Several bug reoports

5 months ago

Soviet_HM-38 120mm Mortar Squad

HM-38's population value on call-in skill icon says 10. But actually it's counted 9 on game. Although reached population 91/100, can't call-in this mortar. Call-in icon is locked on this situation.

Soviet_Guard Rifle Infantry

Like HM-38, population value on call-in skill icon says 8. but it's counted 9. Although reached population 92/100, can't call-in.

British_Tank Hunters Infantry Section

Animation bug with Tank Hunters Tommy's boys anti-tank rifle, its magazine is floating at down of rifle.

Compare with .55 cal Armor-Piercing Sniper's boys anti-tank rifle.

It come back to normal when reloading, but it back abnormal when shooting, carrying and etc.

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