Weird click delay

5 months ago

I posted this in general but figured as a bug I should probably post it here.

I have just started experiencing a click delay with my game. Prior to the bug, I could safely command a retreat upon seeing a grenade or satchel. Now all responses in the game take about 4 seconds to respond. I am routinely stuck on a satchel waiting for the command to register. The exclamation mark appears immediately indicating the command has been successfully hit but the retreat will not happen for another 4 seconds, long after the satchel explodes (as an example).

This delay occurs in all on-map mouse click actions.

The graphics run smooth, I have a modern i5 machine with a gtx 1080. There is no heat or stress on the machine. I run a 100mb cable internet connection.

I am completely confused and frustrated. I have lost so many squads due to this! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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