Wehrmacht New Commander Proposals I like

1 year ago
PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

Here are the Wehrmacht commander proposals that I like. Note: this is just my opinion. Please don't take exception if your proposal isn't here. It will most likely be because you didn't follow the rules.

On that note, here are a few rules of my own:

Rule 1: You've got to follow the rules. If it violates the guidelines, it's out. The exception is the "One proposal per player" rule, which only exists to keep the number of proposals to a minimum. Given how many proposals are voided for violating the "No new units or abilities" rule, there are a lot less proposals to consider.

Rule 2: Transfers of units and abilities between factions are limited to the side they were on. Allied units and abilities can only be transferred to another Allied faction; The same applies between the Axis Factions. The exception is captured vehicles. This is a historically legitimate practice and requires no new units to be created.

Rule 3: I have not included my own proposals.

So, here are the proposals that meet the guidelines and which I find interesting:

Beutepanzer Doctrine (Captured Tank)

(0 CP) Beutepanzer T-34/85.
Unlocks production of T-34/85 tanks at the Support Armored Korps (T3) at standard Soviet price. The Beutepanzer T-34/85 gains the Blitzkrieg ability of the Panzer IV in place of the standard ability of the T-34/85 to capture points, and loses the ability to ram enemy vehicles as well.
(2 CP) Panzer Tactician.
Identical to other Wehrmacht commanders. Emphasis is placed on preserving existing armored vehicles as they are in short supply, and allows for flexible tactical operations as well.
(3 CP) Osttruppen Reserves.
Identical to the ability of Mobile Defense Doctrine. Works thematically with the idea of a struggling Wehrmacht pulling Osttruppen reserves alongside captured tanks.
(0) Pioneer Scavenging.
Gives Pioneer Squads the ability to do advanced salvaging like the ability from Scavenge Doctrine for Oberkommando West. Like the Osttruppen Reserves, this fits thematically with the idea of desperate defensive tactics on the eastern front.
(12 CP) Sector Artillery.
Identical to the Wehrmacht Commander ability of the same name. This resembles the idea that support has finally arrived for the beleaguered defenders to finally break attacking forces.

This is a solid and fairly straight-forward proposal. For simplicity, I would keep the T-34/85 unit abilities as they are for the Soviet version but using the Panzer IV voice files. I think the name "Desperation Doctrine" captures the flavor of it a bit better but, it's not my proposal so I don't get to rename it.


Wehrmacht Motorized Infantry Doctrine

(0 CP) Panzer IV Ausf E: Cost the same as the Panzer IV with a 20 fuel discount. It has the same armor and same movement speed with the exception of its main gun being the shortened to the KwK 37 75mm HE gun as seen in the Tides of War operations. It has a similar explosive round to the HE Sherman rounds but with a slower reload time. This would be available in the Support Armor Korps building.

(2 CP) Defensive Fortifications

(2 CP) Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade

(3 CP) Motorized Operations: Makes the Opel Blitz Truck (As seen on the OKW) and the Cargo Truck available from the Leichte Mechanized Kompanie building. (Probably would have to fix this one on the Assault Support Commander too)

(8 CP) Light Artillery Barrage

This is another good, straight-forward proposal. The Panzer IV is basically the same as the command variant; it just comes without any command abilities. If the developers don't want to do that, they could simply have the command version instead. I particularly like the trucks because, I believe the game doesn't make enough use of them as it is.


German Impact Doctrine:

0 CP - Osttruppen
Cheap and numerous, here to overwhelm with mass and push enemy off the map.
0 CP - sdkfz 250
Vehicle deployed from building, good in early game support works well with flamer team or AT team.
2 CP - Stormtroopers
Here to flank mgs, throw smoke and buy panic rocket launcher. Works well in half track
2 CP - Artillery Officer
here to have artillery support. this unit is just not used enough and it is just too good not to be added to new doctrine.
8 CP - Lefh 105mm hotwizer
here to bomb the enemy defences. We need more docs where 105s can work together with an officer.

I like this proposal, despite all the spelling mistakes and the fact that it has been withdrawn. Very much geared to the early game but, I really like the Artillery Officer/105 mm Howitzer combo. It's another thing the game doesn't make enough use of as it is.


Expansion Doctrine

Counterattack Tactics - 0 CP
Infantry units are trained to retake territory quickly. Neutral territory is captured more rapidly while active.

Half-track Riegel-43 Anti-tank Mines - 2 CP
Allows the SdKfz 251 to lay Riegel-43 heavy anti-tank mine.

