gap between the 3,7 cm and the 7,5 cm PaK 40. This Unit could be compared with the Russian 45mm AT Gun already in the game. Unit should have higher damage but slower firing rate than the 45mm. Ability Camouflage.

    Slot 3: Volkssturm Volunteers
    Ability from 5 CP
    Volkssturm militiamen have been brought to the battlefield as voluntary reinforcements for battlefield losses. Adds a new reinforcement button in the HQ building making it able to reinforce squads with Volkssturm-Men. These are Civilians with a bracelet displaying the iron cross. They only cost 15 MP to reinforce squads with. They have less health than other infantry due to bad training. They have a 40% chance to spawn with a K98k Rifle, a 40% chance to spawn with a captured PPsh sub-machinegun and a 20% chance to spawn with a Volkssturmgewehr 45. This rifle is almost identical to the STG44 but with less accuracy (if to much effort just give STG44) due to low production quality. Because these men are forced to fight their morale is very low. If a squad loses every member except their Volkssturm member the squad has a 65% chance of going into retreat to base as soon as fired upon.

    Slot 4: Volkssturm Squad
    Call in Unit, available from 6 CP
    Volkssturm Militia Unit, 5 man squad equipped with STG44 or Volkssturmgewehr 45. Can Upgrade a single Panzerschreck for 75 ammo. Unit ability: 1. Fanatical charge. Unit can not be suppressed and sprints but receives 20% more damage - cost 20 ammo. 2. To the last man. Unit can't move or retreat for the duration of 20 seconds. Unit receives 30% less damage but has -20% accuracy. Cost 35 Munition. Can throw Molotov cocktails like Russian conscripts. Unit models mixed civilians and panzergrenadier or jaeger models. (3 civilians, one jaeger and one panzergren model in one squad for example). When Panzerschreck is upgraded new ability Tank Hunting mission. Cost 40 ammo. Unit is camouflaged in position and can't move and only engages vehicles. Ability ends with the first shot. First shot stuns the enemy vehicle upon impact.

    Slot 5: ME262 a1/u4 Mission
    An ME262 Swallow, the first military jet aircraft patrols the sky (like for example Stuka or IL2 mission) and engages enemy Amor or Infantry (if visible). The a1/u4 version is fitted with a fully automatic 50mm Canon. The ME262 makes 3 overflights and shoots at spotted targets. What makes this special is the speed of the ME262. The whole airstrike lasts only about 15 seconds as the ME262 zooms overhead three times. Damage should be about the same as the other air runs because the ME262 will shoot and hit fewer rounds than them. What makes it special is the speed over which the damage is dealt and the fact that anti-air units can't engage it effectively due to its speed. Cost 200 ammo.

    Additional Context

    This commander would focus on an aspect that has not been attended in coh2 to this point. The late war of 1945 and the nature of the fighting during this period of the war. Tell me what you think about ;)

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    Schützen-Infanterie Doctrine

    Summary: Mechanized Infantry and Armour played a critical role on all German campaigns and became the quintessential role model for mobile warfare and encirclement maneuvers. Schützen Combat Training allow for rapid movement of armour supported by Schützen-Infanterie to circumvent enemy strongpoints and target poorly defended locations before the enemy could react. When a breakthrough has been established, the Panther Command Tank can be deployed to supervise and coordinate infantry and armoured cohesion.

    Counterattack Tactics
    Infantry can recapture neutral territory at increased speed.

    • No change

    Schützen Combat Training
    Infantry Squads and Armour can now be equipped with additional equipment and motorized tactics.

    • Pioneer squads can now be upgraded with 2x PzB-39 Anti-Tank Rifles and build tank traps. [60 munitions] [Carbon Copy of PTRS with PzB-39 models]
    • Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers can perform rudimentary repairs. [-33% repair rate compared to Pioneers], Non-exclusive upgrade for Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers. [20 munitions]
    • Infantry squads can move 30% faster within close proximity to your own Axis Vehicles. [Passive]
    • Infantry squads can move 15% faster within close proximity to your own Axis Vehicles when under fire. [Passive]
    • Turreted vehicles have 5% increased Turret Rotation and 5% increased vehicle rotation within 20m of Infantry.
    • Non-Turreted vehicles have 10% increased vehicle rotation within 20m of Infantry.

