Panther tank is useless

2 weeks ago

Hello all!

I think the panther in COH2 is useless.
Why? If its alone, it can be ez killed be other tanks+AT guns.
Its like a moving pak40.
Useless against infantry, and useless in 2vs1 or sometimes in 1vs1 tank combats.

Example there is the comet, its like same as the panther.
Comet is good against inf and its can win 1vs1....

So Relic should do something with this crap shit tank.



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    2 weeks ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 233

    Wow? really?

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    2 weeks ago

    Any unit, alone, can and should be killed by other tanks and at guns. It's called mixed forces, and it's the only way this game maintains a semblance of realism and balance, take your pic.

    The Pak 40 is one of the best AT guns in the game with an insane mix of range and pen

    Panthers are incredibly fast and well armored.

    Absolutely nothing to complain about.

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    2 weeks ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 233

    Did you even know at Max Pop.
    USF will have

    1 Med truck
    3 Rifleman
    3 officers
    3 M36

    OKW will have
    1 Sturm
    5 Volkz gren
    3 Panthers

    Guess who will win in this unit composition.

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    1 week ago
    infininfin Posts: 3

    if the riflemen have BARs, it's a no brainer.

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    1 week ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 155

    At least Bars requires a click to tech, and another click to grab the Bars.
    This doesnt:

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    1 week ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 233

    @infin said:
    if the riflemen have BARs, it's a no brainer.

    Do you even know how OP Volkz and Panther right now?

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    1 week ago
    jamesjames Posts: 22
    edited February 7

    @szolnok95 a dit :

    So Relic should do something with this crap shit tank.


    Panther is the best tank on the game, it's fast, good power, amazing front bounce , kill easily infantry(for an antitank), amazing view for shoot, bonus blitzkrieg

    you think what ? win a game with only one panther ??
    go play allied for see his real power and understand how it's cheated tank.

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    5 days ago

    I think panther is fine. It's more of an AT then AI. It's freaking fast, has good armor and you can still crush units. What I do is build a p4 and panther. P4 for infantry and a panther hidden in the back waiting for their armor to show. Then you can blitzkrieg with the panther due to it's insane speed and destroy. Sort of like a Jackson but with hella more armor.

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    3 days ago

    Panther is a good TD, and it is the only TD which can scare off infantry thanks to its decent mounted MG.

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    3 days ago
    ReichsgardeReichsgar… Bad Tolz, Bayern, GermanyPosts: 114

    Contrary to what many have written here, I believe the Panther tank is not OP. It's decent for what it is supposed to do.

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    2 days ago
    jamesjames Posts: 22
    Are you kidding us?
    You Want what more for panther ?

    Go play allied long Time for understand why we Say panther is op.
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    2 days ago
    jakejake Posts: 9

    armour should be 2 t34/85 or 2 jackson but the gun should 2 hit enemies, a lot of time a panther will miss its target or just deals small damage from flank and how the fuck a unvet
    cromwell can survive more than 3 hits from a vet 1 panther

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    2 days ago
    > @jake said:
    > armour should be 2 t34/85 or 2 jackson but the gun should 2 hit enemies, a lot of time a panther will miss its target or just deals small damage from flank and how the fuck a unvet
    > cromwell can survive more than 3 hits from a vet 1 panther

    Which mean panther should 1 shot everything?
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    2 days ago

    How is it OP.
    I does not shred infantry like other medium/heavy tanks.
    It is only good against tanks, that is it really.
    Machine gun upgrade, slight increase in damage but not really worth it.
    Has good armour.

    Compare it to a COMET
    Counterpart to Panther, it is way better, more versatile. Shreds infantry even.
    Armour Similar or like the Panther.
    Has more abilities such as
    1.- "smoke shell", by default, Germans cant have that unless Wehr uses has a general with Panzer Tactician.
    2.- "M89 White Phosphorus Shell", costs 20 ammo very strong making units really weak which makes them easy to finish them off.
    3.- "Crew Self Defence", throws a grenade costs 20 ammo, super useful against AT guns
    Overall COMET is way better, and is definitely properly defined as OP.

    Churchill best heavy tank in game, CAN GET MORE THAN ONE HEAVY TANK.
    Best Health
    Great against both infantry and tanks
    What is it not good at
    Oh, even has better armour that even the Panther itself cant penetrate it sometimes and it is the only tank the Germans has against it, (again need general for heavy tanks except OKW). It is like Godzilla the Churchill. Unrealistic.
    King Tiger in Comparison is not as strong as Churchill and you can only get one. LOL.

    Panther is to some extent useless, but if against infantry it is best used as support. Good against most tanks but Heavy it is horrible. Heavy tanks are not really accessible to the Wehrmacht cuz they suck. Wehrmacht is weak as puny as you can define it to be. So, NO, Panther is not OP.

    British, King of the game, Best Armour, Health.
    Soviet Heavy, Best In game, High Explosive, High Damage
    OKW, Good, but not great, Mixed.
    American Tanks are weak overall, some need buff. Infantry great on the other hand.
    Wehr, useless, weak, unplayable at times against blobs and enemies that simply are overall better than them. Not recommended.

    Please share your thought and opinions. This is not a biased opinion. It is quite self evident. Just want the game to more balanced and fixed.

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    1 day ago
    Panther is not supposed to be good against everything as is is an anti armour medium tank following it's description. Stop spamming panther and build a panzer 4 for infantry.

    Unrealistic? The Churchill MK7 in real life has 155mm of frontal armour, more than a tiger 1, the game reflected this as it is. It still can be pen by panther, at and event sherck. It often take more shot due to the fact that is is slow.

    In the other hand, Churchill has a gun of a Cromwell and slow as hell so it is no harm to panther without at least an AT to support.

    If you opponent back up his Churchill with AT or firefly, while you leave your panther alone then it's mean he have better combined arm and micro than you and so should win.

    The fact is that Churchill gun can faile to pen event fz 4 armour.

    For the Commet, it locked you up from Churchill so it's a tactical choice and In 1v1 comet will lost to panther most of the time, test it yourself in mod.

    To make up the fact that comet cant 1v1 panther, it have more anti infantry capable and it is reasonable.

    Finally, If brit is king of the game then what is OKW? God?

    Just try to play brit and see for yourself.
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