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Please keep discussions of each other's proposals confined to this thread. You can reference the proposals/ sections of proposals you wish to discuss here.


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    Do you have any rules on the new commanders?

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    @mrpeed I really like your commander, but I have some suggestions

    OKW Infantry Assault Support Doctrine

    Support your infantry pushes with assault weapons, halftracks, and command abilities.

    old Slot 1 - MP40 Upgrade:

    Upgrade, Volks are equipped with MP40s.

    New Slot 1 - Veteran squad leaders
    Available at 2 cp
    Sturmpioneers gain an additional model and 5% increased movement speed

    Volksgrenadiers gain an additional model and "Endsieg!" ability Squad will gain increased accuracy, rate of fire, and durability as the loses models (disallows stgs)

    Reason for Change: firestorm already provides mp-40s for volks, VSLs fit well with Infantry heavy theme

    Slot 2 - 251 Support Halftrack:

    Ability, Calls in a 251 Halftrack which can reinforce, carry infantry, and drop medical crates.

    old Slot 3 - Officer Command Squad:

    Ability, Similar to the Soviet one. Calls in a squad that can boost infantries offense and defense capabilities.

    New Slot 3 - Strumofficer
    buffed Strumofficer
    on death of the SO only the SO squad retreats
    can gain veterancy gains

    reason for change: OKW already has a command squad it just needs to be buffed

    Slot 4 - Recoup Loses:

    Ability, old ability from Firestorm, but buffed in someway.

    Slot 5 - To Victory or Death (or For The Fatherland?):

    Ability, All infantry move faster and do more damage but can't retreat while the ability is active. Flares appear around capture points. Infantry will tire after the ability. All vehicles move faster.

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    Yes, buffing and/or changing the Strumofficer is another option, I would like it to have defense and offense oriented abilities like the Soviet one, and not cause squads to retreat. And veteran squad leaders are also another option, as long as it doesn't cause OKW infantry to over perform. My idea behind the MP40 was to have more frontline focused Volks that could reinforce and heal on the frontline as well. But glad you like the idea!

    Another option would be Volkssturm call in infantry. 6 man low cost squad that is only okay in cover.

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    Italian Expeditionary Doctrine
    Combining the Italian Expeditionary Force units in Barbarossa, this commander seeks to rough defence and slowly advance to the enemy lines of battle. Using Italian Infantry squads as potential garrisons then push the enemy with Semovente 105/25.

    Italian Expeditionary Squad

    • Call in unit / available from 0CP
    • Costs 240 MP / 25 Reinforce Cost
    • 5 man, weak guns and low morale infantry squad
    • Has access to breda m37 once t1 is deployed
    • Can throw m24 grenades
    • Vet1 increased survivability vet2 weapon accuracy vet3 increased dmg

    8mm Breda Heavy MG Squad

    • Call in unit / available from 2CP
    • Costs 280 MP / 30 Reinforce cost
    • 4 man MG squad
    • Has access to heavy ammunitions once vet1
    • Vet1 heavy ammunitions Vet2 weapon accuracy Vet3 increased suppression

    Poisoned Gas Attack

    • Italian Air Force pilots drops gas shells over the enemy
    • Effects of gas is dangerous, enemy must leave the marked area
    • Gas blind enemy unit if affects, then slowly gives dmg

    Hold the Ground! (PASSIVE)

    • Infantry squads can go prone
    • When squads placed green cover, they got more survivability and accuracy then normal

    Call in Semovente 105/25

    • Call in unit / available from 10CP
    • Cost 620 MP / 200 Fuel
    • Self propelled gun
    • Good against placements, infantry
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    It needs to use only existing units and abilities.

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