(OKW) Luchs under-performing for its cost.



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    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    Puma isn't doctrinal for OKW which is the only one that needs to worry about protecting their luchs... Ost has a 60 range pak, double Shrek pgrens and OHK mines that keep allied lights in check
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    Name the OKW's Commander with puma, pleae. I'm must buy this guy :))))))))))
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    mrgame2mrgame2 Posts: 496
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    Yes im talking of wehr the weakest faction of the moment.

    For puma to be useful, it should be closer to m10 mass in use, right now it can only early contain allies stronger light-med tanks.

    Okw can also be forced into puma thanks to t70, delaying p4.

    Which brings me back to the elephant t70, simply superior to luch in all areas, but takes up same popcap, slightly less mp, slightly more fu, a little later.

    Luch fails as a shock unit hence as the title said, another axis under performing to cost unit.

    Why is luch punished with 0.3 move accuracy when its stationary shots already hit the ground more than infantry? If this is AI specialist?

    Why t70 cannon have good rng to wipe 2-3 man instancely? If this is generalist?
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    Don't forget the complaints against luch, brit already get snare and piats have homing now. Relic already tried delaying luch once recently.
    Yet t70 still wipe men with one rng shot oftenly. It took relic long enough to nerf t70 recon, and you thought stealth rak is bad.
    Frustrating to see relic still thinks axis units are overpeforming and need nerfs..
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    So the point is the OKW's P2 can be protect by puma again T70, and do it job.
    What is the point of bringing werh in this argument?
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    @thedarkarmadillo said:
    @Balanced_Gamer your comparing a generalist to a specialist and even in your comparison you are skewing it to favour your argument. The AEC won't have warspeed until hammer is teched, hardly a reasonable thing to add to the comparison, secondly you are ignoring the range advantage of the puma and the power of aimed shot which is only vet 1.
    It will engine damage lights, lock the turret on tanks, stun assault guns and force weapon teams to redeploy. It doesn't have the raw killing power but as a support unit it is superb AND you are making certain the enemy lights who have all their points in aggressive combat stats have to be defensive or dead. 10/10 times I will pick the puma over the AEC because from the moment it's available it is viable and scales well.

    It is clear that you are stating that I am truing to win or to have it in favour of my own argument. Please stop pointing fingers!!

    That I have not stated some points.

    I did mention before, before the one you have criticized. it does have a slight range increase but it is not that big a distinction between a Firefly and Panther. That is why I do not see it as point should really be stated because it is not a clear distinction. It is only by a slight difference.

    Pumas Aimed Shot ability stuns the turrent rotation around 15 seconds if I am not mistaken(vehicles with turret rotation), not the engine unless it is against a vehicle without a turrent like SU85, duration is shorter against Anti Tank Vehicles which is a good thing otherwise it would be too OP. The ability (turrent rotation Lock/Stun) can be countered by a good player by using his maneuverability to aim towards the tank, harder time, more micro but counter-able.

    AEC stuns vehicles that are escaping from it, that is definitely a better upside in finishing off vehicles even mediums possibly with support of course, definitely not on its own especially Puma but Puma stands a better chance when vet 3.

    AEC is more or less similar in terms of AT but AEC shines more overall, that is what I have stated. Not trying to win an argument. Showing just the clearer distinction. It serves better purpose early to mid preferably but even late game.

    Puma is be better in terms of AT than AEC when it vets at least to 3 when it increases to 160 damage (that is only when it stands out against AEC in terms of AT) but it would take a while. Yes Puma is better in terms of AT, that I did not ignore that fact.

    What I have stated is the fact that AEC serves a way better purpose early-mid since it is versatile (generalist), can be used against infantry which I had point out. It can even serve late game as a vehicle that prevents the enemy vehicle from escaping, Stun engine for a matter of seconds (do not know how long exactly) but certainly long enough to get support to finish off any off enemy tank.

