1 year ago
Erwin92Erwin92 Czech RepublicPosts: 3

Hi.can somebody tell me how i get decoration/honor 1st class,2nd,etc ?? Thank you


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    1 year ago
    SlayerSlayer Posts: 132
    What do you mean exactly? The rank ingame with one, two or three stars behind it?

    You rank up by playing the game, the rank actually says more about playtime than about skill.

    There is also another form of ranking, and that is based on wins and losses, you can check it on the leaderboard. This rank will grow if you win more, especially versus higher ranked players. For every faction (Ostheer, Soviets, USF, Brits and OKW) and every gamemode (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4) you play ten placement matches and after that you will be in the leaderboard with a rank.

    If this is not what you mean, please explain a bit more.
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    1 year ago
    Erwin92Erwin92 Czech RepublicPosts: 3

    i mean this medals

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    1 year ago

    its just time played. more you play the more levels you gain. its not linked tom skill or anything so no worries there if you had any. just play and you get em for free! (they are a left over from an old progression system but no longer serve any purpose)

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