Original COH1 from remote pc to another pc possible?

1 year ago

Hello all. I have a question.
I want to play the original dvd version of COH (2006 - well maybe up to the 1.7 patch) against another person (ie: family or friends). Can I still, to this day, play as it was back then by selecting " custom maps" or "Automatch Vs. AI"? Or somehow entering the person's IP address (as you could do with a much older game like Close Combat 3) so as to just have a link with them (almost LAN style)? I ask because I don't have the game as of now but I just bought the aftermarket COH 1 dvd and would like to buy another so that we can play this version of between 1.0 / 1.4 or 1.7 at the latest. Is it still possible? I realize that relic servers are down and have been for some time but, since this would be more like a LAN (remotely, as in specific IPs playing in a game) I imagine somehow, that would be possible.

Thanks in advance for any info from any who have tried it recently or know about this.

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