    AEC is also a great support unit that I think serves a better purpose overall with the support of better AT guns, long range, more likely to cover ground. Mostly early - mid game. Puma shines better mid - late game.

    OKW has raketenwerfers, but that is like a gamble at times when it comes to supporting vehicles in need or that are in

    Back to Luchs:

    Luchs (specialist) if you compare it to AEC (generalist) has if not, the same capabilities against Infantry, that is also what I have stated. AEC is better on the move against Infantry while Luchs is forced to be stationary in order to excel. AEC if stationary, it can fend itself off against Puma that is because it is a generalist, completely understandable. Did not ignore anything, just left out points that I did not think was of great distinction or of importance to include between the Puma.

    For AEC being a generalist performs better focused on infantry than Luchs for being a so called "specialist", fails to performs as it should against infantry, it should do better. Yes, Luchs is a specialist, it is terrible for its performance and cost. Considering it has only one purpose only, infantry which it fails to do in comparison to AEC. That is what I have stated, stop pointing fingers when there is nothing that clearly shows that I am in favour of my own argument!! I am looking at this from a different perspective. There is a clear distinction in terms of AI, that is what I have stated before!

    Not in favour of my own argument, it is evident.

    I said buff Luchs with an increase in price of fuel by 10, increase accuracy on the move and when stationary. I would not mind change in price as long as it deserves that accuracy it needs. I just do not like the way it is, as it fails to be the so called "specialist", it does not serve as good as it should against infantry specifically when it is a "specialist".

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    He is trying really hard to show that okw suffers immensly because the luchs is a terrible unit.
    He seems to be grabbing every straw he can. By comparing it the t-70 wich comes later and cost more. Claiming that aec stuart can counter it or rather hard counter it and okw has nothing to counter those. Even dragging ost into the discussion.

    Classic axis up complex imo.
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    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 904

    Which brings me back to the elephant t70, simply superior to luch in all areas, but takes up same popcap, slightly less mp, slightly more fu, a little later.

    Right, T70 comes at 40fuel later which is not even including 35fuel & 200manpower Cons upgrade. Is a little later

    Stuart comes at 15fuel earlier, but not including 30fuel & 300manpower Bar/Grenade upgrade. Is far too early

    Classic defend
    Pointless to discuss. I better leave

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    @mrgame2 said:
    Except for generalist t70 is very good to wipe 2-3 man in 1 shot. What is so special about luch now? Move acc 0.3 is pure bad.

    This is problem we highlight to relic to fix.
    T70 is too cheap, luch is too bad specialist.

    In 4v4, brit blob with brens just stand and wipe even retreating axis infantry.

    All these little faction unique cheese is strong with current allies meta.

    Its all nice and dandy, except its all lies with support at all in the stats.

    You're talking about T70 from 5 years ago, not present one.
    Luchs performs its job very well unless you suck at micro(and lets be frank here, you do).

    The moment you've mentioned 4v4, all of your already tiny credibility just went poof.

    Game is balance on competitive level, not spam cheese of 4s.

    @mrgame2 said:
    Yes im talking of wehr the weakest faction of the moment.

    And then, there is HelpingHans, THE VERY TOP PRO PLAYER who openly and frequently says ost is the easiest to play faction at the moment.

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    mrgame2mrgame2 Posts: 496
    You mentioned before helping hans, i asked you for link, you never response.
    Where is lies, the stats are on cohdb.
    T70 6 pop same as luch. T70 splash damage wipe man faster than luch. Its all there instead of calling reasonable posters liars. Posters who contribute to make good suggestions to fix cheese units.

    I said before, 4v4 is actually more helpful to axis as they can throw out more units, more space to flank.., its 1v1 and 2v2, Soviet is too strong later the game run.
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    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,681

    You can literally go on his stream almost every single evening and ask him yourself.

    I'm not going to skim dozens of vods, 4 to 10 hours each just because you're too lazy to open an internet page and type in a question.

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,723

    Actually helpinghans is not currently in the top as Ostheer in an mode.

