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OKW: Mechanisierte Panzerjäger / mechanized Tankhunters
Theme: A huge emphasize on mobility and infantery antitank weaponry. To fend of the overwhelming allied Tank forces.
Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Mechanization (Upgrade at 0CP)
Costs 10fuel to upgrade.
Kübelwagen gets an additional 100hp and is now able to give one unit a ride but
looses his capping ability.

Slot 2: Heavy Fortifications (2CPs)
Same as already in the Game.

Slot 3: Panzerjäger (2CP)

Call in unit
Costs 240MP, 25 Mp reinforce cost.
4 man Volksgrenadir squad.
Can be upgraded with 2 Panzerschrecks for 100 munition.
Has no acces to Panzerfaust, instead gets Bundel grenade.

Slot 4: Pak 40 (4CP)

Call in unit Costs 320 MP
Same base stats as the Ostheer Pak 40

  • Vet4 gets self healing.
  • Vet 5 gets ambush (same as Zis)

Slot 5: Veteran Stug3G (7CPs)
Same as Ostheer one.

  • Vet4 grants faster vehicle ac/deceleration.
    -Vet5 Stug is able to hull down.
    Builds from mechanized Truck.
    Is unlocked when 2 Trucks are deployed.
    Is capped to one only.

You are playing as the OKW in the last months of the war. You dont have a chance against the overwhelming Allied Tank Forces so you need to be crafty with what you got.
You amphasize on mobile Tank hunting infanterie, strong defenses and make the most of whats left of your armored forces to fend off overwhelming ods.

Use your Kübel early on to get around faster and put pressure on your enemy.
Your Sturmpioneers focus on fortifiing your surroundings while tankhunters will hop into the Kübel to hunt down allied vehicles.
The Pack 40 adds to this strong defensive playstyle giving you a more reliable option to fight enemy tanks.
Finally the Stug3 was the most common assault gun. So by the end of the war there where most likely some left.

  • I put them into T2 (mechanized Commandpost) because OKW lacks reliable anti tank vehicles if not getting there T3 (Schwere). Being capped to one Stug only it doesnt undermine the value of teching at all.

This doctrine adds a lot of anti armour cappabilities but doesnt enhace anti-infanterie play. Therefor giving allied players the option to focus on more infanterie/support weapons to counter this doctrine.
I hope it can shift the meta a bit. Right now most games start with the allies usually getting a fuel lead in the early game and focus on light vehicles to get further ahead and pumping out shermans/cromwells/t34s in the lategame. This Doctrine should prevent them from doing so and encourages a more tactical use of their tanks not beeing able to rush down when reached critical mass.

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