BATTLE FOR THE FATHERLAND - A similar dynamic campaign like Ardennes Assault

1 year ago

Ardennes Assault is the best strategy game I have ever played. Though in COH2, it stands out as an entirely new game itself. Why not continuing the story after Battle of the Bulge and prologue to it ( Hurtgen forest and Aachen) ? We can traverse the whole campaign with three factions- US, OKW and British with new companies ( US), new brigades (UK, Polish and Free French) and new Kampfgruppes (OKW) to fight from HURTGEN AND AACHEN through REMAGEN and COLOGNE to RHINE itself and ending at RUHR POCKET surrender

New units can be added like Polish paratroopers, free French rifleman with MAS 36 rifle and Clostermann ground attack Tempest, Hitler jugend kids armed only with panzerfaust who can camouflage readily and volksstrum squads with volksstrumgewehr. Fast jet bomber arado 234, v2 rocket, OKW tiger and OKW snipers with g43 can also be added .

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