    On the other hand Imperial Dane who is ranked at position 2 in 2vs2 as Ostheer has a different opinion about the state of Ostheer.

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    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,681

    Imperial Dane's opinion on ost is that they are underpowered since beta, through march deployment pathch and through recent brummbar annihilator patch.

    He is a good caster, but he better stay away from voicing balance opinions as in that regard, he is the exact same tier as hingie, ullumulu or incendiary aka "ost always up, regardless how op it can be".

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,723
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    Yet imperial dane is currently at higher position than Halpinghans, so if "pro player's" opinion "matters" his matter also.

    Either we accept the opinion of "pro player" as an "expert opinion" and we have to accept Imperial Dane's opinion or we don't.

    In addition as far as I know helping hans has said that the Ostheer are easier to play because they get all the tools and not that it OP or UP which is a completely different issue.

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    I haven't picked specifically Hans, because he is supposed to be #1 with ost.

    I have picked him, because he is a top tier player for ALL 5 factions in 1v1 who additionally plays 2s(in RT unfortunately, but he is there #1 as well, so there it is) and has 75% or better win ratios in all of them.

    Plus, Dane is #2 in RT as well and his WL ratios are nowhere near that of HH.

    You want to argue for the sake of arguing, or are you now going to pretend ID is better then/comparable to HH? I refuse you believe you have put your head so deep up your rear to actually think of ID as a pro player.

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    Balanced_GamerBalanced_… Posts: 200
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    This is not a discussion about who is better in playing or a place of arguing about something else. Lets focus on the problem here.

    Luchs needs some changes, make it come later if that satisfies everyone's opinions. Then give it the buff it needs so no one has to complain about how terrible it is in many engagements. Accuracy needs improvements, possibly firepower, that is the only issue it has mainly accuracy, it is evident and does not make up for its price. T70 is better on the move and accuracy is better overall.

    Time gap should be not the reason for having its downsides for the rest of the game, for just having a 2 to 3 minute advantage (only against SU) which is like nothing. It is simply ridiculous.

    If and when Luchs is buffed then give it an additional 10 fuel to make up the price for something similar to a T70. It should perform similarly but more focused on infantry.

    As it currently is, it does not stand out as much, lacks consistent aim and performance. You could even see how much harder it was for it to get kills in comparison. It should be if not nearly as capable, especially when it is supposed to be a specialist!!!.

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    mrgame2mrgame2 Posts: 496
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    Well i asked for the video proof to find the context of what hans meant. It is as easy to say something is easiest, do not mean it is the bestest, normally its the other way round, easy to pick up but limited in scope, have you seen easy mode in phones?

    In fact i feel thats his context by looking at how strong allies are late game, and even something like t70 vs luch vs puma, okw is forced to skip Luch because of underperformance. Wehr is forced to lock in puma to contain fast t70. Soviet has luxury to pick with tech, has luxury to back tech t70 because of how extremely useful in late games.

    As matter, i don't feel its fair you pick and choose opinions, not fair you insult as liairs. One day, we should set up a celebrity 2v2, you and the d-dude, me and unbalanceG. Have it interlude a gcs. Best of 5, random maps. I may drop out from top 1000 2v2, but I can provide you a fistycuff of a playoffs.
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    SkysTheLimitSkysTheLi… Posts: 2,271
    Dane is the last person anyone should be going to for balance. He does a lot for the game, but he can't seem to do any of it without complaining about Ostheer, and he's been masterfully wrong on several occasions.

    He literally complained about how the patch before gcs2 was leaving Ostheer in the dust, and that tournament ended with US and UKF waaay behind Ostheer in winrate.

    I don't know why Ostheer has this vocal following that no other faction has, but the fact that people are bringing up ost in a luchs thread really shows it
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    Watch helpinghans live now

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    See how he uses Luchs

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    SkysTheLimitSkysTheLi… Posts: 2,271
    @Balanced_Gamer Specifically tell me how much your willing to increase the cost of the luchs to make it better. Give specifics. Do you want to buff cooldown? AOE? Decrease reload time or scatter?

