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Let's tell a unit has a firepower of '100'
A single bulletin give a unit slightly stronger, like 3% better than they should be (firepower: 103). Its not a big deal.
Except you snap 3 bulletins on the same unit, and that boost the unit ~9% better (firepower: 109). And a player decided to spam that one unit. When they come in a blob of 5 squads. The blob would get a firepower of 545 instead of 500.

3 Bulletins on Conscript doesnt matter since they dont have gun upgrade, Penal cant fight infantry with ATpackage on.
3 Bulletins on Gren, Panzergren, Isection, Sturmpion is balance since their squad is small.
3 Bulletins on Rifle is strong but it doesnt matter because their price is high, with Lieu/Cap on field, build more than 3 Rifle is a waste of manpower on too much infantry.
Except 3 Bulletins on Volk is madness. The only squad you can spam because of their high utility and low price. Conscript spam isnt effective. Rifleman spam is too costly. Gren, Panzergren, Isection, Sturmpion spam can be whipped out for their small squad.

The number of % buff is not important, its important when a bulletins on a unit that can be spammed.
A bulletin of Captain gain vet 10% faster or a bulletin of AssaultEng gain vet 10% faster, are still worst than Riflemen gain vet 5% faster. You know you can build 3 Riflemen, but only 1 Captain while AssaultEng is doctrinal.

To me a way to balance bulletin is faction default units have the lowest number of buff (3%), units come with commander get 4% buff, units that can be only One on field get 5% buff. The percentage of buff is depended on how strong the unit is (such as CombatE & Sturmpion.

This is just my thought. What do you think?


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    Not even a problem because you can't choose same bulletin for three times, and when you choose three different bulletins for the same unit, the unit will still not be particular powerful at any certain aspect(especially for basic infantry), as it has been considered and balanced a long time ago.
    As this system going now, you can have three bulletins for the same unit while not being powerful as you may wish, or you can have three bulletins for different units, which can be stronger at certain point but not that versatile, something like Panzerfaust range increase or Katyushas vet faster.
    Wonder why you have this kind of imagine that someone can beat you hard with Volks spam just because the bulletin system is broken. No, it's not. It's because blobing, and you didn't investigate your MGs.

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