Defensive Fortifications - 3 CP
Allows infantry to construct sandbags, barbed wire, and trenches while Pioneers can now build tank traps and concrete bunkers.

Hull Down - 5 CP
Pioneers, Grenadiers, and Panzer Grenadiers are able to set German armor in an immobile Hull Down position, increasing defense and damage.

Stuka Bombing Strike - 12 CP
A JU-87D Stuka will dive in and drop a 50kg bomb on the target location. Capture points are neutralized if hit.

It's nothing fancy but, it's a nice combination of defensive and strike abilities. It's very much in line with way other commanders are structured. It's almost surprising it doesn't already exist.


Armor Support Doctrine

Puma armored car 0 CP
Same as puma in mobile defence doctrine.

Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade 1 CP

Panzer tactician 3 CP
Identical to other Wehrmacht commanders.

Stuka Bombing strike 9 CP
A JU-87D Stuka will dive in and drop a 50kg bomb on the target location.

Tiger tank
Allows the requisition of the Tiger Heavy Tank to the Battlefield.

This is another doctrine which looks and feels very similar to existing commanders. I like it because it offers a good balance between early and late game features. It's solid and looks very playable.


Siege Doctrine

0 CP - Assault Grenadiers
Hardly ever used unit mostly becouse it is only included in one doctrine that is not really offering anything besides more unit choices.

2 CP - Arty Officer
Very good unit, not seeing enough plays. I imagine that use combination of officers and Ass-grens might lead to some cool use of both untis.

6 CP - Incendiary bomb
Ju 87 droping incendiary bomb. This ability is only used by lufftwaffe supply doctrine. Not really used very very often either.

8 CP - 105 hotwizer
A field gun we all know. I would like it to be included becouse it fits in theme of the doctrine and it could be paired up with officer. Only 1 doctrine so far have this oportunity.

12 CP Zeroing Artillery
OKW ability, however I can imagine it can be used in case of Wehrmacht. (there is no animations or any indicators that it is different faction ability). If it is imposible to be used by wehrmacht I would suggest replacing it with Sector Artillery or Stuka Close air Support

This proposal gets a big tick from me. It's not only very coherent (all the items fit the theme), it has things I would also like to see used more often. Siege warfare wasn't that common in WW2 but, having a commander geared towards it really appeals to me.


Elite Blitzkrieg Doctrine

2cp Panzer Tactician

4cp Reconnaissance overflight

4cp Call in Luchs(Same as OKW luchs, bust costs +15% more fuel and manpower)

5cp Hull down

13cp Tiger Tank

Except for the Luchs, this looks a lot like other Wehrmacht commanders so, it would be very playable. I just don't get the name though. Only the Tiger could be called Elite and the rest don't strike me as especially "blitzkriegy". Still, it's a solid proposal and I'd be interested to play it just for the Luchs.


"Crowding out the Enemy" doctrine

1CP Model 24 Stun Grenades

2CP Veteran Squad Leaders

3CP Jaeger Command Squad

6CP Incendiary Bombing Run

13CP Tiger Tank

Good doctrine; crap name! I would suggest "Displacement Doctrine" captures the essence of it better. It is certainly an interesting combination. I'd like to see how it plays.


German Combined Arms Defensive Doctrine

Panzer Tactician (2cp)

Recon planes (4cp)

hull down (5 cp)

lefh 18 howitzer (8 cp)

tiger call in (13 cp)

Recon, howitzers and a Tiger (especially one that's hull-down)... what's not to like. Very nice.


Light Reconnaissance Support Doctrine

Light Armor Panzerkampwagen II “Luchs”
Unlockable by 0CP.
Costs as much as the OKW counterpart
Available at the Leichte Mechanized Kompanie
Requires Battle Phase 2 to be activated
(May or may not have the Panzer Tactician ability, though it seems very useful if it does have it)

Panzer Tactician
Armored vehicle smoke ability
Available at 2CP

Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade
Allows Grenadiers & Panzergrenadiers to upgrade and equip G43 rifles
Also includes interrogation ability
Available at 3 CP

Spotting Scope
Allows armored vehicles to upgrade and have a longer sight radius when stationary
Available at 5CP

Light artillery barrage
Off-map light artillery
Available at 8 CP

It seems like there is a lot of support for allowing the Ostheer to be able to use the Luchs, probably because the clown car isn't that good. The Luch's stealth ability is also very appealing but, I'm not sure if the smoke or the scope could be applied to this unit.


