Wehrmacht, Oberkommando west. leFH 18 BUG

5 months ago

Bug Description

The leFH 18 arty can 1 shot allied heavy tanks that have full HP. It happend to me twice in a single match, first it 1 shot T34 (2stars) full HP with a direkt impact on the tank, then later in the match it 1 shot KV-2 (also 2 stars) full HP with a hit on ground next to the tank.

Repo Steps

It's hard to reproduce since it seems to happen on random, and the leFH arty worked as it should for the rest of the match.
I'm 100% certain that it was no mine or expolsives that got triggerd by the blast, or that something else happend that I missed.



Game Mode

3v3 Auto-match vs players


  • OS windows 10
  • Memory 16gb
  • Graphics Card; GeForce GTX 980
  • Driver 398.11
  • CPU - i5-4670K


I have full replay saved in-game but here is a video from my phone on the KV-2 instant 1 shot kill.


Peace! // ShadowDragonSlayer

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