PilloW's USF Veteran Comapny

1 year ago

Hey guys, just my rough proposal for a new USF commander. Give your feedback on what things you like, what can be changed and what not.

Here are some questions off the top of my head:
Do you think the CP abilities are appropriate?
If they are, should Rangers enter the field with Veterancy as well?
Should there be a tank option (similar to Tiger Ace)? If so, two veteran Easy 8's at a hefty cost? Would it be too overpowered?
Is the veteran idea too convoluted or have too many details? Is there a simpler method?

I am open to any suggestions, so leave a comment!

PilloW's Veteran Company

Theme: Company that has seen much action in the war and has adapted to harsh conditions of front line combat. Utilize infantry and support weapons teams bonuses in veterancy, mobile Rangers squads and off map white phosphorus barrages.

~~Unit and Ability Roster~~

Slot 1: Riflemen Field Defences

0CP Passive
Same as in other commanders

Slot 2: Infantry and Weapon Crew Veterancy Bonuses

2CP Passive
Rifleman and Rear Echelon squads now have bonuses in gaining veterency in addition to regular benefits**
MG crews, mortar crews, AT crews and pack howie crews gain bonuses in veterancy in addition to regular benefits***

Slot 3: M1919A6 Light Machine Gun

3CP Passive
Similar to the Infantry Company ability

Slot 4: Heavy Mechanized Support

4CP Call in (700 MP and 30 Fuel)
M3 Assault Halftrack with a Ranger Squad can now be deployed to the battlefield

Slot 5: White Phosphorus Smoke Barrage

6 CP Ability
similar to the Rifle Company ability

* Rear Echelons at Vet1 get the ability to upgrade 2x scoped carbines (increased sight range), Vet 2 combat medic upgrade (unit can heal outside of combat and heal other squads at 25 munitions) Vet3 light camo*
* Rifleman would be able to upgrade to "Sergeant" at Vet1 which gives a slight bonus to received accuracy (15%?), reduced suppression(15%?) and weapon cooldown reduction, Vet2 gains access to Riflemen Flares and Vet3 passive sprint
* Rifleman with upgraded Sergeant will have more chevrons on the unit display, giving the opponent the tell on the commander you have chosen
* Lieutenant, Captain and Major can upgrade squad members to Specialist at Vet3 which increases durability and weapon accuracy

* 81mm Mortar crew: Vet1 -25% received accuracy, Vet2 50% reduced setup and takedown time, Vet3 passive "drill team" which further increases rate of fire
* M2HB .50 cal Machine Gun Team : Vet1 increase to weapon range, Vet2 decrease to weapon cooldown, Vet3 light camo

* M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun : Vet1 increase rate of fire, Vet2 +10 sight range when set up, Vet3 light camo*
* M1 75mm Pack Howitzer Crew: Vet1 -25% received accuracy, Vet2 access to "Creeping Barrage" ability, Vet3 passive "drill team" which further increases rate of fire

*Light Camoflauge
* light camouflage gives the unit the ability to be invisible in light and heavy cover (except for in buildings and fighting positions). Has a slightly longer detected range than a sniper for example, cannot be detected by recon flights

Strategies and Rational

This gives an edge to USF players that want to focus on infantry combat and gives units a wider range of skill and ability, leading to more diverse strategies overall.

To use the commander to its full potential you must have good micro of multiple engagements, the player must have great unit preservation and veterency bonuses do not kick in until 2CP, which still makes the early game fair play

Great for 1v1 and team games (all round good commander pick)

Powerful Mid Game

Weak Late Game (zero armor benefits)

_Additional Context_

Example Strategy

Build Order

Riflemen, Riflemen, RE, Riflemen, Mortar, Lieutenant, MG, Ambulance, WR, Stuart, Captain, AT gun --> Tanks

Assuming Units eventually receive Vet 3 bonuses
* Rifles will use flares to determine enemy position and plan attack accordingly
* Mortar crew will rapidly barrage an MG crew, either repositioning or knocking it out.
Shift order to move positions to deny a quick counter barrage
* Rifles and Stuart will sprint into position and engage infantry
* Position AT guns and RE (with bazookas maybe) in cover behind lines in anticipation of armour
* Use white phosphorus to cover a retreat, or to clear blobs

Thanks for reading!

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