Frontline Ambush Assault Doctrine

Assault Grenadiers (0 CP): Same as normal assault grenadiers, would have access to ambush camo
Ambush Camo (1 CP): Same as normal
Radio Silence (2 CP): Same as OKW Special Ops
Perimeter Flares (4 CP): Same as warning flares in OKW Overwatch Doctrine
Command Tank (6 CP): Same as normal

This one looks very oriented to the early game and would probably work quite well at first. It's an interesting mix of Ostheer & OKW features but, I wonder how good it would be in the later parts of a game. It might only be really useful in a large team game.


Panzergrenadier Firebrigade Doctrine

(2CP): Defensive Fortifications - Same as the present Defensive Doctrine ability for the Wehr/Ostheer.
(2CP): Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade / Veteran Squad Leaders - I put both here depending which works better for playability and balance, but with an emphasis on improved infantry anyhow.
(3CP): Panzerfusiliers - Same abilities / performance as their OKW equivalent, however made more expensive, and requiring more CPs as they arrive on the battlefield in a 250 halftrack (Having the Panzerfusiliers in the halftrack is to emphasise the focus on rapidity and mobility. I kindly suggest that this minor alteration could also possibly be made to the German Mechanized too).
(12CP): Stuka Bomb Strike / Stuka Close Air Support - Again I put the two here depending on which would work best for playability and balance. I admittedly do favour Stuka Close Air Support, as loitering aerial cover, over a given area of the map, is more in line with the spirit of the doctrine.
(14CP): Elefant TD - Same as is in the game presently.

I generally wouldn't include a proposal where the author couldn't make up his mind regarding units or abilities but, this one is too interesting to pass up. I think having the Light Infantry Upgrade and Panzerfusiliers together is too much so, I would go with the Veteran Squad leaders. It still gives a player long-range firepower through the Grenadier upgrade and long-range warfare seems to be the theme of this doctrine. I would also suggest that the Elefant gives a player more than enough anti-tank firepower so, the Stuka bomb strike might offer a bit more versatility (and it would also appease the anti-loiter crowd).


Infantry Assault Doctrine

Unit and Ability Roster
Assault Grenadiers
• Available from 0CP
Counter-attack tactics
• Available from 0CP
Veteran Squad leaders
• Available from 2CP
Tactical Movement
• Available from 4CP
Incendiary Bombing run
• Available from 6CP

This one is pretty straight-forward. It's all about infantry warfare. Like Frontline Ambush Assault, it seems aimed at the early game and might be better suited to large team games.


Reinforced Supply Lines Doctrine
2CP Panzer Tactician
2CP Defensive Fortifications
3CP Cargo Truck
5CP Spotting Scope
14CP Elefant TD

It's a defensive doctrine with a lot of help for armored units. Defensive Fortifications will give some help in the early game but, I reckon this doctrine will really start to shine when the panzers come onto the battlefield.


Well, that's it. Again, this is just my opinion but, I believe these ideas fit the guidelines well enough that one of them may well be the winner. Unless Relic decides to just ignore them and do their own thing, which is a strong possibility. Cheers.



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    1 year ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    I only started doing these hypothetical's with the British thread but, I'll now add one to this thread as well. It's an interesting exercise but, it will also bring this thread up to date and alongside the other threads like it.

    So, based purely on the number of times they appeared in the suggestions, these are the most popular items for the new Wehrmacht commander. I've compiled them into the format of a commander for the sake of seeing what it might look like.

    Note: This is NOT necessarily what the final commander will look like. I am NOT involved in the decision-making process and this is done purely for entertainment purposes.

    Hypothetical Doctrine

    (2 CP) Panzer Tactician (6 suggestions)
    (2 CP) Defensive Fortifications (4 suggestions)
    (2 CP) Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade (4 suggestions)
    (0CP/12CP) Assault Grenadiers/Stuka Bombing Strike (3 suggestions each)
    (13 CP) Tiger Tank (4 suggestions)

    There was a lot of variety in the Wehrmacht proposals so, there are fewer items which stand out for this faction. Panzer Tactician was the clear favorite. At the lower end (in terms of how many times they were suggested), Assault Grenadiers and the Stuka Strike tied for popularity. Each one would define the nature of the doctrine by its inclusion. The Grenadiers lend an "Infantry Assault" flavor to the doctrine, while the Stuka pushes the doctrine more towards the "Tactical Support" end of the spectrum. My personal tastes leave me wanting the Stuka but, I could make use of this hypothetical doctrine in either configuration.

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    1 year ago

    I like tiger tank with telescope.

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