    Smoke Bombs
    Large smoke pots are dropped on the battlefield, blocking line of sight.

    • No change

    Vehicles have increased movement speed and can rapidly capture and decapture territory.

    • No change

    Panther Command Tank
    Panther Command Tanks can now be deployed.

    • Carbon copy of OKW Command Panther with respective veterancy bonuses being meshed into 3 levels instead of 5.
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    I just read that there is a limit of one sugestion per faction.
    While unaware i made another sugestion.
    I would like to withdraw this sugestion.
    I am keeping it for the track record.

    German Impact Doctrine:

    Doctrine that focuses on early on - all in attack and then artylery support. It is designed to give Wer a claw to fight off factions like british who mostly excells in early game infantry combat and later can bite in with heavy fortifications and not let go. Units do not require buildings and can be quickly deployed in early on attack. Doctrine loses it steam in late game where all it has to offer is artylery support. POWERFULL all in early game that Wer could use so much.

    0 CP - Ostttruppen
    Cheap and numebrous, here to overwhelm with mass and push enemy off the map.
    0 CP - sdkfz 250
    Vehicle deployed from building, good in early game support works well with flamer team or AT team.
    2 CP - Stromtruppers
    Here to flank mgs, trow smoke and buy panic rocket luncher. Works well in half truck
    2 CP - Artylery Officer
    here to havee artylery support. this unit is jut not used enough and it is just too good not to be added to new doctrine.
    8 CP - Lefh 105mm hotwizer
    here to bomb the enemy defences. We need more docs where 105s can work together with an officer.

    How do i imagine use of this commander?

    The commitment starts like in ost doc, in first 20 seconds. You lock in from the start and start deploying osttrtuppen. Optimal number is 3.
    Then your goal is to get sdkfz 250 as a next power spike. Becouse you took ost you may skip the first building. This will keep panzerfuast locked so beware.
    Once you get 250 you can put inside a pio team with a flamer.
    Next goal is to survive until 2 CP so we can use stormtruppers as AT and officer. It is advised to make some kind of building at one point.
    However we can keep ignoring building and rush pz4.
    From then on this should finish off our oponent, if not, we have still a rich palette to transition into.

    no buildings requierd
    brutal rush
    plenty of early games powerspikes

    no off maps
    no late game heavy stuff
    vulnerable to mines and vehicles if player get careless

    Posible changes?
    Officer and 105 can be repalced with anything else. Like pz comand tank if we would want this doctrine to have betetr transtion to late game tank combat. Some posible off map maybe, if doctrine turns out to be lacking in thouse aspects.

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    Reconnaissance and Infiltration doctrine

    • 1 CP: Ambush camouflage.

    • 2 CP: Panzer tactician.

    • 3 CP: Recon package.
      New ability. Grenadiers and panzer grenadiers can be upgraded with a recon package for 30 ammo, increasing sight range to path finder (or jaeger command squad) sight range and giving access to storm trooper type smoke grenades.

    • 3 CP: Fall shirm jaeger.
      Meant to emphasize the infiltration aspect of this doctrine. I choose fall shirm jaegers over storm troopers here as panzer grenadiers with smoke grenades would be too similar to storm troopers.

    • 5 CP: Spotting scopes.

    Strategies and Rational
    This doctrine focuses on constantly scouting out your opponent and operating behind enemy lines. I think it would be useful in both 1v1 and team games, yet there are no hard hitting artillery strikes that sometimes make team games a bit too chaotic. Also, it does not rely on heavy call in vehicles, which are currently quite dominant in the meta game. I think it would be a fun and useful doctrine for the more tactical/recon oriented player.

    Another upside is that it uses spotting scopes. An amazing ability that unfortunately only features in 2 doctrines so far.

    An additional nice property is that it has something for infantry (ambush camouflage, recon package, fall shirm jaegers) and for amor (panzer tactician and spotting scopes). In team games I see this commander as an excellent support commander that doesn't constantly pepper the battlefield with heavy artillery. In 1v1 the capping power of fall shirm jaegers combined with the increased survivability of vehicles and many recon abilities should also be powerful enough.

