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    Panzer Artillery Doctrine


    Decimate your oponents with the help of heavy artillery! An Officer will coordinate the barrages of leFH 18 and Panzerwerfers after targets have been identified by motorized scouts. Opel Blitz trucks will ensure the ammunition supply for the devastating Panzerhaubitze Hummel, which will pulverize enemy forces.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Artillery Field Officer ( 2 CP )

    Slot 2: Cargo Truck ( 3 CP )

    Slot 3: Spotting Scope ( 5 CP )

    Slot 4: leFH 18 Artillery ( 8 CP )

    -> i think leFH 18 DESPERATELY needs some improvement in terms of damage, maybe comparable to the Sexton (which is even mobile and a tank!!! )

    Slot 5: Hummel Precision Strike ( 10 CP )

    -> in fact this is the british Precision Barrage from Emplacement Regiment...

    Strategies and Rational


    In almost every bigger teammatch (3v3, 4v4) you see allies spamming Katys and Priest/Sextons and currently that german kindergarten-artillery isn´t performing even comparable. While OKW still has the walking Stuka, the Wehr have only the controversial Panzerwerfer and puddingly leFH 18. Buffing the leFH 18 will not only help this commander, but also make many others much more usefull.
    Back to business: This Doctrine uses the synergy of the Arty-Field officer and the Panzerwerfer/leFH 18 to ensure continuous fire support. Instead of a recon the player has to use the spotting scope. This emphasizes the focus
    on the indirekt front support. Of course, Opel Blitz Trucks are kinda obvious and fit in well with the theme.
    To be honest, I miss the plump Hummel from the first coh part so I decided to represent it by this off-map Artillery-strike. Since this self-propelled howitzer had a significantly larger caliber (150mm) than the leFH 18 (105mm), this justifies the wide range and massive damage that this ability gives. When combined with a reconnaissance plane of your teammate, even Hummel's friends, Priest and Sexton, can be caught on the wrong foot if the opponent does not pay attention to them.

    Additional Context

    It was customary that the German armored formations were supported by their own artillery divisions, consisting of light howitzers Wespe (here the leFH 18) and the heavy Hummel howitzers. The officer represents the then usual forward observers and the Opel Blitz Cargo Truck stands for the supply lines that were necessary to ensure the supply of shells. The Spotting Scope rounds off the theme of the motorized artillery regiment.

    PS: sorry for my bad English! Greetings from Germany

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    Wehrmacht Commander Submission

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    karapapagankarapapag… Posts: 16
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    Here my Wehrmacht commander suggestion:

    Urban Assault Doctrine

    Wehrmacht's first and main strategy invading cities and turned them to army supply stations with Blitzkrieg tactic. Against strong resistances they used heavy bombs, artillery strikes, flamethrower infantry squads, fast mechanized squads and medium/light tanks. I can't see any commander with this kind of abilities

    Wehr faction desperatelly needs a commander with retreat point ability most of time they lost infantry squads with map wide long retreat paths also needs well equipped infantry squads for urban combat:

    Urban Assault Grenadiers: This unit have same slot items like default Panzer Grenadiers just without Panzershrecks but with 5 member and flamethrower, smoke grenade abilities like shock troops. Flamethrower upgrade cost could be same like Pioneers flamethrower upgrade. Useful for clear buildings. Could be active for 2 command points Costs 360 Mp 10 Pc

    Forward Supply Station: Any ambient building can be turn to be supply station. Also can be used as retreat point and reinforce squads. 4 command points, costs 250 Mp 40 Fuel

    Breakthrough: Previous commanders already have this ability cost must be stay same 9 command points costs 50 Fuel

    Command Tank: Standard command tank ability 9 command points 360Mp 125Fuel 12 Pc

    Strategic Bombing: Game have this strike some mods too. Ready to be used, similar with British Airsupremacy Operation. 12 command points costs 300 Ammo

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    DooMGiveRDooMGiveR Posts: 1
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    Here is my suggestion please choose an appropriate Picture to represent the comander.
    If the cargo truck makes this op please replace it with reconacense overflight.
    Also a nice to have would be if its realistic to replace the Elefant with the King Tiger from OKW

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    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 299 admin

    Submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post their ideas.

    The Balance Team will now be assessing the best proposals for the next stage of this update.

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