    And how much more fuel will it cost?
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    Currently , Luchs has an accuracy multiplier of 0.3 on the move, which I personally think is terrible.

    T70 has however accuracy on the move of 0.5, which is better especially when its gun does more damage. Luchs missing shots often especially with a gun that is not that deadly, misses every opportunity to make good use out of it. It is really bad in comparison to the overall accuracy and performance of T70. It should be alike or better. Just improvements at least would make everyone happy. Currently in terms of accuracy, it is in a very poor spot.

    Go to this site: https://www.coh2db.com/stats/#125

    How it works; Select Faction either OKW or SU. Then more optionals will be there. Find T70 and Luchs. Compare them. Look to Luchs 20mm and T70s 45mm. Dont know what "guard troop" is for Luchs but it does not exist, so ignore that.

    Look to both main guns first, Luchs 20mm and T70s 45mm

    Main Guns stats:
    Reload time for Luchs is 3.1 seconds which is kinda of long but I do not think that is too big a problem in comparison to the other things I will mention. It just feels it takes while especially when it does not do go good damage including the fact it has poor accuracy.

    Luchs main gun does 16 damage which I think is poor especially when accuracy is bad at the same time, it is just bad overall, accuracy should be better than T70 for its damage especially when the mg does not perform as well. Osteehr Scout Car being cheaper has 20 damage, wierd right. I think Luchs needs a damage buff around 25 for a vehicle that costs more.

    T70 has better AOE by 2 while Luchs is 1, two different types of guns, understandable. I think therefore Luchs should be more accurate directly against infantry since T70 has an easier time overall.

    If anything, same or more than T70 if and when improved. Make it a little harder to get than it is currently now but at least it will do better than it currently does. It needs accuracy improvements, it is quite poor for a vehicle that price especially when it is a vehicle that you need on the move. I just does not fit its role as it currently is.

    More reason why its accuracy should be increased is due to the poor damage. 16 is its max damage with main gun. If it is not the accuracy that some believe does not need buffing, buff its damage instead, like around 25 or 30. Currently It is just like getting a Grenadier squad for its efficiency with Mg42 or an Osteehr scout car with the same damage efficiency or worse.

    Still about Main guns.

    Luchs also has worse scatter by 4.15 while T70 2.5, when T70 has better AOE and damage and accuracy, near and far.

    Ready aim time is way faster for T70 by 0.13 when Luchs is 0.5-0.75.

    Luchs is really in a poor spot as everyone can see for themselves. It is not a good vehicle against infantry in comparison, Osteehr Scout Car is in a better spot than Luchs is, they stats are alike but Scout Car is better, Not only that Luchs has worse penetration by 2 times than Osteehr scout car.

    Osteehr scout car penetrates 40 while Luchs 20. That really needs changing. Terrible Luchs performance for its cost.

    Cover accuracy is worse for Luchs than T70.

    Now the MG (which is not too important but I will include anyway)

    Both same damage, Luchs Machine guns is better in terms of accuracy

    Ready aim time for Luchs is worse

    Reload for Luchs is worse can take double the amount than T70

    Accuracy on the move with MG is the same by 0.5

    T70 overall has better mg burst duration by 3 seconds. Luchs only when far otherwise it is around 1.2 sec.


    I just see that there are more downsides than upsides in comparison. T70 being the winner by nearly 2 times the efficiency overall in statistics in comparison to Luchs. If you also compare Osteehrs scout car, it performs the same which makes Osteehrs scout car good for its price overall while Luchs is terrible. There is no other words for it, it needs improvements. IT MUST HAVE IMPROVEMENTS.

    Accuracy should be improved on the move the same as T70, 0.5 accuracy on move. It currently is 0.3, which makes it the worst light tank vehicle accuracy on the move in game especially for its price and performance.

