This is my assumed m36 and m26 buffs

8 months ago
Hower12Hower12 Posts: 39
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Fuel increased from 140 to 145
Population from 16 to 18
Jackson moving accuracy from 0.75 to 0.70
Damage from 160 to 200
HVAP Damage from 200 to 240
Manpower increased from ˊ600 to 640
Fuel increased from 200 to 230
Population from 19 to 22
Damage from 160 to 200
HVAP Damage from 200 to 240

I think this transformation will improve the anti-armor ability of usf.But there is no problem with the Germans.
Do you think this transformation is good?


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    8 months ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,641

    And.... what is the balance reason for that?

    Because both do their job very well, pershing already costs 230 fuel and is most powerful tank in game in regards to firepower.

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    8 months ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 58

    Yeah, why would you want to buff Jacksons. They are already very fearson oponents in tank battles.

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    8 months ago
    Hower12Hower12 Posts: 39

    Usf's shortcomings, anti-armor ability is very weak.Mainly insufficient injury and less anti-armor units.Therefore, it is difficult for the German army to break through the line of defense as long as it establishes a line of defense or uses a heavy tank.

    Although the m36 itself is awesome,Less threatening in 2VS2~4VS4.Become more like a secondary role
    I hope that the only TD firepower as USF can be as high as SU-85 or fireflies.Become the main force of battle

    Previous M26 questions were raised by many players.And the blood of the black panther becomes higher.Make the value of M26 unequal.Some players say that the M26 is a (fake comet)
    I hope that the M26 will become a fearful heavy (medium) tank of USF.Challenge with Tiger Tanks like COH1

    Thank you for reading my thoughts and this idea was born when I played other games.

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    8 months ago
    QuesocitoQuesocito Posts: 128
    edited February 10

    does the pershing beat the is2 or kt total firepower? thats interesting..

    @Katitof said:
    And.... what is the balance reason for that?

    Because both do their job very well, pershing already costs 230 fuel and is most powerful tank in game in regards to firepower.

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    8 months ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,641

    Yes, there is no single vehicle in game with as much firepower as pershing, especially once its vetted.
    It sure can't take a punch, but it will obliterate everything lighter then itself and contest heavier stuff.

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    6 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 307
    Pershing comes out super late I feel is the biggest disadvantage 12cp around timeing for both tiger and king tiger cp13. on top of the 600mp 230 fuel cost and 1 unit limitation it yes has a better AI role but it lacks against even a single panther and it becomes lack luster for the high cp high cost and limited production doctrinal unit that it currently is.

    Jackson I do feel needs something as well idk what. it has a very limited role for its fragile nature. I would rather it hit harder with fewer shots befor tanks can retreat giving a chance to vet better befor heavies hit the field. Something about the Jackson just dosent work currently.
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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 587

    ----------This is Jackson back then & Jackson today
    Hp--------------take 3hits--------------take 4hits

    . With this Jackson change, take 4hits give Jackson ability to take 3 shots from 3 Panthers and Jackson doesnt die (Ost late game usually have 3 Panthers per player).
    . With 640hp, its possible for Jackson to take a snare and doesnt get engine damage. Because 520hp isnt 75% of 640. But 360hp is 75% of 480, so a snare will 100% cause engine damage to Jackson.

    In battle
    . Today, 160damage on 960hp Panther will take 6shot. Back then 200 damage on 800hp Panther, it would take only 4pen shot to destroy a Panther. Though the pen rate is much higher since Panther has lower armor & Jackson has better pen. I think this make the total rounds required for Jackson to kill a Panther doesnt change.
    . Back then, 200damage on 640hp Pz4 will take 4shot. Today 160damage on 640hp Pz4 still also take 4shot. The different is with higher Pen & faster Reload, that make it much easier for Jackson to kill a Pz4. This is why Pz4 price get abit cheaper.

    Jackson does work much better vs Pz4 & Super heavy, but not with Panther.

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    6 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 307
    edited April 15
    Pershing I would drop cp requirement from 13 down to 11 as it should not hit the field same time as tiger cp 13 giveing it some space to try and vet. Drop manpower from 600 to 500 and fuel from 230 to 190 health possibly raising it to match Panthers health bar of 960hp considering Pershing has less armor and pen should not be a problem for the hp increase. Also give it an actually useful ability the current one does Jack.
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    6 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 307
    edited April 15
    As far as Jackson ya it takes out panzer 4 that's about it and fairly easily considering cost and role. the rest is a struggle unless you have a perfect setup.

    I would rather see Jackson have manpower and fuel increase as to needing less on the field and focus more on vetting the 1 or two at most jacksons that it would become while still haveing decent chance to get vetted on heavies with fresh jacksons.

    Also skipping Sherman now to go Jackson is almost to easy.

    higher pen slower harder hitting gun with good range as it cannot self vision and does not have the armor or fire rate of others and no special abilities until it gets vet armor piercing.

    Jackson currently brings nothing new or valuable to the allied table and just lacks.

    Micro managing so many units as it is and Jackson also eats up valuable pop cap leavening lack of anti infantry so you never want more than 2 with 32 pop cost 0 inf damage compared to Panthers 36 pop cost and farily respectable anti infantry capabilities do to its mg guns haveing ample fireing time with its staying power.

    As of now I can just get 4 57mm at guns that better survive vs armor and kill quick for less pop cap. yes downside they get artillery barraged and easier for inf to kill not needing shrecks. but still more of a threat currently do to cheapness and spamable much like reketens with the plus side of vetted sight and range.

    I would like to see the Jackson come up to about 450mp and 160 fuel cost you could even limit them to two on the field I would be ok with that.

    Stats I've not put thought into currently.
    It would also be nice to have abilities like the other tank destroyers in the game without vet.
    Something that makes the Jackson unique and useful to have alongside the others but I'll at least take the armor peircing rounds if nothing els.
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    6 months ago
    Hower12Hower12 Posts: 39
    edited April 16
    Thanks to 38lightni for agreeing and proposing new ideas
    The biggest problem with usf is that when the German army has heavy tanks and many black panthers or forms a line of defense, it becomes difficult to break through.And usf does not have a ukf howitzer or a Soviet rocket, so many players will choose the pastor.The nature of usf is a tactic that is biased towards a positive front, so naturally there must be a strong or powerful go back to Jackson and Pershing. How many ammunition should I keep for HVAP in a game? Who is going to attack with HVAP and a black panther and a king tiger?
    And will German army players consider the cooling time after HVAP use to assault?
    my idea is to make the German tanks feel the threat and retreat to form a defense loophole.And let the player have more ammunition to use skills or grenades.
    Thank you for reading
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