OKW-Sturmpioneers's repair speed vet bonus

5 months ago
NEMEsizNEMEsiz Posts: 15
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OKW-Sturmpioneers's repair speed vet bonus

In the game, Sturmpioneers's veterancy 3 text says "Mechanical and structural expertise enables the squad to construct and repair objects faster. Unlocks the 'Concussive Grenade' veteran ability". So I thought sturmpioneer's repair vet bonus is exist in veterancy 3. But I heard from some people "It's not, is in vet 2".

I experimented it myself in custom game. Load a same save file 3 times, same damaged Panzer IV.

Vet 1 Sturmpioneer: about 41.06 seconds
Vet 2 Sturmpioneer: about 30.22 seconds
Vet 3 Sturmpioneer: about 30.19 seconds
So, It is in Vet 2! It seems one of them need to be change. Text or real game data.

p.s Or at least need to be check.

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