    Scatter should be less as it does less damage, (if damage is increased which it should, do not change the scatter then) has worse accuracy in comparison, Luchs has such a poor performance according to what it states on the stats. It performs more or less just as efficiently as Osteehr scout car. Definitely not worth its performance, accuracy, specialist capabilities which definitely lacks, scatter, damage and penetration.

    There is simply more downsides than upsides if you compare closely especially compare it to Osteehr Scout Car. It may not be everyone's choice but I use Osteehr scout car more often than I use Luchs because I know how worth it is for its price.

    Currently Luchs is simply just a bad/ terrible choice.

    The only thing on the Mechanized Base OKW I usually use is either the Puma or Walking Stuka, both thought thoroughly, just fine the way they are, nothing to complain about those to two other vehicles, just balanced except Luchs.

    I think it deserves more for its current price and for its current state.

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    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,681

    @Balanced_Gamer said:
    Currently , Luchs has an accuracy multiplier of 0.3 on the move, which I personally think is terrible.

    T70 has however accuracy on the move of 0.5, which is better especially when its gun does more damage. Luchs missing shots often especially with a gun that is not that deadly, misses every opportunity to make good use out of it. It is really bad in comparison to the overall accuracy and performance of T70. It should be alike or better. Just improvements at least would make everyone happy. Currently in terms of accuracy, it is in a very poor spot.

    Luchs uses ACCURACY to score hits and kills and has extremely fast firing weapon for a light tank.

    T-70 uses SCATTER to score hits and has good rate of fire for a light tank.

    Luchs is designed to murder squads when its stationary and NOT to retreat wipe everything fast, therefore high moving penalty. It also has high accuracy which only gets higher with vet, contrary to T70 which gets rate of fire instead.

    Luchs also comes couple of minutes earlier and costs much less fuel then T70.
    Luchs also has THE HIGHEST accuracy stat out of ALL light tanks, which is SIXTEEN TIMES HIGHER then accuracy of T70.
    Source: your very own link.

    Axis armor is NOT SUPPOSED TO fire accurately on the move except for flame tanks.

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    ARMYguyARMYguy Posts: 849

    I dont think anyone is asking for the luchs to be god mode. It just would be nice to have some sort of buff to it. It would obviously be small, not huge. As to what the buff would be, i don't know. Like Katitof said, you don't want it to murder everything as it retreats like it used to.

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    I think you looked at the "guard troop rgd 33 sleeved mp", I think is completely something else, nothing to do with Luchs although is stated there. What is it otherwise? Can explain to be what that is supposed to be?

    From what I know about the vehicle, it definitely has 20mm gun and an MG34. What is "guard troop rgd 33 sleeved"?
    According to what I have found, it is a russian grenade which is something Luchs definitely does not have, in other words when i searched guard troop rgd 33 sleeved, I found it was Soviet rgd 33 frag sleeve grenade. That that does exist with Luchs definitely.

    Unfortunately what you have stated about Luchs having 16 times accuracy then the rest is false for one. Second, it were the case, it would be shredding infantry in game if it were that good. So, therefore it is false the information. On the same page/site.

    It is not the vehicle with the highest accuracy, we know what exists which is the 20mm gun and MG34 , not the other one I have questioned! Thus it is NOT the vehicle that has the highest accuracy out of all vehicles. It is inaccurate, or something unrelated, or possibly outdated. Things like this usually happen. We can believe the 20mm gun and MG34 exists because it does.

    I dont expect the Luchs to do easy squad wipe, that is not what I want it to do, I just think it needs to better for its price. I have done some comparisons and the Wehrmacht scout does really similarly to the way Luchs performs. The closer it is it usually excels, but it seems the Wehrmacht Scout Car does a better job in that scenario. Dont really see and upsides to getting Luchs when I have tested this out myself.

    It is quite shocking I would say, for something that costs double the Wehrmacht Scout Car yet, it performs similarly, very similarly. If you compare T70, wow huge distinction in peformance. I am sure if test the difference between Wehrmacht Scout Car and Luchs. You will not see much a difference. Luchs does slighlty better however in a distance, but it really is underwhelming.