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    2 years ago

    Romanian 5th Army
    we all know that at the siege of Stalingrad not only the germans faught the hungarians and romanians were there too the romanian army lost 150 000 man in that battle but here they are fighting for your own comand.
    Doctrinal Ability #1
    Romanian 6 men squad can be called in the battlefield from 1CP, cost 200 MP and they can be qeuiped with MP44 or mg34 light mg that will cost betwen 60 to 90 munition.
    Doctrinal Ability #2
    2CP Defensive fortifications
    Doctrinal Ability #3
    4CP 3CP – Urban Tactics
    Doctrinal Ability #4
    5CP – Infiltration Tactics
    Doctrinal Ability #5
    7CP – Pak 43 88mm Anti-tank gun

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    HarpoonHarpoon Posts: 7
    edited January 2019


    Theme: Bringing the best force of the German Heavy Machinery, sending Vehicle crew's potential to the new high. equipped with the best equipment such as smoke charger and Scope Lens. and Lead them all with the majestic Command Panther

    Unit and Ability Roster


    All Vehicle now have 2 more maximum Veterancy rank
    it is up to developer how to balance it out

    Slot 2: Panzer Tactician


    Slot 3: Scope for vehicle (i forgot the name)


    Slot 4: Blitzkrieg

    Identical to Encriclement doctrine's breakthrough
    All Vehicle moves at increased speed and able to neutralize enemy territory at rapid speed

    Slot 5: Command Panther

    Identical to OKW's

    Bringing the best of German Blitzkrieg. This Doctrine seeks to overhelm enemy troops with elite Heavy Mechanized force.
    very focused on Mechanized and panzers, this doctrines rely heavily of of the existance of vehicle and fuel resource. It is very ideal as mid-game and late-game doctrine

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    HyperBlancatHyperBlan… Posts: 29
    edited January 2019

    Mechanized counter attack doctrine

    Theme : Solid structures and fortified armor defend the enemy's attack and mechanized combat groups immediately begin counterattack

    0cp) SdKfz 250 Half-track

    2cp) Defensive fortification

    5cp) Hull down

    6cp) Assault and hold

    13cp) King tiger

    vet 1 : scatter -20%, cannon rotation +40%, can access "combat blitz"

    vet 2 : can access "spear head" , accel speed +30%

    vet 3 : reload -20%, accuracy +20%

    Strategies and Rational

    Defensive fortification defend enemy's attack and Mechanized battle group with 250 half-track begin counterattack

    Assault and hold buff will help your counter attack

    250 half-track is the key of this doctrine

    The 250 half-track is the fastest fortification and the fastest counter-attack unit

    While 250 half-track defend enemy attack, you need to rebuild the fortified structure on new captured territory

    The enemy will be embarrassed by your quick counterattack and re-fortified

    Hulled-down King Tiger provides powerful defense through spearhead mode and go to enemy territory for break enemy's breath.

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    Dangminh25Dangminh25 Posts: 66
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    Upgrade for Sdfkz 250 half track
    remove the floating MG on it
    give it ability to reinforcement without need vet 1 (also inscrease mp and fuel to call it)
    80 muniton upgrade 20mm autocannon & MG34 turret (put sdfkz 222 turret on it and a steel plate with same color to cover the space)
    the vehicle can't reinforcement infantry after upgrade

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    2 years ago

    Last Stand Doctrine

    Theme: It is 1945. The Red Army and the Western Allies are closing in on Berlin. The Germans mass their last remaining fighting capable men and women to try and push their enemies out of the Reich.

    Units and Ability Roster:

    Slot 1: Volkssturm Squad

    A 5 man squad (Partisan models) equipped with K98k's. This unit can fire a Panzerfaust and can be upgraded with a Panzerschreck. They gain a "To the last man" ability with Vet1 similar to the Penal Squad ability. The squad can be produced at the Kampfgruppe Headquarters.

    Slot 2: Advanced Ambush Tactis

    Similar to the already existing Ambush Tacitcs but now also affects the PAK 40 and GrW 34.

    Slot 3: Minefield Instructions

    Grenadiers can now build Teller mines and S-Mine fields.

    Slot 4: Beutepanzer

    A KV-1 can be produced at the Heavy Panzer Korps. It will be redesignated PzKpfw 756 (r) due to Wehrmacht use.
    Could also work with a T34/76 as the PzKpfw 747 (r).

    Slot 5: PzKpfw VI Tiger

    No changes.

