This game needs an Punishment system

5 months ago
BestNoobBestNoob GermanyPosts: 52

Old thread:

This was also an theme in sega forums during beta phase. But it seems that no one paid attention to it.

I think it is really unfair when you have leavers, AFK, saboteurs, teamkillers and others in your team. CoH match takes much time and it is not easy to balance such people out.

That's the reason i think CoH needs a Punishment system, there are too many leavers too many AFK´s and to many other abusive things:

  • Votekick
  • AFK punishment / AFK kicker
  • Lagg kicker
  • Team Kill punishment
  • Leaver punishment

...... or a basic report system

For a fair play !



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    5 months ago
    Mr_ChappMr_Chapp Posts: 3

    yes, in solo que 4v4 games, their are too many trollers who obstruct normal games. Without some hacks(maphack, drophack etc), that is one of most important thing which makes players feel exhausted.

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