Weird click delay

5 months ago

I have been playing COH2 since day 1. Never had a technical issue with the game before however in the last couple of days I have noticed a pronounced delay between the time I clock and the response by the game, when it is normally instant. I have checked my PC vitals, CPC, memory and GPU usage are all low. Internet speed is fine 50/15 with 11 ping.

What other factors could be causing this game changing lag?



  • #2
    5 months ago

    Have you, like me, noticed this often happens right when you are about to overwhelm your opponent, then, when the game resumes, they have miraculously turned the tides against you? Honestly I think there's a hack out there which changes the game speed (keeps it normal for them, gives the slowest speed (like in the replay mode) for your unfortunate self.

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