    Strategies and Reasoning:

    The Volkssturm squad, ambush tactics and minefield instructions offer more options in the early game while the Beutepanzer and Tiger offer more variety later in the game.

    Additional context:

    In the last months of the war civilians were given basic training on the K98k, Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck. The Volkssturm members were usually not very effective and died quickly. They were nevertheless fierce fighters due to their fear of the Soviets/Allies caused by propaganda.

    Beutepanzer were captured enemy tanks repurposed for the Wehrmacht. They were given armaments similar to those of german tanks to make supplying the easier. The first Beutepanzer of WW2 were chzechoslovakian tanks but in 1941 when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union they could caputre T34s and KV-1s

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    Faction + Commander Name: Alpenjaeger

    Theme: These specially trained mountain forces of the Wehrmacht specialize in light-infantry tactics to ambush and quickly overwhelm the enemy by relying on specially trained infantry.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Ambush Training

    Cost 1 CP.

    Slot 2: Gebirgsjager Squad

    Call in unit, available from 2CP.
    Costs 250MP, 25 Mp reinforce cost
    6 man Jaeger Suqad Squad
    Comes equipped with Jaeger L1 Upgrade
    Can be upgraded panzerfaust

    Slot 3: Tactical Advance

    Available at 4 CP

    Slot 4: Strafing Run

    Available at 6 CP

    Slot 5: leFH 18 Artillery

    Available at 8 CP

    Strategies and Rational

    The Gerbirgstruppen were were Alpine troops who participated in various campaigns, notably for Weserubung (Norway). These mountain troops mostly relied upon mules and horse to transport their equipment and deploy on the front. Thus, the outfit described above lacks much armor/motorized support, but due to their expert training, are able to quickly work through tough terrain to overcome the enemy.

    While there's no blockbuster heavy panzer waiting at the end of the CP, the low CP to get to level 5 should allow a dynamic game where the player seeks to get "the high ground" quickly with these elite mountain troops before the enemy can muster a sufficiently larger armored force to overcome them. In Alpenjaeger games, the commander uses and reuses the bonuses to outmaneuver the enemy.

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    Wehrmacht Expansion Doctrine

    Theme: This Doctrine is for quickly capturing and holding territories.

    Slot 1: Counterattack Tactics - 0 CP

    Infantry units are trained to retake territory quickly. Neutral territory is captured more rapidly while active.

    Slot 2: Half-track Riegel-43 Anti-tank Mines - 2 CP

    Allows the SdKfz 251 to lay Riegel-43 heavy anti-tank mine.

    Slot 3: Defensive Fortifications - 3 CP

    Allows infantry to construct sandbags, barbed wire, and trenches while Pioneers can now build tank traps and concrete bunkers.

    Slot 4: Hull Down - 5 CP

    Pioneers, Grenadiers, and Panzer Grenadiers are able to set German armor in an immobile Hull Down position, increasing defense and damage.

    Slot 5: Stuka Bombing Strike - 12 CP

    A JU-87D Stuka will dive in and drop a 50kg bomb on the target location. Capture points are neutralized if hit.

    Strategies and Rational:

    This doctrine is for quickly capturing territories and defending them. This is based off of the Lebensraum doctrine of WW1 and WW2 Germany that wanted to unite all German speaking people under one nation and having more than enough land to comfortably house and feed these people. The reason why I went with the Stuka Bombing Strike instead of the Break The Line is that the Stuka Bombing Strike can target anywhere and neutralize capture points while Break The Line only seems to neutralize capture points.

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    Faction + Commander Name: Werhmacht Armor Support Doctrine
    Theme: Using armor to support your infantry in attack. Giving you a pottent combine forces.

    Unit and abillity roster

    Slot 1 Slot 2 Puma armored car 0 CP
    Same as puma in mobile defence doctrine.

    Slot 2 Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade 1 CP

    Slot 3 Panzer tactitian 3 CP
    Identical to other Wehrmacht commanders.

    Slot 4 Stuka Bombing strike 9 CP
    A JU-87D Stuka will dive in and drop a 50kg bomb on the target location.

    Slot 5 Tiger tank
    Allows the requisition of the Tiger Heavy Tank to the Battlefield.