    I think it should come a little later and the Luchs should be buffed and increased in price if that happens, as long as improvements are made. It just needs somewhat a kick for a light tank vehicle which I think Luchs does not have at all. It just that does not have the feeling of a good investment or satisfaction. I just always feel half hearted when using it.

    I usually play the SU, I always pick T70 because I know how its potential is, it is deadly, something I am certain that I want to buy because it serves a purpose. Luchs just does not have that vibe feeling. You get what I mean?

    Buff Luchs, increase price, come a little later than it currently is, make it something that also can support late game, FlakHalfTrack which is supposed to be a lighter vehicle performs twice as much as Luchs in my opinion, and does better in comparison, even late game. That is definitely something I can feel I am definitely up for. If anything, FHT is the vehicle for OKW that should be stationary. For me, Luchs just got to be a bit more mobile, otherwise its manoeuvrability means nothing.

    It has to have some kick which most other units have that Luchs does not have. It does even fit a profile of being either a specialist or generalist. I would categorise it as incompetent. I just never buy it, because it is underwhelming in my many of experiences playing as OKW. Do you feel underwhelmed when using it too?

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    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,681

    Got to love when people don't understand stats even if they are posting links with them and are in utter denial.

    So let me spell it out as plainly as humanely possible:

    If you want to compare ACCURACY statistic only for T70 and Luchs, then these are the chances to hit a target with model size 1, which is regular infantry size:

    Luchs at long range: 40%

    T70 at long range: 2,5%

    40 is 16 times higher then 2,5.

    HOWEVER what I have also said is that T70 does NOT use direct accuracy to score hits, its uses SCATTER VALUES and AoE profile, while Luchs relies on DIRECT HITS.

    These two are not really comparable if you want to talk accuracy as their weapons are 2 completely different categories.

    Moving accuracy penalty also means SCATTER penalty and 50% larger scatter is much more sever accuracy loss then 50% due to how scatter and basically trigonometry behind it works.

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    Alright, I did not understand earlier what you meant exactly when you mentioned before Luchs having 16 times better accuracy, I just did not understand what you meant by that because it could have meant anything.

    I see your point now, it is not that I do not understand statistics, I just did not see where you have found the difference of Luchs having 16 times better accuracy, because it could also have been anything. Thanks for now clarifying.

    Yes, it is vehicle that depends on hitting directly on the enemy but even at times when stationary, it just feels it does badly, the damage does not feel good enough. If you compare Guard Rifle Infantry completely unrelated but its PTRS which frequently hits units does 27 damage. Thats quite drastic in terms of direct fire against infantry.

    Does the effect of being stationary take place exactly when you click stop, or when does the effect take place in order to consider a vehicle to be in state of being stationary?

    I really do not like having to rely on it being stationary when using Luchs, it just makes it too vulnerable especially when it can not generally kill as fast as T70, mostly on the move and slightly when stationary. T70 for a fact does a better job, high reload speed in compensation for its accuracy which makes the T70 great, generally. Two different guns, get the fact totally.

    Luchs really feels weak, that is something obvious that I am sure many can agree on. Although it comes earlier, does not mean it should get downsides, which is where I see Luchs is defined as the way it is. Nerfed because of that fact which is ridiculous when vehicles like AEC and STUART come earlier, and dominate both AT and AI. If you compare those two performance, they do better against AI overall especially when they are a generalist.

    Luchs does not need drastic improvements. It just needs to feel in a good spot which it does not feel as much as the other light tank vehicles. I think buff its damage like up to 20 at least will improve it slightly, Wehrmacht Scout Car has the same gun but does more damage. Shouldnt Luchs do about the same or more for its price or more? Not less.

    Being stationary, there is a lot of downsides in game. I think it should excel better for being a spot that makes you utterly vulnerable compared to a constant unpredictable moving T70.

