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Quick disclaimer
I know i am late to the party but from what i read, not many submission on the offical post followed the guidelines (me too) due to wrong interpretation of the rules; so i post a cool idea about somethig wermacht is missing.
My view on wermacht is that they have many commanders but most of them offer similar strategies and have repetitive underwelming abilities, so it would be better to fix commanders rather than add new ones.

Wermacht Infiltration and Sabotage Doctrine

Theme: Offer early game map control, infantry upgreade and paratroopers to disrlupt enemy supply lines and hit critical objetives using close air support

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Assault grenadiers

Call in unit, available from 0CP.
Same units as Mechanized Assault .

Slot 2: Jäger light infantry upgrade (or Ambush camouflage )

Upgrade for infantry, available from 2CP
same as other wermacht commanders, upgreade for grenadiers.

Slot 3: Fallschirmjäger

call in unit, 3CP same cost as okw
Same okw ability to deploy paratroopers. - personally i wouldn't mind keeping the 5 veterancy levels since this is an èlite unit-

Slot 4: Stuka AT strafe run

10CP ability

Same ability as "stuka close air support doctrine" (already in game wermacht commander) : it calls a JU-87 with cannon pods to perform a single at run on a designated path in small window of time, for a moderate cost of munition.

Slot 5: stuka dive bomb

12CP ability
-again- it's the same as some other wermact doctrines: a stuka performs a precision strike on target area, it's off-map and aa can't aim at it (nothing new, same as other docrines).

Strategies and Rational

This commander wants to give the palyer the ability to use small èlite units to harass enemy frontline and supply lines, or help distract the attention of the opponent from where the main push will happen and the exact opposite ( push on a sector and infiltrate units somwhere else on the map). In addition, the JU-87 in the sky can offer precise close air support.

Assault grenadiers can help the player to take more bits of the map in the early game and accumulate resources, in addition they are a trheat to many units. small groups of infantry were able to infiltrate enemy lines and proceed on marking targhets and sabotage. technically it would be better to use stormtrooper unit, but they are available to many docrines now and are "substitutes" to Fallschirmjäger or Panzergrenadiers , in addition their CP requirement is similar to Fallschirmjäger's one and will generate a conflict, so what i planned this doctrine to do : get quick map control, will not be possible with late call in units.

ambush camouflage can easily be swapped wiht jäger light infantry as both fit the theme, however i prefer the G43s upgrade because it will make standard grenadiers good on long ranges, to give cover fire to assault grenadiers or Fallschirmjäger

Fallschirmjäger are an exellent unit, wich fits the "infiltration & sabotage" theme very well: i chose them because the "fast" deployment by plane is perfect to hit the enemy supply line unexpectedly. In addition, Fallschirmjäger are a good all round infantry.

Stuka's AT strafe offers a quick anti tank option if you have some ammunitions to spare, it will be good against immobilized targhets, after suffering engine damage by T-mine, Panzerfaust and stun by "targhrt weak points" ability from other base wermacht units.

the final rooster slot fits a precinsion strike, good to inflict heavy damage on a small area, even if it requires a lot of munitions is a viable option to spend the stack you may accumulate near the end game and it fits the theme, since many infiltration mission spotted targets to be destroyed by hit and run luftwaffe

Additional Context

Fallschirmjäger can be swapped with storm troopers if this unit is too overpowerd in the wermacht faction or with the Jäger command squad, as they are an èlite infiltration unit

final ability can be swithched with the deployment of a stolen KW1 tank, some of them were captured in the erly stages of soviet invasion and modified by german engeneers with additional armour, but we don't want such improvement on this game, it can unbalance the teams... (or maybe not... just add some HP) since the usage of stolen equipment in special operations was crucial, it would fit the docrine and gameplay wise will add an heavy tank to the wermacht arsenal that is not the tiger: this will act as a spear head unit to recive focus fire and allow the distraction of the opponent or to give the final blow to the enemy positions this would be a 14CP call in unit, a little more expensive than normal KV1 but needs balance team & comunity approval

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