    Strategies and rational
    In my opinion Wehrmacht is mising some kind of light vehicel which can deal with with alied light tanks in early game. They need something light but still cheap enough like Pz3 but this tank isnt in the game so puma is quite good choice. Panzer tactitian is good and germans were great for using tank.

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    2 years ago

    Faction and Commander Name: Wehrmacht Beutewaffen Doctrine

    Theme: Use captured Soviet equipment to dominate the early game and beat them with their own weapons.

    Strategie: Pioneers can salvage wrecks to collect munitions for weapon upgrades and the 8cm Raketen Barrage. Equipping them with the PTRS-41 allows them to counter the T-70 and the M3 Scout Car.
    The extra man and the PPSh allow Grenadier Squads to stand their ground against Soviet Shock Troops.
    The Illumination Flare ability of the 120mm Mortar works great in combination with the Off-map Rocket Barrage
    The T-34 call in provides an opportunity to skip Wehrmacht T3 and T4

    Unit and Ability Roster:
    Slot 1: Thorough Salvage 0 CP

    • Gives Pioneers the ability to salvage wrecks for fuel and munitions
    • Same ability as OKW Salvage Doctrine

    Slot 2: PPSH and PTRS Upgrades 1/2 CP

    • Pioneers can be equipped with the PTRS-41 AT Rifle
    • Grenadier Squad upgrade gives them an extra man and 2 PPSH Rifles making them similar to the OKW Volks with the Sturmgewehr

    Slot 3: HM-38 120 mm Mortar 2 CP

    • can fire illumination flares
    • Precision shot ability: fires a single, more accurate shell at the target destination

    Slot 4: 8 cm Raketen-Vielfachwerfer Off-Map Barrage 9 CP

    • Its a modified Panzerwerfer to carry Katyusha Rockets
    • Basically a more accurate Off-Map Katyusha Barrage

    Slot 5: T-34/76 Call in 9 CP

    • Calls in a damaged T-34 with half health/Motor Damage

    Possible alternatives to the T-34 call in:

    • Passive ability to build the T-70 in the T2 Leichte Mechanized Kompanie to strengthen the early game presence of this doctrine even further
    • Tiger I Tank/Elefant or maybe even Tiger II Call in, To skip T3 and T4 Tech
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    2 years ago

    @Flexalex said:
    Faction and Commander Name: Wehrmacht Beutewaffen Doctrine

    Theme: Use captured Soviet equipment to dominate the early game and beat them with their own weapons.

    Strategie: Pioneers can salvage wrecks to collect munitions for weapon upgrades and the 8cm Raketen Barrage. Equipping them with the PTRS-41 allows them to counter the T-70 and the M3 Scout Car.
    The extra man and the PPSh allow Grenadier Squads to stand their ground against Soviet Shock Troops.
    The Illumination Flare ability of the 120mm Mortar works great in combination with the Off-map Rocket Barrage
    The T-34 call in provides an opportunity to skip Wehrmacht T3 and T4

    Unit and Ability Roster:
    Slot 1: Thorough Salvage 0 CP

    • Gives Pioneers the ability to salvage wrecks for fuel and munitions
    • Same ability as OKW Salvage Doctrine

    Slot 2: PPSH and PTRS Upgrades 1/2 CP

    • Pioneers can be equipped with the PTRS-41 AT Rifle
    • Grenadier Squad upgrade gives them an extra man and 2 PPSH Rifles making them similar to the OKW Volks with the Sturmgewehr

    Slot 3: HM-38 120 mm Mortar 2 CP

    • can fire illumination flares
    • Precision shot ability: fires a single, more accurate shell at the target destination

    Slot 4: 8 cm Raketen-Vielfachwerfer Off-Map Barrage 9 CP

    • Its a modified Panzerwerfer to carry Katyusha Rockets
    • Basically a more accurate Off-Map Katyusha Barrage

    Slot 5: T-34/76 Call in 9 CP

    • Calls in a damaged T-34 with half health/Motor Damage

    Possible alternatives to the T-34 call in:

    • Passive ability to build the T-70 in the T2 Leichte Mechanized Kompanie to strengthen the early game presence of this doctrine even further
    • Tiger I Tank/Elefant or maybe even Tiger II Call in, To skip T3 and T4 Tech

    skip bult T3 and T4 is the reason they remove call in medium tank

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    2 years ago
    popepope Posts: 1

    Faction + Commander Name: Wehrmacht Heavy Assault Infantry Doctrine

    Theme: Various breakthrough and infiltration assets utilized by Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front are combined in this doctrine, allowing the German commander to deliver a crushing blow and achieve a decisive breakthrough, using heavily armed elite infantry supported by light artillery and tactical aircraft.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Stormtroopers
    Available from 2CP
    Standard Wehrmacht Stormtrooper call in ability, used by other Wehrmacht commanders.