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    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    Keep in mind that accuracy is effected by cover, so if you feel it's having a hard time hitting when stationary it could be the cover modifier kicking in. This is why the luchs ignores cover at <10 range. If the luchs comes later it means there is more AT around meaning it can't reliably work the way it is designed to work, it needs the window to start getting vet that will allow it to work later (more accurate means less reliance on the point blank mechanic)
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    @thedarkarmadillo said:
    Keep in mind that accuracy is effected by cover, so if you feel it's having a hard time hitting when stationary it could be the cover modifier kicking in. This is why the luchs ignores cover at <10 range. If the luchs comes later it means there is more AT around meaning it can't reliably work the way it is designed to work, it needs the window to start getting vet that will allow it to work later (more accurate means less reliance on the point blank mechanic)

    Thanks thedarkarmadillo for stating one of the difficulties it suffers. Yeah, I realised it has a hard time shooting guys in cover and cover is essentially everywhere (the core game mechanic) which forces you in order to get close and aggressive, which from that point onwards makes it in my opinion, not such a great vehicle. Having to go aggressive means more movement which losses its overall potential.

    I did not know that fact that cover is ignored when <10. That is interesting. Thanks again. I will keep that in mind.

    I mean, that is where I see it underperforms mostly. The modifiers as you have stated are correct, it really becomes terrible against guys when behind cover. Mostly when behind green. Geez those modifiers are strong.

    Since it suffers greatly against units behind cover, I think it should excel in that case when the enemy are in the open. To make it a bit more useful against a huge Blob which can be difficult at times to counter. Not that devastating but at the point where the enemy feels they need to take cover, currently they can just go straight towards the Luchs just sustaining roughly only 2 casualties. I feel maybe it should excel a little more, to make Luchs more potent, to enforce/entice the opponent to use more cover.

    Damage is also another factor which I find it underperforms. The Wehrmacht scout car, although it has worse health and accuracy than Luchs overall, it does excel better when close range, better than Luchs in my opinion. It essentially has the same gun/barrel, Scout Car does 20 damage, which is good I would say for a vehicle like that. I feel 16 damage per Luch shot does not seem that kicking especially when it hits one guy mainly at the time.

    Maybe a slight buff in damage to at least 20 and above would do some good. Should excel better when the enemy is in the open, to promote cover rather than being able to dive straight towards the Luchs which happens more frequently than someone going up against a T70, which everyone knows for sure is a great light tank.

    Wehr Scout Car has twice as much Penetration than Luchs, which is something I find also wierd because both have the same barrel.

    I still think it needs some changes tough, not drastic, but changes that would at least make it more enjoyable to use rather than a choice that feels regrettable. That is the way I usually feel when using it, T70 got to love it. One other thing is the MG (MG34) on the Luchs, it does not shoot that often.

    Takes roughly 4-6 seconds to reload, which also contributes to its poor performance against infantry. Since it is a specialist, heavily focused on infantry. It should do better I think also due to its overall vulnerability. I think it should shoot more frequently, reload for MG should be shorter. That is quite a lot of seconds especially when its output is not that great overall compared to Scout Car that takes half the time it does for MG34 to reload, even then the Scout Car's MG34 does better.

    I really do not like that window because it means it does not really give them the chance to essentially use it more often later on, which is sad. T70, I always manage to have it last to late game and it really does great. T70 is good the way it is, just not the Luchs.

    I think it needs some changes to put it in a spot where everybody can say, it is something that they are least, satisfied with, the choice of satisfaction rather than a choice that feels regrettable.

  • #61
    1 year ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    Happy to help when I can.
    I don't think increased damage and pen would be an issue personally, or adjusting the mg34 to provide more consistent damage. Good suggestions.

    I wouldn't want to see its window later personally because the luchs fills a role also of light vehicle killer, mopping up the scout cars and wc51s that light be out and about, pushing the luch later leaves a hole in their lineup where they can be exploited.
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