UKF Commander Proposal

2 years ago

M3 Supply half track 4 CP 270 MP 30 fuel: provide your men with a rest and gear at this truck after an assault on the hun.Tea anyone?

Assault 4 CP 100 Munition:Keep our tommies informed and confident with flyovers of the huns positions

Air Resupply Operation 4 CP 150 Munition: provide our men with a AT gun to give the bastards a bloody nose

Mortar Cover 8 CP 150 Munitions: Keep jerries Head down and give your men a chance to move up unbothered

Churchill AVRE 12 CP 560 MP 160 Fuel: A mobile bastion to push the Jerries out.

Theme: The main goal of this regiment is to provide a strong and mobile assault with your infantry then anchor the point around the resupply operation and half track then in the late game be able to use the AVRE as a anchor point for your assaults and defences

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