    Slot 2: GrW 34 Incendiary Rounds
    Passive ability, available from 3CP
    "Granatwerfer 34 crews now have access to incendiary ammunition, capable of setting flames to large portions of ground around the point of impact."
    Standard German mortars can now use incendiary barrage skill, working identically to the incendiary barrage of German mortar halftrack (and also coming at the same cost).

    Slot 3: Smoke Bombs
    Available from 4CP
    Standard Wehrmacht airdropped smoke ability, used by other Wehrmacht commanders.

    Slot 4: Reconnaissance Overflight
    Available from 4CP
    Standard Wehrmacht recon loiter ability, used by other Wehrmacht commanders.

    Slot 5: Panzergrenadiere Heavy Assault Package
    Passive ability, available from 6 CP
    "This upgrade package consists of two Flammenwerfer 35 flamethrowers, very potent against enemy infantry and structures at close range, and specialist assault training which enables Panzergrenadiers to quickly rush enemy positions, while carefully maneuvering around the battlefield to mitigate the effects of enemy fire."
    This ability unlocks the Heavy Assault Package upgrade for Panzergrenadiere squads. The package costs 120 ammunition and it grants the squad:

    • double Flammenwerfer 35 flamethrower,
    • permanent slight reduction to received accuracy,
    • a Sprint ability, similar to one used by USF Rifle Company commander.

    This upgrade locks out the double Panzerschreck upgrade.

    Strategies and Rational

    This doctrine focuses on infantry-heavy playstyle, with Panzergrenadiers becoming the mainline infantry unit in mid-to-late game. I believe it to be a strong choice against defence-oriented players, especially those relying heavily on British field fortifications. With their double flamer & double StG combo, Panzergrenadiers become extremely potent short range infantry. The Sprint ability and received accuracy reduction enhance their mobility and give them a much needed damage mitigation while they are closing the distance between them and the enemy. The Stormtroopers can be deployed behind enemy lines if needed, to disrupt defensive positions and distract the enemy. Incendiary rounds for GrW 34 enhance its ability to deal with heavily entrenched enemy positions. Recon overflight helps to plan the assault or to find a target for artillery, and the smoke bomb gives the player an opportunity to temporarily blind a vital asset in enemy defence, or to cover his their own retreating forces.
    The weak points of this doctrine is undoubtedly its heavy reliance on ammunition. Assault packages, incendiary rounds, bundled grenades, smoke bombs and recon flights make for a very munition-heavy combo. This forces the player to carefully manage their ammo pool and coordinate the usage of their abilities in order to successfully attack and capture enemy positions - otherwise they may run dry on munitions very quickly. It also lacks any typical late-game abilities such as heavy artillery strikes, heavy tanks or LeFH/Pak 43 emplacements.

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    First of all I’m quite new to the Game.
    I like the mechanics very much even though I’m not quite aware of all of them.
    I'm very happy everyone can propose a new commander (for me of course there is not much need for one since I don’t know every commander).
    Since I’m a beginner I play mainly Wehrmacht/Ostherr.
    I already read some Guides to the Wehrmacht, but I didn't really see any super long range / sniper tactic commander (maybe slightly jaeger infantry doctrine).
    I hope you like the proposal, but be warned I’m quite a noob and don't know much about balancing.

    Faction + Commander Name: Wehrmacht/Ostherr Mountain Jager Doctrine

    Theme: The Mountain Infantry is a special ambush force that use the Environment to their advantage. Using mostly long range rifles to keep their loses at minimum while leaving the enemy in fear that no cover is save.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1:Ambush


    Slot 2: Mauser K98k

    Unit Upgrade, available from 2 CP
    Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, Snipers can upgrade their weapons to Mauser K98k with 6x optical zoom.

