USF New Commander Proposal

2 years ago

(Although I didn't consider any balancing when creating this commander since I made it out of fun, the idea I had in mind when creating this commander was the Doctrine that the US was incorporating in WW2 as having a more mobile force. Another inspiration was the German counter attack in WW2 in the battle of the bulge and how the US countered the German offense. With this I thought of creating a commander that focused more on armoured mobility and rapid reaction. Sorry for the bad grammar but I hope you enjoy my proposal!)

U.S Rapid Reaction Company-Focusing on mobility and armour, this Commander relies on constant movement to surprise and distrupt enemy using flanking manuevers and positioning

A doctrine that focuses more on the use armour and mobility to be used offensively or deffensively against enemies.

1st ability - Unlock the use of M4A3E8, the perfect armoured vehicle with the speed to get in and out of fights.

2nd ability- Fire Up upgrade for Rifleman, In order to keep up with the armoured assault; Rifleman are trained to be quick in their feet.
3rd ability- acquisition of the M8 "Greyhound", Supporting the Shermans will be the Greyhound with it's speed it can keep up with the assault.

4th ability- Recon Sweep, To help the commander plan for an assault a Recon Sweep is needed.

5th ability- Smoke Barrage, in order to create an opening for the men and vehicles to flank the enemy.
5th ability- Combined Arms, ground infantry and armoured are trained together for the task of sweeping enemy flanks.


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    2 years ago

    Small tweaks you may want to consider:

    The Greyhound is a 5CP call-in not a 3CP
    You don't need a smoke barrage with E8 commander because Shermans already have a good smoke
    There isn't much here that separates this from the current E8 commander. I may be off but I think that one comes with flares and White phosphorus. All in all I think the current one may beat yours out anyway.

    I'm sure you've played with the current one a bit and I'd say the hardest part of using the current one is that the E8's take so long to come out that I'm usually just hanging on by the time I can get one out. Then I'm trying to mount a comeback with a tank that only barely beats a p4 and loses to the panther. With that in mind I'd drop the Greyhound in return for a stronger AT gun. Something to help the E8 until it gains some vet and can take some head to heads.

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