    • Costs ammunition
    • Grants more vision
    • Gives better detection against other snipers
    • Shoots at longer distance
    • Shoots slower
    • Squad member kill chance increased
    • Cannot shoot while running
    • Sniper does increased damage versus vehicles
    • Snipers may dismount a Vehicles, declined chances the heavier
      the tank (like 0, 5% for heavy tanks?)

    Slot 3: Environmental Masters

    Passive, available from 3 CP
    Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, Snipers can shoot and see through
    Hedges when next to them (passive)

    (Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, Snipers can move at 40% speed through Hedges

    Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, Snipers can climb hills at 20 % speed
    more vulnerable to gunfire 50 %; likely not possible to missing animations etc.)

    Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, Snipers get the active ability to lay down

    • Moving 80% slower
    • Harder to detect
    • Accuracy increased
    • Damage income decreased

    Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, Snipers are harder to hit near cover

    Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, Snipers can build traps that do damage to infantry units

    • Costs manpower and ammunition
    • Short indicator that an enemy in fog of war is coming

    Snipers can construct a hideout

    • Costs manpower
    • The sniper is invisible even if enemy is near
    • Can shoot but only if no enemy is near
    • Can be damaged by aoe damage (sniper inside of it of course, too)
    • Can be seen by other snipers/detection
    • Must be built near cover
    • Gets visible if nearby cover is destroyed
    • Only snipers can get inside
    • Pak can conceal itself, moves slower

      • Like MG with ambush
    • (Vehicles can conceal themselves, moves slower

      • Like MG; might also be ability slot 5 if the Jager Seargent is to op)

    Slot 4: Take Aim

    Passive, available from 4 cp
    Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers, Snipers get an active abilty to focus on one critical shot, shooting slower but does increased damage

    • Enabled after veterancy 2
    • Ability to kill a squad member is increased
    • Ability to demount a vehicle is increased
    • Long cooldown
    • Sniper loses vision around him, only sees his prey
    • Channeling time (like 3 seconds)

    Slot 5: Jager Seargent

    Call in unit, available from 6 CP

    Can only be 1 Jageaer Seargent per time
    Sniper infantry unit, high cost of ammunition and manpower
    Starts with 3 stars an can go up to 5
    Last star: gives infantry aura

    • Increased accuracy
    • Increased chance to kill squad members or demount vehicle
      Increased damage
      Harder to detect
      Harder to hit
      Can switch weapons to g43 to fire faster but less accuracy and dmg
      (2 airstrikes

    • 1 Smoke costs ammunition

    • 1 Stukka bomber line costs ammunition)

    Strategies and Rational

    The sniper is a very fragile unit that can take out other units fast. Even though the Wehrmacht sniper is one of the best sniper units in the game, it rarely sees plays. The Wehrmacht Grenadiers are not the strongest infantry troops but excel with the g43 at long range. The Mauser K98k shall further improve that advantage.

    The environmental master perk shall improve the vision and lets you stay in the shadows.
    You can snipe down the enemy with minimum loss and approach to the points save and steady.
    Afterwards it lets you retreat save to your hideouts and repeat the ambush.
    Placing hideouts behind enemy lines can give you crucial scouting information, and lets you snipe retreating squads or incoming reeinforcement.

    The take aim ability shall increase the chances to wipe a retreating squad and help with smaller vehicles

    The Jager Seargent, is the ultimate sniper and, increases the chance of victory by buffing his fellow soldiers, and calling in air support.

    Due to mostly no endgame unit buff it is recommended to corner the enemy fast so that he fears to leave the base to get supplies.

    I think it is a heavy micro orientated doctrine that needs you to be aware of the environment.
    Also it does not allow you to get close in, but you need to steadily crouch up to the enemies, snipe them down and lastly corner them.
    It is harder to play in cities.

    Additional Context

    The snipers at first not even worth mentioning in WW2, gained increased value over the war. of course a lot of it was due to propaganda, still it cannot be declined that a lot of victims fell to the guns of people like Hetzenauer or Sepp Allerberger.
    After the Blitzkrieg the Germans had to go into static warfare, and snipers brought despair among the enemy line.
    Thus more and more snipers where trained to support the companies, and counter other snipers.

    The Gebirgsjäger division was very important to give much needed information about enemy movements to the headquarters and to snipe the enemy from behind.

    I hope you enjoyed the proposal.
    I'm open to any suggestions for changes etc.

    Reconsider that I’m a noob and am not aware of most of the things that happen around the game, but am willing to learn.

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    Panzergrenadier Assault Doctrine
    Slot 1
    SdKfz 250/7 Mortar Halftrack
    Unlocks at CP 2
    Standart Mortar Halftrack call in
    Slot 2
    Panzer Tactician _
    Unlocks at CP4
    Standard Wehrmacht ability
    Slot 3
    _Combined Arms

    Unlocks at CP 8
    Passive : Allows Panzergrenadiers to repair vehicles
    Active: Gives offensive damage and speed bonuses to Panzergrens when nearby vehicles (Something like the upgrade from Infantry Doctrine or the USF)
    Slot 4
    Tiger Tank
    Unlocks at CP 13
    Call in a Tiger Heavy Tank
    Slot 5
    Stuka Air Raid
    Unlocks at CP 16
    Call in three JU-87 Stukas in two waves. The first Stuka will patrol giving recon while the second wave Stukas will target tanks with their cannons or will suppress infantry.

    Strategy: to give the Wehrmacht strong infantry assault and support capabilities while also giving it Heavy Tank and a strong aerial support option.
    History: Panzergrenadiers primarily worked in a combined arms tactic, assaulting and exploiting enemy weak points to make a breakthrough with Tank, Artillery and Air support

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    Wehrmacht-Armour assault
    This focus more on tanks tactics and use of infantry with tanks

    Half track that can be upgraded to feature a 37mm gun, Mortar or reinforce point

    The Pz 38 (t) or nA light tank can be built

    Keep up!
    German infentry near tanks have an increase speed for a period of time and are harder to suppress

    Pz iii
    Panzer 3 can now be built with the upgrade to replace the tanks main gun with a flamethrower

    Tank fear
    An ability on medium and heavy Tanks make enemy troops have a reduce speed from the shock of the mighty German tanks and mg42 roof top guns can suppress enemy infantry

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    Zitadelle Defense Doctrine

    Summon the last ounce of German manpower to halt the oncoming enemy hordes. Inspire your troops to fight harder for the Fatherland with propaganda, disrupt enemy movement with roadblocks and traps, reinforce frontline troops with 'willing' volunteers gathered from Eastern Front units, and deny the enemy resources by destroying supply lines.

    Doctrine Ability 1

    0CP - To The Last Man (PASSIVE)

    • WM squads and weapon teams gain offensive and defensive bonuses as they lose men, similar to the Penal Squads' ability

    Doctrine Ability 2

    0CP - Defensive Operations

    • Pioneers and Grenadiers can now build Tank Traps, while Panzergrenadiers can now build sandbags and lay barbed wire
    • Tank traps cost 180 MP

    Doctrine Ability 3

    2CP - For The Fatherland!

    • Propaganda extolling the honor of fighting and dying for the Fatherland inspires our forces to fight harder, improving their offensive capabilities and boosts their movement speed for the duration of the ability
    • Infantry are more vulnerable to damage as long as the ability is active
    • Costs 190 munitions

    Doctrine Ability 4

    7CP - Scorched Earth

    • Disable territory points so that enemy forces take longer to expand their territory
    • Costs 100 munitions

    Doctrine Ability 5

    14CP - Last Line of Defense

    • Call-in ability that summons five Osttruppen squads equipped with random weapons
    • Costs 500 MP

    Strategies and Rationale

    Defending Berlin's Sector Z (Zitadelle, which comprises most of the government center including Hitler's bunker) required the commitment of the last ounce of forces available to the WM, including foreign volunteers. This doctrine is more of a mid-to-late game force because of the need for munitions and manpower to support its pushes.

    Defensive operations is vital for the early game to augment the standard defensive capabilities for the Wm, denying vehicle movement at chokepoints. An alternative for this would be to take the Sandbag fighting Positions model and give it Roadblock buffs similar to the Roadblocks of CoH1 (indestructible by bulldozers, requiring heavy explosives to destroy).

    Resource denial and late-game infantry pushes are this doctrine's main strengths. As such, it is best used in coordination with a vehicle-oriented player for maximum effect.

    Additional Context

    Osttruppen are used as stand-ins for the various Waffen-SS volunteers that helped defend Berlin, including the Nordland and Charlemagne Divisions.

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    karapapagankarapapag… Posts: 16
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